Yoga Instructor Resume Template

Yoga Instructor Resume Template – Recently completed your YTT course and ready to start teaching in a studio? Looking for another teaching gig? Hoping to find a yoga course in another country? … then this is for you!

Giving a studio owner a head start on your professional career can set you miles apart from other teachers in your yoga exam.

Yoga Instructor Resume Template

Yoga Instructor Resume Template

I can speak from experience – I am a graphic designer and yoga teacher. I’ve had a lot of studio owners comment and ask about my resume: “Wow, your resume is professional!” and, “I’ve never seen a yoga teacher start like this before!” and so on.

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Because I take the time to make it easy to read, provide valuable information about myself, and use design principles to make a beautiful document.

PROTIP: While having a resume is a smart move.. a resume just doesn’t cut it. Resumes do not replace having a website. Yoga teachers also need a website 🙂

I will cover the standard yoga beginner format. Make sure you include each of the following sections…

Include this at the top of your resume if space allows. One or two sentences that describe who you are, what you do, and what you want to do. Keep it simple, unique, and please keep it authentic.

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Take the time to think about why you want to teach, what your classes will offer, and why a studio should want to add you to their team. Let your people shine!

Studio owners want to see that you are qualified to teach: your Yoga Alliance certification, how many hours you have completed, and where you studied.

Studio owners can scan this block of text in about 3 seconds. The first bold line helps highlight the most important information.

Yoga Instructor Resume Template

Additional Education: Have you taken any workshops or additional training related to teaching? If so, list it under your primary education in the same format. This includes CPR and first-aid training. Do you specialize in physical therapy, psychology, or anatomy? Make your list!

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List your formal education here as well. If you have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree, it shows that you are well rounded. List these in the same format you use for your yoga training so it’s easy to scan.

I know, I know, how does a new yoga teacher get training experience when every studio wants an experienced yoga teacher?! Keep visiting many studios and you will find a place to learn. I promise.

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In the meantime, create your own experience. Take free classes in parks or public spaces for family, friends, and coworkers. I once taught a class at a park for my friend’s bachelorette party. It’s the start of the day and everyone likes to start the day with a little bit of moving and breathing! Every single class you take is an amazing experience to add to your resume.

Be sure to include your yoga instructor job description on your resume as well. Make a list of bullet points that show your experience in a positive light. Focus on measurable achievements if possible.

Yoga Instructor Resume Example & Guide

After your yoga experience, list other work experience. Select your most recent or current job. Customer service skills (people skills) are a huge plus for yoga instructors. If you have experience working as a barista, in a retail store, etc. put it on your resume! This shows that you are able to adapt to working in many scenarios with many different people.

If you want a studio owner to call you or email you after your test, make your information easy to see and read.

Put your contact information in a column to the left of your resume, or somewhere at the top or bottom.

Yoga Instructor Resume Template

* Leave your address – this takes up extra space, no one will email you anything, and it can be a security risk if your resume gets into the wrong hands.

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Not necessarily! If you have a professional photo that resonates with your yoga brand and personality, feel free to add it to the left or right of your resume. Stay away from selfies and low quality pictures.

Protip: Leave photos off your resume. They take up space, can be difficult to print, and sometimes feel awkward. Also, a yoga teacher website should include enough photos for a studio owner to recognize you.

The most important goal for your resume is to provide clear, easy-to-read information about yourself. Someone reading your license should be able to do so within a few minutes.

Example: See how ‘Yoga’ is drawn in large, colorful text. The next most important thing is the title of experience, or ‘Yoga Teacher’ in this case. From there, the information is organized so that the reader can examine it and understand what the situation is.

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Black, white, and 1-2 colors max. Use the same colors you use on your yoga teacher website and logo. Don’t assume that everyone will see your resume on a screen or print it from a color printer. If you do blue light text, test how it looks when printed in black and white.

If this sounds impossible, I promise it’s not. Download my free yoga instructor to start sample to show you how creative basics help save space on your resume.

If you want to use a unique font, do so only for your titles. If someone can’t read your resume, they won’t hire you.

Yoga Instructor Resume Template

This is an example of a yoga teacher I created for myself. You can see how the colors are minimal, there is a lot of white space, and the content is organized. Start with this yoga resume sample as a guide and then feel free to modify it to your liking.

Yoga Instructor Resume Sample & Ready To Use Example

Go ahead and start your yoga teacher. Remember, the most important thing is to show studio owners/managers that you are qualified to write for them. Present your information wisely, make it easy to read, and make sure some of your personality shines through.

We’re offering this free download so yoga teachers like you can understand what it takes to create your own website! The guide is free and can be downloaded immediately to your computer. Join hundreds of other yoga teachers who have already downloaded the guide!

A former corporate sales representative turned nomadic entrepreneurial yogi. Street food ninja, outdoor enthusiast, craft beer geek, and live music junkie. Co-founder of Yoga Nomads. A great yoga teacher should be as flexible as you are. This writing guide and transformational example will show you how to improve your experience as a yoga teacher.

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How To Craft The Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

You are a master of flexibility and adaptability – now it’s time to apply those same qualities to your yoga teacher. You will need to stand out from other teachers with similar qualifications and show potential clients why you are the right choice. Luckily, we’re here to help. With 350+ examples and writing guides, we are an expert resource for professionals in all fields and stages of their careers.

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Yoga Instructor Resume Template

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks yoga instructors as part of the fitness instructors category where job opportunities are expected to grow by 100 percent over the next decade. Many of these benefits will result from employers looking to provide fitness training to their employees.

Yoga Instructor Resume Samples

Yoga instructors plan and teach yoga lessons. Yoga is an exercise and meditation technique that has become more popular in recent years. Yoga instructors are expected to have a passion and dedication for the art of yoga.

Yoga instructors help students improve their fitness and health by using yoga to strengthen their body and mind. Yoga instructors may specialize in more than one yoga discipline or choose to teach yoga to specific groups such as pregnant women or the elderly. Yoga instructors can teach independently, work remotely, teach in schools, fitness centers, private practices, or rehabilitation centers.

The ideal candidate has experience in yoga instruction, and has received formal teacher training at a school recognized by the Yoga Alliance or an accredited institution.

The first step in teaching your yoga teacher is understanding what parts to include. Your CV should contain the following elements:

Yoga Resume Template, Yoga Instructor Cv Template, Massage Therapist Resumes

A successful yoga teacher should demonstrate his yoga teaching experience, and his dedication to the discipline. The candidate’s ability to connect with students and provide motivation and beneficial guidance should be evident in the .

Yoga instructors should be skilled in working with students with different physical needs, interests, and goals. Yoga instructors should have experience in creating and implementing strong class plans. Yoga instructors should be sure to demonstrate a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology in them. The winning yoga teacher should demonstrate a motivating attitude and the ability to work and teach with precision, professionalism, and dedication.

Yoga instructors are

Yoga Instructor Resume Template

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