Whats Wrong With My Resume

Whats Wrong With My Resume – You are not receiving enough calls. You are not getting the right calls. You do not receive any calls. You haven’t had an interview in a month. You might be thinking: What’s wrong with my resume?!?! The truth is: Your resume may not do you enough.

While it is important to be patient and persistent when looking for a job, sometimes reassessing your resume is a good idea.

Whats Wrong With My Resume

Whats Wrong With My Resume

I’ve seen a lot of resumes. Some are very good, some are very terrible. Here are five reasons why some resumes don’t live up to their potential:

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Many people try to make their resume attractive to the widest range of job opportunities. It seems logical; If a resume is applicable to more jobs, the better the chances of getting a job, right?

The problem with this approach is that you come off as a leader of all trades and are not mastering anything. After that, you will no longer be seen as an outstanding candidate.

Instead, don’t be afraid to be yourself. There are certain things you are good at. It’s your strengths! You don’t limit yourself by showing that you have your own area of ​​expertise, so it’s best to convey it on your resume, without apology.

I am not defending a particular length here. Some one-page resumes seem to take a long time to read and some two-page resumes read very quickly. It just depends on how you put it together.

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The secret is to organize it well. Make sure you list your summary first and your skills up front. Then, get on with your education, and by the time the reader reaches these points, they will have the motivation to read more.

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Some resumes do a great job of noting the places the person has worked and the jobs they have held. But they lack an important piece of information: they don’t highlight a person’s professional strengths!

Don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you do. Show all those accomplishments you are proud of, those outstanding skills you possess, and all those results that have come from your hard work. This is your chance to shine, take advantage of it!

Whats Wrong With My Resume

. If previous employers are not generally well known, include a quick description of them. If your previous title does not match your job title, describe the job you already did.

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Did you receive special training or do you have special skills? Make sure these are reported on your resume.

Your resume should tell your professional “story,” and like any good story, it should have a beginning, middle, and end, which in this case is today.

While many professions read like straightforward fairy tales, most of them take some unexpected turns. Your resume needs to be approached with style, precision, and ease – as if that’s how you planned things all along.

Joe Konope is the founder and director of One Great Resumé, a professional service provider and resume creator. His website is www.OneGreatResume.com. Follow him on Twitter @OneGreatResume and find him on Facebook. Read more

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