Xbox Quick Resume Games List

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The update, available now to early testers in the Skip-Ahead Alpha group, lets you view all games that currently support Quick Resume from your Guide.

Xbox Quick Resume Games List

Xbox Quick Resume Games List

In your Groups list, you can also see all the games you currently have saved under Quick Resume – visible in My Games & Apps, or you can add this to your home screen.

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From there, you can also delete Quick Resume saves for games you no longer need, freeing up space in the process. Here’s what it looks like, as shared on Twitter by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie:

Also, delete your Quick Resume for games you no longer care about.— Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) April 19, 2021 To view this content, enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

The new feature is one of several changes rolling out to Alpha Skip-Ahead users detailed in a new Xbox Insider blog post. Another addition is the option to enable audio passthrough in media apps.

Not an Xbox Insider? This feature will roll out to you in time, too. Another blog post has rounded up some of the recently tested features now publicly released, such as the ability to suspend your game and speed up downloads.

How To Use Xbox Series X Quick Resume

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This month’s Xbox update will bring changes to Quick Resume, including, finally, the ability to see what games you’re currently on hold on your Xbox Series X or S.

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Xbox Quick Resume Games List

Last year, Microsoft’s next-generation Xboxes received attention for improved performance and graphical fidelity. But Quick Resume — a feature that lets you juggle about half a dozen games in a suspended state — is the secret star of the show, at least in terms of features that feel new and novel and truly “next generation.” When you consider how familiar the rest of the Xbox Series X/S operating system is, being able to quickly jump in and out of different games feels groundbreaking by comparison.

Xbox Series X & Series S: Start Games Easier With Quick Resume

Still, Quick Resume launched in far from perfect conditions. The game will support it for a week but not the next. It’s not clear how many games, exactly, you can juggle at once. Worst of all, you also can’t tell what games will work with the feature, or what games you currently have on hold. Unless you have a photographic memory or take extensive notes, you can easily close a game you think you’ve put on hold, potentially erasing your unsaved progress.

After the May update, you can manage games in your library with tags that show Quick Resume support. If you’re playing on an Xbox Series X or S, you’ll next be able to create a group that “lists all games currently saved in Quick Resume.” As with other groups, you can pin them to your console dashboard. (We mentioned both of these in our wish list for the Xbox Series X and S. So, Microsoft, if you’re reading, the current wish list also includes, ummm, uhhh, I’ll get a million dollars. And a pony.) Microsoft also says Quick Resume will win faster. Now, it takes about seven seconds tab between games, so any improvement will be marginal.

There are also new dynamic backgrounds called Motes. It’s pretty, if a little reminiscent of the PlayStation 5 start screen, albeit done in Xbox green:

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But the May update isn’t all peaches and gravy. In the future, “game titles featured in the spotlight in the Game Pass hub will play trailers when you focus on them”. You have to click to hear the audio, but it still sounds a lot like that annoying trailer that automatically plays when you scroll through Netflix. Fingers crossed for a setting that lets you turn it off. A feature that allows users to jump between saved game states with just a few seconds’ loading time, according to a new Digital Foundry report.

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When you exit a title, the system RAM is stored on the SSD and when you restart another game, the cache is restored.

During the recent Xbox Series X demo, the site witnessed a console race between Xbox One games Forza Motorsport 7, State of Decay 2 and Hellblade, and Xbox 360 title The Cave.

Xbox Quick Resume Games List

Jason Ronald, director of Xbox program management partners, recently discussed the “transformative” effect of the Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume feature during a podcast with Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb.

Xbox Series X/s ‘quick Resume’ Feature Was Designed For Me

“We’re actually incubating some of this technology with the existing Xbox One,” he said. “Today you can Fast Forward the last game you played, but with Xbox Series X we can actually do that for multiple titles and we’re basically taking this to the next level of capability.

“This is really powered by our custom-built SSD that is part of the Xbox Series X, which actually allows us to have multiple games saved at one time, and then I can immediately jump between them or jump between them and continue wherever. I that’s when i left.

The $120 Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition is out today and with the team of upcoming expansions, Xbox is excited to continue new ways to make Xbox better, including refining the experience and delivering new features, based on your feedback. This month’s release includes new Quick Resume fixes, audio passthrough for media apps, and more.

Quick Resume is a feature powered by the technical capabilities of the innovative Xbox Velocity Architecture on the Xbox Series X|S. It allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple games and resume gameplay right from where you last left off. With this update, Quick Resume just got better, with improved reliability and faster load times.

Xbox Insiders Get New ‘suspend’ Feature, Allowing Quick Resume To Work Alongside Downloads

We’ve also made it easy to identify and access supported games and save them to Quick Resume. You will be able to see if your game currently supports Quick Resume and the new tag. Gamers on the Xbox Series X|S can also take advantage of a new group that lists all the games currently saved in Quick Resume. You can use groups to see which games are ready to launch from Quick Resume and launch from there. Like other groups, you can add them to Home for faster access or customize your experience by removing games from the Quick Resume state.

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Try passthrough to make audio in your favorite Xbox media streaming apps like Disney+, Apple TV apps, Plex, Vudu, and more sound better. Passthrough enables audio decoding from media applications on your compatible HDMI device through the console for the highest quality listening experience with your external sound system. To start using it, see the new Allow Passthrough button on the Xbox audio settings screen. You will see an indicator in the guide when you are using a compatible media application with audio passthrough enabled.

Find your next favorite game on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with faster and easier access to highlight trailers for games in the XboxGame Pass library. Now the game title featured in the spotlight in the Game Pass hub will play the trailer if you focus on it. The latest and greatest addition to Game Pass. To play along with the audio, click on the tile.

Xbox Quick Resume Games List

For the launch of the Xbox Series X|S, the team added dynamic backgrounds, a new feature that lets you customize your Home screen with motion and color. This month, we are offering a new pattern- “Motes”. You can find the new Motes dynamic background in Settings > General > Personalization > My background > Dynamic background

Xbox Series X Quick Resume Is As Seamless As You Hoped

Last fall, we launched the free Xbox Family Settings app on iOS and Android and continue to release feature updates to provide families with a simple tool to help manage their kids’ games. Starting this month, you can approve multiplayer games – where you can play and communicate with other players – by specific titles, directly from your console or in the Xbox Family Settings app. If your child wants to play a specific game in multiplayer mode but they are blocked by family settings,

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