What Is A Scannable Resume

What Is A Scannable Resume – Scannable Resume Reason: Welcome to “Scannable Resume Review.” This presentation is designed to help students learn in a variety of ways.

Presentation on theme: “Continuity Key Notes: Welcome to the “Continuity Review.” This presentation is designed to help students learn in a variety of ways.” – Presentation transcript:

What Is A Scannable Resume

What Is A Scannable Resume

1 Reason for Continuous Review: Welcome to “Continued Review.” This presentation is designed to help students learn the different ways to create a technically accurate document that will be successfully translated into an employee database. The slide shows presented here are designed to assist the administrator in presenting the interface of the continuous view. This presentation is ideal for students who already have some working knowledge of general resume writing and need to customize their resume for review. In addition, this presentation is useful for students who are close to the time when they will be ready to apply for a job or internship. Directions: Each slide is activated by a single mouse click, unless otherwise noted at the bottom of each note page. Author: Stephanie Williams Hughes Graphic Contributors: Angela Laflen and Jennifer Liehen Kunka Updated by Allen Brizee, 2007 Developed with resources provided by the Purdue University Writing Lab through the Center for Multimedia Learning at Purdue University © Copyright Purdue University, 2007

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2 Why Research Development? A searchable resume database allows companies to search through a large number of applicants. Internet technology is more effective for workers; they don’t need to spend a lot of time watching progress. More companies require applicants to submit a resume that can be reviewed. Key Takeaway: There is some disagreement about the number of companies using search engines. It’s well over 80%. Technical students should expect their employers to use the best methods for their research. Employers can increase the diversity of their applicants by maintaining data. This means that applications can remain on file for a long time. It is also less expensive for the company because managers are not required to spend a lot of time searching for resume pages. Instead, they can type in passwords to get a list of applicants. Information: Bernard Haldane Associates. Haldane’s Best Supplements for Professionals. Manassas Park, VA: Impact Publications, 2000.

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Simple progress tracking can be done on a computer using graphic technology. It allows employers to search for applicants using keywords. Key Point: The teacher should note that continuous downloads can still be classified as traditional development. There is no one right way to make a career; however, there are some basic rules that, if broken, can render progress useless to the employer. The ideas suggested in this presentation are just a few ways to create an interface. As technology changes, so will scannables. It is important to keep the writers informed about the changes. * This definition comes from a text updated by Michelle Marrese at the Purdue University Writing Lab.

Review resumes are similar to normal resumes with a few exceptions: Review resumes have almost no punctuation marks. Key words or abbreviations are emphasized. Depending on the context, the interface can be one to two pages. Key Points: The basic structure of an auditable resume is similar to a conventional resume; however, the inputs are generally left blank for the scanner to successfully interpret the information. The most important point of this particular drawing is that the scannable resume can be one to two pages. The author should make sure to label the second page with their name and page number. The second column is mostly used to summarize the words, which are discussed later in the introduction. Description: Weddle, Peter. Continue with the Internet. Manassas Park, VA: Impact Publishing, 1998.

Electronic Resume A resume typed in a text box provided by a company or job search site Generally written in plain text and saved as an ASCII or text-only file Resume written in plain text and can be sent as an attachment or in a frame Resume and Resume posted on a website or page using graphics and important text: It is important have a clear understanding of the differences between visual, electronic, and web development. It is generally recommended that applicants have three types: traditional, visual, and electronic. Electronic: Author Bernard Haldane called the electronic resume “ugly duckling” because its purpose is only to convey the applicant’s qualifications. Electronic files are written in plain text (ASCII) and may contain some punctuation marks. Writers should indent after each line to prevent gaps between sections. Generally, these do not exceed 65 lines. Some experts recommend that sentences should not exceed 65 characters in length. There are others who try to send resumes as attachments. This is fine as long as the applicant is sure that the employer is using the same software. Writers should also avoid cutting and pasting from word processing documents because it is likely to match the format. The applicant should save and send a plain text file. Also, before forwarding to an employer, they should forward to themselves first to assess and look for any scheduling concerns. Website: A web resume is a document published on the web. Most applicants have home pages and create space for resumes. University societies have access to web space for their members to host their studies, and some academic departments offer this service. Website resumes can be more than one page because of their basic structure. While more information can be included on the website’s resume, including graphics and photos, it shouldn’t take the employee longer than necessary to get to all the important information about the applicant’s qualifications. As with all other aspects of writing, considering the needs of your audience is the golden rule of creating a successful website. A website resume should not include links that may put the applicant in a negative light.

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Once it reaches the company, it is checked into the database. A computer takes a picture and creates a version. Software like ResTrack or Resumix extracts words and dates from the resume that employers can search for. Key Takeaway: Writers should be aware that their resume may go through different people and be entered into a database before anyone else reads it. Some organizations do not own auditable software and hire specialized companies to manage this data. When this is the case, employers can access databases through the Internet to conduct important searches for potential candidates.

7 Important Reminders You still want your work to be structured in a way that emphasizes your strengths. Keep your skills, experience, education, honors/accomplishments, and objective statement or summary of qualifications. Key Takeaway: There is a myth that auditable resumes must be different from traditional resumes. Instead, it should just be a traditional change that was planned in the past. Applicants still need to emphasize their skills, experience, education, etc. The only difference is how the information is presented. Later slides will introduce other methods to be used.

8 What to Avoid Key Points: This is an example of a resume written without regard to other planning strategies. The main problem with this product is the font selection. When the scanning software does not recognize certain characters, or the characters touch each other, it substitutes the closest example it can find. So for example, “expen’eiice” are also places where the software gets the wrong replacement. Also, the color of the paper can cause these problems. If a writer uses gray paper and black ink, the scanner will not be able to see the print clearly. Activity: Get the audience to pick out the problem areas and try to figure out why it happened. This is also a great opportunity for the speaker to engage the audience. It also helps to explain how knowledgeable some participants are about the technology that can be viewed. References: Weddle, Peter D. Advances in the Internet. Manassas Park, Va: Impact Publications, 1998.

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What Is A Scannable Resume

10 Avoid Strong Text If the computer is doing a word search, it may not recognize the lead word if it is presented as a lead, . No part of the punctuation mark should touch a word. Keynote: Handwritten text can confuse scanning software and make it difficult for it to recognize words as seen in the example above. Generally, the software will replace commas or the entire word with arbitrary symbols in an attempt to make the behavior consistent. The following example shows an example of how a continuation should look without punctuation.

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11 Without Text can affect the user’s ability to find relevant terms in a keyword search. CAREER OBJECTIVES A position in business administration with an interest in computers and banking emphasizing information systems management working with the customer.

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