Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample – Have you just completed your teacher training program in India and are now looking to teach yoga at a yoga studio or retreat?

… and share all the love with your students by giving them the best savasana meditation they’ve ever had.

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

You will need to put together a yoga teacher resume and apply for jobs so you can get the experience you want as an instructor…

How To Create The Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

So we’re here to give you the best resume writing tips so you can put together your worst a$$ yoga teacher resume and land your dream job.

This guide will cover how to put together a resume, what studio owners look for when hiring, and how to land a job in the professional world of health and wellness.

5 Tips for Writing a Yoga Teacher Resume What Sections to Include in a Yoga Teacher Resume Examples of Yoga Teacher Resumes Job Search Tips

Honestly, if you have some graphic design skills or even know how to use Canva (a super easy site with pre-made templates), then it’s time to pull those skills out of your back pocket!

Professional Yoga Instructor Resume Examples

Come on people, it’s 2022 so boring old black and white resumes just won’t cut it anymore.

So you can include a small professional photo in the top left corner if it fits your yoga brand and resume.

They even check social media, so it’s helpful to have a few poses where you do your favorite yoga poses on your Instagram.

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

When you’re sorting through hundreds of yoga resumes to fill a teaching job on a tropical island, you won’t want to read someone’s resume that’s 2-3 pages long…

Best Yoga Instructor Resume Example From Professional Resume Writing Service

… most people these days just skim resumes, so you want to make sure yours stands out.

If you want to progress, this can be adapted to each individual yoga studio, there is no point in writing the details of Iyengar yoga for a posture focused on Kundalini yoga 😉

Take the time to read what skills the recruiter is looking for in the instructor and study the mindset.

Example A: As a yoga instructor, I try to teach my students proper alignment by offering practical adjustments with their permission so they feel comfortable and safe in each pose.

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Example B: As a yoga instructor, I strive to share the authentic teachings and wisdom of yoga from India with my students, so that they have a holistic understanding of the practice that they can incorporate into their lives.

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Your yoga certification is one of the most important parts, so be sure to include it in this order:

If you have completed more than one training, you can list the most relevant and most recent ones first, and then include the others.

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

Of course, we know that you may have just finished your training, so you may not have taught a class yet.

Assistant Risk Management Resume Sample 2022

Most of the yoga teachers who work at the studio actually help out a bit at the front desk.

It’s great to include your email, phone number (indicate if it’s Whatsapp), and you can add your Facebook or Instagram. (As long as it’s yoga-related and not photos of you slurping margaritas in Tulum. 😉

Are you an instructor of other things? In wellness, fitness or education? Masseuse? Pilates instructor? can you cook Have you worked in the care industry?

Anything that fits into a little box,   find a way to make it relevant so that it all ties back to how wonderful you are.

Free Teacher Resume Templates, Resume Design For Principal

A good tip for filling the space is to get a good reference and take a quote from this and put it under your photo.

Think about other marketable skills you have and relate them to why the studio wants you on their team.

Maybe you’re good at social media, PR, bookkeeping, customer service, or something else extremely valuable to the business (like, say, a yoga studio).

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

Short experience? Check out this resume of a 200RYT yoga teacher with some experience6. Always include a cover letter

Yoga Instructor Resume Example & Writing Tips For 2022

In this nice, juicy letter, include the REASON why you want to teach for this particular studio or business and say why you like them or their values.

This will show that you’ve researched the job and aren’t just aimlessly throwing your resume at all the jobs you find, without a real target or eye on your trail.

…take the time to write a nice, heartwarming letter about why you both would benefit from working together.

If you take a look at these professional yoga resume examples, you’ll notice that:

Primary Teacher Resume Sample

Looking for yoga instructor jobs is just like being a freelancer or an entrepreneur…what kind of schedule you have and how much you make is entirely up to you and the types of clients you have.

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Take yoga classes regularly and show that you want to be a part of their community and understand their teaching style.

This will “get you in” and you will be able to connect more easily with the owner and other instructors because they will recognize you.

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

“Yoga Trade connects teachers, students and the wellness community with jobs, labor trade and travel opportunities in countries around the world.”

Yoga Instructor Resume Example And Writing Guide

Are you a yogi with a passion for social media marketing? Prepare your professional CV for submission.

Do you like to infuse your yoga practice with reiki or cocoa? They will be some places for you in Guatemala or Costa Rica.

The best part is that once you join this community as a certified yoga instructor, you will see all the possibilities and doors waiting for YOU to open.

“Yoga Travel Jobs was founded to create a space for wellness practitioners to learn, connect and grow. Our mission is to support yogis and spiritual seekers on their journey with our friendly and inclusive online community.”

How To Craft The Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

Some of these jobs are paid, others are volunteering which usually includes food and lodging, but you’ll need to read each listing and contact each host directly to see what they have available.

Workaway is a platform for travelers, but you can always share your yoga, massage or reiki learning skills!

Their mission is: “building a community of global travelers who truly want to see the world while contributing and giving back to the places they visit.”

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

This platform is for business-commerce only. So you won’t find paid jobs here unless they give you a little pocket money for something.

Resume Examples That Will Get You The Job In 2022

If you are a certified yoga teacher we can offer you teaching with us! We are looking for professors who would teach us classes in English and stay with us for a while (at least a month). You can earn a decent income, use our surfboards and gain a lot of teaching experience in a pleasant environment!

Send all your positive energy, meditate with your crystals (or whatever you want) practice yoga…

And when you gain that experience, update your resume with your teaching performances, workshops and trainings.

Be confident in yourself and see how much you will develop as a yoga teacher over time 🙂

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We are a team of yogis who have come together to put their energy into making the world a better place by connecting you with life-changing yoga retreats, meditation retreats, wellness retreats and yoga teacher trainings. We all want to spread love!

We are not just a company, we are a family. When you book with us, you can be sure that your experience will be full of love, safety, understanding and joy every step of the way. From helping you find the perfect retreat to looking after you when things go wrong, we treat you like family. Yoga instructors teach the principles of yoga through group and individual lessons. This position requires good physical, mental and emotional health, a positive attitude, knowledge of different yoga styles and usually a yoga teaching certificate.

To create a yoga resume that makes a positive impact and gets you the instructor position you want, use our resume examples and tips.

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

A qualified and certified yoga instructor with the ability to build effective relationships with students of all levels of education and knowledge. Diligent, dedicated and supportive with excellent communication and problem solving skills.

Yoga Instructor Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free Guide)

Give your resume a presentation that reflects your expertise and personality, using these employer-ready templates in our resume builder.

This template provides an elegant look thanks to reasonable spacing and the use of colored fonts for the header and section titles.

This layout underlines section headings for easy navigation, while a stylish header font ensures your name gets noticed.

For this role, most employers will be looking for candidates with relevant training, certifications and work experience, so consider using a combined CV format that highlights your relevant skills and achievements. If you have plenty of work experience and can demonstrate consistent growth in your yoga career, use a chronological resume format.

Blue And Green Simple Teacher Resume

If you are a first-time job seeker or have no experience as an instructor, use a functional resume format for your resume, which focuses on the professional and personal skills you can bring to the job, along with your training and education.

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