Wall Street Oasis Resume

Wall Street Oasis Resume – I am in my second semester of senior year under the least possible non-target conditions. I have 2 solid practices in Corp fin and the fraud department at the world’s largest credit union. I did a lot of extracurricular activities in clubs, sports, etc. 3.6 GPA with a 3.9 major GPA. I’ve got my ass tied up like no other, with high end ties

, regional etc. but I can’t give an interview. I’ve had several looks at both my resume and cover letter that find nothing wrong. Any of my connections COULD lead to a job, and each of them should at least get an interview, right? They all tell me I have solid experience and excellent communication skills, but none of it leads to anything. I have applied to over 150 jobs and have not had a call back. Is this just because of my school? Is there something I’m missing? I’m also aware of how late it is, so I thought about adding Accounting as a double major to extend my current Finance major. This will push graduation back a semester and hopefully give me time to try again next year. Thoughts.

Wall Street Oasis Resume

Wall Street Oasis Resume

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Hedge Fund Resume Template

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