Wear Many Hats Resume

Wear Many Hats Resume – This is a guest post from Elisabeth Galperin, owner of Turn Leaf Organizing, who has been helping the Gild Collective get organized and plan for productivity in the new year.

It can be exhausting just thinking about this list! As women in the workplace, we know that we never really take a day off; we simply remove one hat and replace it with another.

Wear Many Hats Resume

Wear Many Hats Resume

Working in the field of productivity and organization, I meet and counsel women every week who are overwhelmed, stretched, and desperately searching for the elusive “work-life balance.” In all my conversations with friends, colleagues, mentors and professional women over the past 10 years, I have yet to find anyone who feels they have achieved the perfect balance.

The Many Hats Of Product Managers

Many women no longer work traditional hours in traditional office settings. Therefore, it is not realistic to set up an expectation to fully take off the professional hat at the end of the day and put on the personal hat and spend equal time in both areas. In fact, I no longer talk about work-life balance; instead, I encourage women to seek

I own my own business and work from home. I have the ability to take a break in the middle of the day to volunteer at my child’s school, babysit practice, or run errands between client visits. Since I’m changing my hat during the day, I often change my hat at night, between dinner, soccer practice, bath and bedtime. Rather than looking for balance and feeling guilty when I spent more time on work than family, or vice versa, I look for adjustment. At the end of the day, I ask myself, “Did I accomplish my highest priority at work? Did I spend enough quality time with my two young boys and husband? Did I do one thing for myself today for self-care?” If I can answer yes, then I have achieved my personally defined balance.

Women can create guilt in the blink of an eye; I speak from experience. But we often experience this guilt based on outdated and/or self-imposed expectations. Who says we can’t work at home after the kids go to bed? Does making personal calls during the workday really hinder productivity? Is equal always the same as the best?

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As 2018 begins, consider setting aside some time to create a clear picture of what work-life integration means, specifically for you. Give yourself permission to step outside of the “shoulds” you’ve heard for so many years; to no longer compare yourself to other professional women in your circle; to define how you can integrate the many hats you wear.

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As we all work towards better work-life integration and living life to the fullest, here are some strategies to consider that other successful, professional women have found useful and influential:

Don’t take on so many roles and responsibilities that you have no room for maneuver. Remember that life brings surprises and unexpected events. You want to leave some room for them.

Every time we take on a new role or step into a new opportunity, we must evaluate all other commitments and consider what to let go of. We only have so many hours to spin these hats!

Wear Many Hats Resume

We hear it all the time; in an emergency, we must first secure our own oxygen mask before we can provide assistance to others, right? Keep in mind that even in everyday life, we must find a way to provide for ourselves if we are to be able to fully provide for others.

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For each hat you use, make sure you set boundaries and reasonable expectations. Communicate with others what you can and cannot do within your role. Overlooking this step can lead to significant problems down the line.

Elisabeth W. Galperin is the founder and owner of Turn Leaf Organizing LLC. Elisabeth helps business leaders and professionals better manage space, time and information. She works in collaboration with clients to improve business systems, implement efficient processes and increase profits. Elisabeth, a mother, wife and private person, connects with her professional clients who strive to make the most of every day and every opportunity. Her mission is to help eliminate excess in clients’ lives so they can achieve productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

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A respected expert and speaker for over 10 years, Elisabeth is a member of the Golden Circle of the National Association of Professional Planners (NAPO); Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) with the Productive Environment Institute; and is certified as an Evernote Certified Consultant. Elisabeth provides clients with unique, strategic and proven solutions aimed at increasing productivity, improving business systems, and helping clients get their work done and enjoy life. many hats, as companies are increasingly combining administrative tasks.

You are a master of organization. Instinctively, you like to think strategically. At night, just before bed, streams of color-coded Excel spreadsheets run through your mind. You have developed a healthy obsession with timing patterns and can memorize your boss’s orders. You’re also a people person – with a sparkling smile and a special ability to bring your co-workers together. All of these should appear in one form or another on a receptionist’s resume. And we will show you how to do it.

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The general idea is to be brief – don’t exceed one page and keep those sentences tight and bright – but still pack in plenty of relevant information to help the hiring manager get to know you before they meet you. Follow these best practices so they don’t think twice about calling you for that interview:

Need more information on what receptionist resume skills to include or how to write a compelling professional summary? Then check out our receptionist resume samples.

Energetic and friendly receptionist with experience in administrative support and customer service and internal staff. Provides excellent customer service and builds relationships.

Wear Many Hats Resume

Customer service, administrative support, time management, team leader, greeting customers, organizational skills, business documents, scheduling / calendaring, relationship building, ad hoc tasks, mail, multitasking, prioritizing projects and tasks, written and verbal skills, travel coordination, event planning, details.

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Need a front desk resume sample PDF? You can download this receptionist resume in Word and save the file as a PDF.

How about we get you updated salary data? According to Salary Tools, the median wage for a receptionist is $13.50 an hour, and can range from $11.52 to $16.44. You can also get salary information specific to receptionists in your area by entering your job title and city. Here are the receptionist listings for job demand:

Not what you are looking for? Then go ahead and check out all the front desk jobs available at .

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Wear Many Hats Resume

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