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Zip Recruiter Resume Search – Its resume database of 21+ million resume candidates (and growing!) has helped our customers find and hire those unique, qualified candidates they haven’t seen on other job sites.

Do you have a Boolean black belt? Boolean search is supported in the keyword section of the Resume Database search interface. You can also filter your search by:

Zip Recruiter Resume Search

Zip Recruiter Resume Search

Be sure to rank candidates by relevance (which uses our unique intelligent algorithm) so you can stop reading hundreds of CVs and just see the best matches for your role.

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We match your jobs to top candidates within our proprietary CV database. Our match engine highlights the most relevant candidates for you to view.

If a particular candidate catches your interest, feel free to take one of the four actions in the Actions drop-down menu.

Let’s say you’ve found a great new candidate in the resume database—or a “silver medalist” who almost filled a previous role—and you want to contact them about an opening. Get in touch!

With just a few clicks, send up to three emails to a candidate that are pre-scheduled to be sent over the time period of your choice.

Recruiter Resume Example & 3 Expert Tips

The database also includes your existing candidates, often the “silver medalists” who didn’t get the job last time, but are still extremely qualified and should be considered for future openings. When it comes to your job search, a good CV is not good enough. Executive recruiter John Paul Engel joins us today to share specific advice on how to create not just a good resume, but a great one.

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A good CV is well written, without mistakes, and is laid out in a pleasant way. A great resume is all those things, but also has bullet points that give measurable achievements, starts with a summary with five really attention-getting bullets related to the job, and I want to see something special about the person. For example, a recent candidate worked with the Navy Seals. Another won an award from the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. A third funded his entire education working 3 jobs while going to school full time. I want to find candidates for my clients who are determined to be successful and have achieved high levels of success.

The biggest mistake job seekers make is not showing their resume to people they know. Show it to everyone who will watch and give you feedback. Everyone knows someone who works in HR or is a recruiter. Everyone has a friend or relative who is an English teacher. Get as many opinions as you can. Look for great examples.

Zip Recruiter Resume Search

You do a lot of executive level recruiting. Are the strategies or expectations different for executive-level resumes versus entry-level ones?

Ziprecruiter Vs. Indeed

I am looking for people with clear career progression and success in their roles. They should grow in their career with clear progress. I expect executives to be able to provide me with P&L related information related to their duties. How many millions have they saved? What was the growth in customer satisfaction or revenue under their watch? How many people have they managed? What is the size of the budgets they have managed?

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What is your top tip for job seekers who have received few or no bites on their resume?

People hire people, not pieces of paper or bytes. Make a list of the 5 employers you want to work for and then use LinkedIn to find the hiring managers. Offer to volunteer an hour at their favorite charity for every minute of their time they give you up to 10 minutes. Offer to take them to lunch. Get involved in industry association by volunteering for each task until you can do the one most related to your career. The answer is always “No” if you don’t ask. If you ask enough people, someone will accept your invitation. I followed this advice 20 years ago and it landed me a job on the research staff of the Federal Reserve Board preparing briefing materials for then Chairman Greenspan.

Don’t approach networking as something you can get, but something you can give. One of my mentors was one of the four founders of Accenture. He taught me that the more you help other people, the better your life and your business becomes. Focus on how you can be of service to others. The more you are of service, the more opportunities open up for you. People like to help people who help them. Always be willing to give time in the service of others.

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John Paul Engel is an executive recruiter for high-growth companies in the cable and payments industries. His advice has appeared in CNNMoney, US News, INC Entrepreneur, AOL Jobs, MSNBC, and more than 150 leading publications. He is a highly sought after speaker on career and business topics. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an international distinction.

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Zip Recruiter Resume Search

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