What Is A Targeted Resume

What Is A Targeted Resume – You’ve probably heard that tailoring your resume to the specific job opening significantly improves your chances of landing a job interview.

. And it’s incredibly effective: when it’s right, you basically leave recruiters no choice but to shortlist you.

What Is A Targeted Resume

What Is A Targeted Resume

This is why the majority of candidates do not do this and use a one-size-fits-all resume that they send everywhere. Ironically, this makes the targeted approach even more effective.

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But first, let’s cover what exactly a targeted resume is and why it works so well with recruiters.

A targeted resume is a resume specifically tailored to the job you want. By being framed to a specific job position, a targeted resume has a higher chance of passing both the HR manual selection process and automatic ATS systems designed to filter out irrelevant applications.

But why does a targeted resume work so well? Don’t recruiters notice when you try to frame your experience in a certain way?

You to cut your resume. As previously mentioned, up to 63% of recruiters face candidates with targeted resumes.

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On average, each open position attracts from 200 to 300 resumes, and there is no way that a recruiter will be able to examine the resume of every applicant.

Instead, recruiters will go through all resumes and choose the most relevant ones, filtering the majority of candidates in just minutes and moving only about 10% of candidates to the next stage.

This is understandable – you can waste hours if you start creating your resume every time you apply for a new position.

What Is A Targeted Resume

Fortunately, we outlined this 3-step process that allows you to effectively study job descriptions and quickly build resume relevance through simple and highly effective tweaks.

How To Resume A Target Application

When you look at job openings, what is the first thing you look for in terms of requirements, skills, or information about a company?

Don’t stop at work requirements. Read the company bio, check other job openings from the same company, and try to get as much information about the company as you can from other sources, e.g. Its website, social media or LinkedIn page.

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Because the more you know about a company, the more comfortable you will feel when tailoring your resume.

For example, studying several job openings from the same company allows you to see whether a company uses a conservative or more casual tone in their listings.

Targeting Analyst Resume Sample

With this knowledge, you can mimic that tone in certain parts of your resume and get extra points with people who read it. [More on this in Step 3 of this guide]

Note that although Company #2 claims to create fun products, it is actually Company #1 that uses a conversational and direct tone in their openings.

Pro tip: When job descriptions are written in casual style, more often than not it means it was written by a founder and not a hired recruiter. Mimicking casual style to a degree can give you an extra boost in case your resume is reviewed by a founder. e.g. Instead of the formal “Marketing Manager” headline you could use “Trust Me – White-Hat SEO Knights Are Still Here” Calculate the risks!

What Is A Targeted Resume

Every line of work requires not only certain skills but a mindset. Simply copying words from the job description will not present you as a great developer, designer or salesperson.

Fully Editable Modern & Targeted Resume Templates

Subconsciously or not, recruiters already know what kind of candidate they want for the job. You just need to think the same way they do and fill out the profile.

Spending 10-15 minutes on researching your target company will save you a lot of time when tailoring resumes and allow you to find hidden opportunities to catch the recruiter’s attention (more on this in Step 3 of this guide).

The experience section is the bread and butter of your resume: the majority of recruiters will immediately look at it.

There are two main things to look for when it comes to tailoring your experience section to the job opening: keywords and workflows.

You Need A Targeted Resume: Here’s Why (+ Examples)

Keywords are the essence of the experience section. These are the keywords that are specific to each job and when used correctly they can instantly boost your resume relevance.

To identify keywords simply think about the most generic job description ever, and then identify which keywords make your job description more targeted to experienced professionals.

Job description has terms. Identify them and make sure your experience section contains a good portion of them.

What Is A Targeted Resume

Example: Here is a Sales Manager job description taken from Indeed. Let’s identify the terms that make this job posting sales specific.

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Elements Of A Targeted Resume

Bonus: By adding a few terms from the job description to our resume, we also get a higher chance of passing automatic ATS filter systems.

The next critical component of our experience section is workflows, i.e. what exactly did you do in your previous jobs.

Some candidates simply copy workflows from the job description with minimal alteration. That’s a huge no-no: your resume immediately becomes bland and fake.

Instead, use your target job description as an inspiration and write your workflows for impact using this formula:

Air Force Resume Samples

Don’t forget to include keywords identified earlier. Here are some of the workflows we created for the aforementioned Sales Manager position:

Tip: For some positions, such as tech, the skills section is as important as the experience section. Make sure to study the company’s tech stack and list the most relevant tech skills that you have first.

See how you can catch the attention of recruiters, manage their attention and easily check whether your resume passes robot filters.

What Is A Targeted Resume

The headline is a short sentence at the top of your resume that can make all the difference when it comes to creating a job-winning resume.

Targeted Resume: 3 Step Process To Win Any Recruiter Over

Due to its unique position at the top of your resume, the headline creates a kind of “halo” effect for the rest of your resume and helps recruiters see you in a certain way.

Recruiters scan your resume from top to bottom and from left to right. By rearranging resume sections in a certain way you can control how recruiters will scan your resume.

For example, when you don’t have much experience in the field or applying for an internship, you can easily put the “Education” and “Projects” section before the “Experience” section.

This way you score extra points with recruiters before they even start thinking that you don’t have enough experience.

High School Student Looking For Target Job. Thoughts?

And if you think that your soft skills will give you an edge over other candidates for an analyst position, why not set up this section just like Julian at PwC did:

Consider putting “technical skills” before “soft skills” for tech positions and “soft skills” before “education” for sales positions.

These changes can be made on the fly and you will still have control over which section you want recruiters to see first.

What Is A Targeted Resume

Why couch your luck with automatic HR filters when you can run the scan yourself and see if your resume won’t be rejected by a robot?

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Student Resume Examples & Templates For All Students

Use our free resume scanner that will check your resume against your target job description and tell you if you need to improve anything.

Let’s go through all the steps once again and create a targeted resume that perfectly fits the target job position.

Below is an example of how Levi quickly tailored his resume to the performance marketing position using resume images:

The process of writing a targeted resume consists of three main parts: researching the company and the position you are applying for, tailoring the experience and skills section, and directing the recruiter’s attention by rearranging sections and applying additional formatting.

Targeted Resume Examples & Template To Personalize

Targeted resumes give you no advantage when it becomes too obvious that you only used a job description to fill out parts of your resume. Instead, you should find keywords that form the core of the position description, get inspired by the target job description, and use keywords to add relevance to your past work experiences.

In order to save you time on writing a targeted resume for each new position you apply for, follow the three-step approach to quickly adapt parts of your resume to the job: research, frame, and adjust. All these steps are covered in detail in our guide “Targeted resume: 3 steps to landing your dream job”. The more you follow this approach, the faster you will cut your resume every time.

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What Is A Targeted Resume

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