When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022 – COVID-19 had a huge financial impact with people not being able to pay their bills. In October, Duke Energy will resume normal billing operations.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, millions of people lost their jobs and lost their incomes. Stimulus and unemployment benefits have helped people survive, but so far only a few have needed it. Duke Energy suspended all blackouts and offered payment plans back in March, but the utility said it would resume normal operations in October.

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

Normal billing operations mean that disconnections due to non-payment will be part of the process, but they don’t have to be.

Scam Alert: New Duke Energy Scam Says Residents Must Pay For ‘smart Meter’

“As Duke Energy returns to standard billing and payment in early October, we want to remind customers that the various payment and financial assistance options listed below are available. Our goal is to work with each customer to ensure they have the opportunity to enroll in a payment plan that fits their specific situations and needs and to have the opportunity to connect with local aid agencies and funds,” Duke Energy spokeswoman Meghan Miles said.

Three quick suggestions to avoid disconnection: First, call Duke Energy, they said they will work with you to keep the lights and heat on. It is better to pay something than to pay nothing. Second, payment plans are available for past and current balances, but the plan must be set up.

Also, try to reduce your energy consumption to lower your bill. Turn off the air conditioner during these fall nights and remember, the biggest power drain in the house is your dryer.

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Duke Energy Extends — And Defends — Relief Efforts As Groups Rip Them

“Customers who are in arrears will receive notices of their outstanding debts and the earliest possible date that their service could be terminated starting in October. This may result in regular credit disconnections and notice deadlines in October for delinquent customers who do not require a payment arrangement or ask for help. While disconnecting for non-payment does restart, it is the last step in a lengthy process and one we want to avoid entirely,” Miles said.

Duke Energy is warning you not to fall for a disconnection scam. If you receive a phone call from someone demanding payment, hang up the phone and call the electricity company directly. Don’t use the number you see on your caller ID as it will likely lead you back to a scammer. Look for the number and call directly.

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Never give out personal information and never pay with bank transfers or gift cards. If someone calls you asking for payment in these forms, it is a scam. No power does not accept payment by bank transfer or any type of gift card. Be careful and remember, it’s okay to question the person on the other end of the phone. Duke Energy’s voluntary shutdown moratorium for vulnerable families was set to expire on Oct. 1, but the company announced another extension Thursday.

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

CHARLOTTE, NC — Duke Energy announced Thursday that the company will continue to avoid power outages for the most vulnerable families through March 2022.

Pandemic Scams Cost Nc Duke Energy Customers $150,000

State records show that North Carolina Public Utilities Commission consumer advocates began receiving more complaints in the months leading up to the last-minute decision. NCUC data shows that the number of complaints received by agency consumer representatives began to rise again in July and August, reaching the highest number since February.

“We never want to see the number of complaints go up, but we know there are always opportunities to look at the data, figure out where these problems may be occurring and address them before they escalate,” said Pam Hardy, Duke Energy Communications consultant. “So we’re always looking for opportunities to improve and address customer needs, and we’ll continue to do so.”

Abby Melo did not know that NCUC had employees who could speak on behalf of beneficiaries. Contacted Charlotte about a billing problem.

Charlotte directly connected the Mooresville woman to Duke. To keep the lights on, she had to agree to a payment plan to reduce her balance by more than $1,000 over the next year.

Duke Energy To Resume Disconnecting Customers Behind On Payments

“It made me sick to my stomach. I was literally nauseous,” Melo said of the threat of power loss. “I’m broke, I can’t afford to pay almost $100 more every month. I’m praying to God that everything will be okay. I don’t have a plan. I really don’t have a plan B.”

Her situation, while not ideal, is better than the outcome for thousands of others. NCUC filings show Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas remote shutdowns for non-payment have restarted in recent months. Duke Energy Carolinas reported 184 outages in July and 593 in August, up from zero in June. Duke Energy Progress, meanwhile, reported 8,054 in July and 8,165 in August, up from 4,690 in June.

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The latest numbers from Duke Energy Carolinas show more than 139,000 customers, or 7.7%, are at least 60 days past due and 76,939, or 4.3%, are currently on a payment plan. Duke Energy Progress reports that more than 19,000 customers (1.5%) are at least 60 days past due and 44,870 (3.6%) customers are currently on a payment plan.

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

“We really want to find out what we can do to support the client,” she said. “It’s something we want to avoid at all costs if possible.”

Your Duke Energy Bill May Have A New Due Date

Hardy said the company wants to work with customers through payment arrangements so they can avoid shutdowns.

“We are here, we are listening and we want to solve it,” she added. “We will continue to work with our customers.”

Hardy said Duke Energy would also prefer that customers try to resolve their issues directly with the company before taking them to the NCUC.

Charlotte is always asking “where’s the money?” If you need help, please contact the Defenders team via email at money@.

Ohio Energy Utilities Gear Up To Resume Service Disconnections

Hardy said the company’s internal data shows 50% fewer complaints in North Carolina from January 2021 to August 2021 compared to the same time frame in 2019, before the pandemic.

Along with offering payment plans, Hardy said Duke Energy continues to waive credit card fees on payments in an effort to help customers’ money go as far as possible.

Hardy said if customers need additional support, they can call (800) 777-9898 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

Duke Energy’s extended shutdown moratorium specifically targets the Crisis Intervention Program, Low Income Energy Assistance Program and NC Hope customers, Hardy said.

Local Business Hit By Duke Energy Shutoff Scam

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All of Charlotte’s podcasts are free and available for streaming and download. Now you can listen on Android, iPhone, Amazon and other internet connected devices. Join us from North Carolina, South Carolina or on the go anywhere. Utility companies will soon be allowed to disconnect again due to unpaid bills. A state consumer advocacy group is asking the Indiana Public Utilities Regulatory Commission to continue protecting unemployed people due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Among other things, the group wants the IURC to order utilities to continue suspending shutdowns after June 4 – the date the governor’s shutdown moratorium ends.

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“Also require utilities to waive deposits, reconnection fees and late fees as another step to protect consumers during this difficult time,” says Anthony Swinger of the Office of the Utility Consumer Counsel.

The New Energy Frontier

Join the conversation and apply for the Indiana 2020 Two-Way. Text “election” to 73224. Your comments and questions in response to our weekly messages help us find the answers you need about COVID-19 and the 2020 election.

While those orders would only apply to regulated utilities, Swinger hopes rural, unregulated utilities will do the same to protect their customers.

The OUCC also wants the commission to examine how utilities can best recoup money lost due to things like unpaid bills.

When Will Duke Energy Resume Disconnections 2022

“Obviously, they will argue for all the cost increases that have occurred. We want to make sure any reductions or savings are accounted for as well,” Swinger says.

Duke Energy Application Points Finger At Solar For Increased Pollution

Swinger says that could include large projects that have been put on hold or any state or federal aid the utilities are receiving.

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Among other things, the union is seeking an updated pay scale, an annual cost of living increase, greater health and safety protections in the workplace, a better severance package and diversity practices in hiring and retention.

North Carolina Utilities Told To Stop Disconnections Longer

Last month, the state released a map of where it hopes to install electric vehicle chargers using money from the federal infrastructure law — with more than half in “disadvantaged communities.” But the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Alliance for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Indiana Economic Opportunity said there is little

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