When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume – Waste Management says it continues to offer Clay County a $5,000 signing bonus as part of its hiring process.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — It’s been nearly a year since recycling collection stopped in Clay County.

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a national shortage of commercially licensed drivers, the transition to waste recycling began on August 16, 2021, significantly reducing the waste management workforce.

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The county says curbside recycling will resume in Clay County when Waste Management (WM) is fully secured for all Clay County routes. They need 42 licensed commercial drivers for residential waste, yard waste and recycling routes.

26 people, including 13 drivers and 13 assistants, are needed for dual-stream recycling alone. WM says it will continue to offer Clay County a $5,000 signing bonus as part of its recruiting efforts.

According to the latest report, Waste Management is short of 11 drivers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is also a national workforce shortage for commercially licensed drivers.

“Each commissioner, county manager and county staff continue to work tirelessly to identify a viable alternative solution to provide all curbside collection services, trash, yard waste and recycling for residents in the unincorporated areas of Clay County and Keystone Heights,” said the statement. Annalesa Winter, Clay County Public Information Officer.

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“The final results of the solid waste survey were presented to the CCB in May and commissioners are considering the best solid waste collection solutions.” The curbside recycling pickup will return to Jacksonville on April 4, exactly six months after the city shut it down. attention service for missed garbage and yard waste collection.

Mayor Lenny Curry made the announcement on Twitter on Tuesday and attributed the delay to labor shortages affecting “cities across the country.”

Excited to announce that curbside recycling will be back in @CityofJax on Monday, April 4th. I thank our citizens for their patience during this difficult and unprecedented time as we deal with the issues that are happening in cities across the country — Lenny Curry (@lennycurry) February 15, 2022

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

Curry said in a statement that the city will use the interim period to finalize contracts with three private trash haulers to address driver shortages and missed pickups.

Are Recyclables Being Collected In Clay County?

When Jacksonville decided to stop recycling in October, trash haulers lost more than 4,000 collections each week last month, with yard waste making up the majority of failed pickups.

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That number improved immediately after the recycling freeze, and haulers can now focus on yard waste and trash.

Between Jan. 31 and Feb. 7, the city missed just under 600 collections, just over 300 of which were yard waste.

Curry called the reduction in missed collections “significant progress” and said the city is “ready to restore services” as a result.

Clay County Halts Curbside Recycling, Highlighting Growing Trash Troubles Across The U.s.

That number is still significantly higher than the collections missed before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Jacksonville City Council has created a special solid waste committee to address the city’s waste management issues compared to other major Florida metros.

In nearby Clay County, the Board of Commissioners suspended recycling in August. Similar to the situation in Duval, Clay County officials cited an increase in missed garbage and yard waste pickups as a reason to suspend recycling services to address a pressing problem facing residents.

Clay County contracts with Waste Management and says the waste hauler needs 40 licensed drivers to fully cover employee routes. According to the county’s last public update, they were about 14 drivers short, with the next report due to the board on Wednesday.

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

Reporter Raymond Troncoso joined WJCT in June 2021 after completing his fellowship with America’s Report, where he covered Illinois state government with a focus on politics and equity, and entered the Illinois State Capitol. You can reach him at (904) 358-6319 or [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @RayTroncoso. Curbside recycling in Clay County, which was suspended a year ago – is unlikely to return anytime soon – photos.

Clay Adds Recycling Drop Off Site, But No Decision On Curbside Pick Up

The county’s waste management contractor, Waste Management, is to hire 11 commercial drivers to resume curbside recycling. When recycling stopped on August 16, 2021, waste management was short of 10 drivers.

The waste contractor has experienced the same labor shortages plaguing employers across the country: the COVID-19 pandemic and a shortage of commercial drivers.

Circulation also remains a problem in a county where the number of drivers is limited from the start. Waste has hired 21 people since it closed, but 17 have left.

Many residents have given up recycling for the time being, instead of taking recyclables to disposal sites.

Green Cove Springs, Florida

“I throw my recycling in with the trash because it’s a lot of hard work to go to the dump every week,” said Trevor Broadbridge, who lives in Fleming Island Plantation.

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“It’s starting to feel normal not having kerbside collection, but I hope WM can find drivers soon so people don’t have to go somewhere wasting their time.

Jack Hawley, who lives in Margaret’s Walk, Fleming Island, usually has two bins in his kitchen, one for rubbish and one for recycling. There is currently no trash can.

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

“Our family took the trash out because we don’t recycle right now because of the curbside pickup,” Hawley said. “But it would be nice to have two trash cans.”

Jacksonville Curbside Recycling Still Suspended With No Return Date

Clay County’s suspension has now far exceeded Duval County’s. Duval suspended curbside recycling in October, but reinstated it six months later.

Commissioners chose to keep the current route, saying weekly recycling would unnecessarily confuse people. A complete abandonment of recycling is not possible now, they said – although Waste Management has offered to reduce the cost of the contract.

The waste hauler now credits the county with $133,000 a month to cover the lack of recycling. The company said it would add $35,000 a month to the credit if recycling was removed.

County commissioners voted June 28 to reimburse residents for recycling fees. From October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022, a $22.71 credit for recycling services will be applied to 2022 property tax bills.

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In addition, Waste Management offers $5,000 signing bonuses to new hires. The company also raised wages from $16 to $24 an hour when it stopped recycling. Go here to apply.

Drop-off locations remain open across the county, although some residents complain that the bins are often overflowing. Waste Management releases them every day except Sunday, the county said.

The county authorities emphasized that people should follow the recycling rules. Flatten all boxes and do not put plastic bags in any of the bins.

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

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Life After Trash Day: What Happens To Our Waste After It Is Thrown Away?

Under the county’s worst-case scenario, Clay County residents could have to wait until 2024 to return to curbside recycling.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Under the county’s worst-case scenario, Clay County residents may have to wait until 2024 to return to curbside recycling.

The county’s recycling hauler continues to face staffing challenges. Many people have given up curbside recycling since last year.

There are 12 locations around Clay County where residents can drop off recyclables. Resident Beverly Aqui says she stops by the dumpster near the Fleming Island Public Library almost every day.

At Long Last, Recycling Will Return April 4 In Jacksonville

“Well, because I live across the street and it would be more convenient on the curb,” he said. “I don’t mind coming here because I’m here to get out of the house.”

Last August, COVID-19 and staffing issues at Waste Management forced the county to suspend curbside recycling. Since then, county commissioners have held several meetings on the issue, which have failed to come to a resolution because Waste Management doesn’t have the drivers to put the stops at the curb.

Waste Management updates the county every month and in the last update they lost 11 drivers. Nothing will change until they are filled, as the county says, “With a new contract for solid waste collection in 2024, commissioners will consider switching to an automated cart-based collection system along with other options.”

When Will Clay County Recycling Resume

So if those driver spots aren’t filled, many residents will have to fill those bins with recyclables for at least another year and a half.

Curbside Paper Recycling Could Resume In Lexington By March

“It’s shocking to me because I’m paying for services and not getting them,” Saulsbury resident Douglas told us.

Funding for recycling in Clay County is paid for through property taxes, and the county said in a statement that it provides loans.

“From October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022, the $22.71 recycling credit for recycling services applies to:

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