When Will Jury Duty Resume In Ny

When Will Jury Duty Resume In Ny – I got up at 7:00 a.m. on a typical New York Monday to go to the jury. I had been called before (three times actually) but either didn’t serve (I moved across states twice) or couldn’t serve (I was out of the country and asked for a postponement). My jury summons arrived exactly one week before I was due in court—I remember the day I submitted it on the previous adjournment form. This time I didn’t procrastinate.

The purpose of this blog post is to share my first experience with a jury in New York. I asked what to expect, how long the process would take, how many delays were allowed, etc. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for information about this, and while I have a general idea, what I really wanted was something thorough. So what I would like to share here is a detailed map of my meetings and thoughts during my jury duty. I apologize in advance for the lack of photos — photography is strictly prohibited in the courthouse. However, I tried to capture as much as I could and hand-write my observations in my planner.

When Will Jury Duty Resume In Ny

When Will Jury Duty Resume In Ny

This was the number on my summons. I called this number on the day listed (I called on Friday because my jury duty starts on Monday). I listened to a pre-recorded message about what to expect: I had to schedule 3 days of service, 9am to 5pm; however, if I am selected for the case, my jury duty will exceed these 3 days. The specific duration will depend on the nature of the trial.

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Also, the audio recorded message instructed me to bring a pen (blue or black ink) and my invitation card. He also instructed me to fill out the information requested on the summons prior to arrival. There will be free Wi-Fi, so laptops are welcome.

There are a lot of jury duty here. I’m glad I got here on time, 15 minutes early. Went through the metal detector (I got my morning drink through the detector but had to remove my watch), went up to the 3rd floor (half the people went up to the 11th floor) and got a seat. a chair waiting for the opening of the jury room.

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There are representatives of different nationalities here. Even a big cute dog is accompanied by its owner. Maybe a service dog? Anyway, people brought their breakfast, coffee to go, books to read, laptops to work on, phones to browse, forms to fill out. People keep coming. They are now lining the walls and leaning against the windowsills. Yes, I’m glad I got here early.

Tall bare trees outside the wide window. It’s winter time. I appreciate the wide landscape – it’s a sunny day and the buildings are shining. I count squirrels. At least one, two, three. They are a source of movement and time for me when I wait.

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I look at my watch. 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. I still have more than half of the vanilla tea I got from Dunkin’ (it was my drink of choice during my 5 years of teaching; I could survive the 50 minute morning commute without it). I wonder if I should use the restroom before I go in. Where is the bathroom?

The doors opened immediately. We entered a larger room with three aisles of cushions. In front is a large wooden table, on which sits the court clerk. He spoke to us through the microphone. He reviewed the present day, read the criteria that disqualifies us as jurors (eg, not a US citizen, not a New York County resident, felony conviction, served within the last 4 years, speaks or understands English, currently a student, so currently serving cannot, etc.).

Even though I was a full-time graduate student, I decided to stay put. Classes don’t start for me until next week, so I decided to take the risk of serving in hopes of not being selected for the test. And if I’m chosen, I hope the trial won’t last more than a week… If I leave the room (they send you to room 139, 60 Center Street for rescheduling), I’ll know. I will have to plan again and the time will come when I will

When Will Jury Duty Resume In Ny

To be a student. From Reddit threads ( here , here , and here ), I learned that it’s better to serve instead of delay.

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We saw a short video that made MySpace obsolete because it was called a “social website.” It was supposed to be serious, but I think half the people in the room found it interesting. The staff member also had a great sense of humor, which I appreciated. I loved the part in his “speech” about how the vending machines in the room sometimes didn’t cooperate and allowed the vending machine to shake if our food wasn’t served. He also said that he will leave a large stock of magazines “for the jurors”. It’s a very bonding experience, I think.

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Soon we were lined up as the clerk called out the letter of our last name (first A to L, then M to R, and finally C to Z). Since I had recently changed my name (I should have noted this on the summons—sections C and E), I ended up standing in line. At this point, we handed in sections C and E of the summons and received an information card to fill out (in pencil or blue or black ink). juror cards (used as identification) for our record.

We got a bonus break until 10:30. We don’t have to leave for this break and can leave the jury room or even the building. For all other breaks, we were allowed to take our time (15 minutes and up to 20 minutes) by signing out with our name and time (there’s a clipboard for that). The idea is that we won’t be labeled “AWOL” (a military term, I think) if we are called during recess. I took a bathroom break during my bonus break just to be safe.

The main jury room on the 3rd floor has 3 smaller rooms that allow for seating. For a break, I decided to go into one of the smaller rooms with a shared desk where I could work. There was a television monitor (turned off) and a couple of electrical outlets along with the chairs lining the walls.

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The first call of the jury. Those in the smaller rooms were asked to enter the main room so we could announce our presence if our names were called. I think about 40 names were mentioned. I couldn’t keep track because I was so focused on my name. The callers were asked to say “here” “in a booming voice” and take all their belongings, enter the corridor, pick up a yellow card and wait for instructions. I was not invited, so I returned to the small room. I don’t know what to think about it.

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The next call was before lunch. It was considered a “small call” of 16 people in the room. This time the instructions were different. After the name was called, the person came forward, took the questionnaire and asked to write down the seat number (1-16). The seat number is for the jury box in the room behind the front doors of the conference room. Did it seem like it was for a smaller case that required a smaller jury? Again, I wasn’t invited this time, so I grabbed all my things, went back to the small room, and settled down again. I’m about to fall asleep listening to a New York article on my iPad when I hear a small call announcement. I came back to that article after checking emails on my phone.

The third call came quickly and unexpectedly 15 minutes later. I gathered my things and went into the main meeting room to hear my name. This time a long list of names was called and the instructions were to go to the entrance of the room, get the yellow slip from the officer at the door and then wait for instructions. It was another big call. I waited impatiently. The name “Catherine” was mentioned, but it was not my last name. I was a little excited. The call ended and my name was still not called. I went back to my little room. At this point, the room looked and felt foreign

When Will Jury Duty Resume In Ny

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