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Walk Me Through Your Resume Reddit – With a resume that included bullet points like “fraternity record for most vodka shots in one night,” “Angelina Lee” got interviews at top companies.

Bay-Area-based software engineer Angelina Lee, who has held senior positions at Instagram, Zillow, and LinkedIn, has had no trouble landing interviews at Reddit, Airbnb, Atlassian, and other popular tech companies. Lee added accomplishments like “Team Coffee Maker – Certified Team of 6 Fully Caffeinated Antarctica Coffee Beans to 14 nm Particles” and “Connected with Reed Hoffman on LinkedIn” as bullet points, and continued to get interview requests from Robinhood. Dropbox, Airtable and more.

Walk Me Through Your Resume Reddit

Walk Me Through Your Resume Reddit

The only problem is the absence of Angelina Lee. When I called her on Monday, a deep male voice answered the phone. “Hey, it’s Angelina, I guess.”

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The person who posted this resume is a software engineer, and lives somewhere in the United States, but has agreed to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from his current employer and future job prospects. He and his software engineering friends always had a hard time securing interviews, even when sending out hundreds of applications, so he started this small career experiment with fake writing. (He said he chose a woman’s name because it would make it difficult for him to trace his fake republic to him. Make all the difference.)

Turns out it’s truer than he could have imagined. Of course, getting interview offers just because of a stacked resume makes some sense — what tech company isn’t impressed with jobs on LinkedIn, Zillow, and Instagram? But it’s when Lee takes things a step further that the experience becomes real. No matter how many weird, reputation-damaging shots he added, the interviews would come. “Phi Beta Phi – fraternity history for most vodka shots in one night” even got some calls. He reviewed the screenshots of his conversations with reruiters.

Lee’s experiment suggests that many tech companies are in an uphill battle to hire what they see as “high-tech talent,” but they haven’t seriously changed the way they hire. And it’s not just the application level that shows flaws in the system. At Google, with its notoriously brutal recruiting system, many people turn down interviews when they realize the process involves months of prep work. At Facebook, nearly half of the company’s engineering candidates rejected job offers in the first quarter of 2021, prompting a senior recruiter to write a memo to engineering staff: “Why Hiring Is So Hard.”

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Once recruiters asked Lee for interviews even after he was added to Phi Beta Phi, he wanted to know if they were actually reading his resume. His man asked, “Can you let me know which parts of my resume have been identified for this job?” And the recruiters would make general comments about his skills and past achievements.

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“It went downhill from there. I tried to see how far I could push these shots before I stopped getting reactions. I literally didn’t stop getting reactions,” he said. “There were so many, I didn’t want to deal with it. I tried to get them to look at my studies and say, ‘Hey, what part of my career is the best part of what I started for this job?’ ‘Oh, your skills and the company you work for are strong.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay.’

Lee’s experiment lends credence to the near-daily myth on Twitter, Reddit and other places that tech companies favor people with experience at prestigious institutions. While nearly all of the companies surveyed by Lee said they have hiring practices that consider people of diverse backgrounds, the clear pattern outlined here supports certain sections of the review.

The most likely explanation for what’s happening here actually involves automation. Most companies use an electronic tool that filters resumes based on keywords—in this case, those keywords probably include Microsoft, Instagram, and UC Berkeley. While that is slowly becoming common knowledge outside of the recruiting world, the average job applicant will probably read at least the resumes that the recruiter has successfully screened through the system. Given Lee’s experience, it’s clear they don’t.

Walk Me Through Your Resume Reddit

“I don’t know on the recruiter’s side, maybe this is just me being completely ignorant, but it can’t be that hard to read two bullets each,” Lee said. The last time he applied for an engineering job, he applied to about 300 jobs, got about 3% of the interviews he applied for, and chose between two job offers.

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Anna Kramer is a reporter at (Twitter: @anna_c_kramer, email: [email protected]), where she writes about labor and workplace issues. Prior to joining the team, she covered privacy, technology and small business for the San Francisco Chronicle and Bloomberg Law. A recent graduate of Brown University, she studied international relations and Arabic and wrote her senior thesis on the development of intelligence and technology in the Middle East.

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As the number of tech companies in the region grows, so does the number of tech workers, and their high wages give them a big advantage in the L.A. rental and buying market.

Nat Rubio-Licht is a news writer based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Syracuse University in May 2020 with a degree in newspaper and online journalism. Prior to joining the team, he worked as a technology and aerospace reporter for the Los Angeles Business Journal.

LA’s tech scene is booming. The number of unicorn companies in Los Angeles is growing, with the city becoming the third-largest startup ecosystem nationally behind the Bay Area and New York, with more than 4,000 VC-backed startups in industries ranging from aerospace to innovators. As the number of technology companies in the region increases, so does the number of technology workers. The city is quickly becoming like Silicon Valley – new startups and tens of thousands of tech workers on every corner and companies like Google, Netflix and Twitter have set up offices there.

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But with growth comes growing pains. Los Angeles, especially the booming Silicon Beach area — including Santa Monica, Venice and Marina del Rey — has one thing in common with its namesake Silicon Valley: a severe housing shortage.

Starting in 2020, which determines how much housing to build between 2021 and 2029, Los Angeles will need to build more than 456,000 units of housing, or about 57,000 per year, to keep up. with interest. But the city is expected to build fewer than 231,000 over that period, or about 29,000 per year. And the flood of new tech workers is exacerbating the problem.

The average tech salary in Los Angeles ranges from $114,000 for marketing and design positions to more than $148,000 for developers and engineers. That surpasses the median annual household income in LA County, which is more than $71,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Walk Me Through Your Resume Reddit

High salaries benefit tech workers in both the rental and buyout markets, but major liquidity events, such as a company being acquired or going public, allow people to offer more payments or all cash offers. There’s an edge, Matt Canzoneri, CEO and co-founder of home buying platform DwellWell. “They don’t rely on their high fees,” Canzoneri said. Suddenly they enter a financial windfall that shakes the market.

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Developers are more likely to build and price apartments and houses at prices that people in tech can afford, but are out of the budgets of others.

The city’s IPO activity began to pick up in 2021, with companies including Dev and Rivian going public. According to data from Pitchbook, the region saw 18 tech IPOs in 2021. This is more than double the number of IPOs in 2020, when seven companies IPO’d, and more than triple the number of five tech IPOs in 2019. Companies went public.

LA has seen a lot of M&A activity in the past few years, Pitchbook data shows. In the year In 2021, 434 technology deals were held in the region, worth an average of $377.6 million. That’s up from 284 deals worth an average of $246.2 million in 2020.

Developers are more likely to build and price rental homes and apartments that people in tech can afford, but are out of the budgets of others. And the lack of housing in general, people who don’t make enough money are being pushed out of certain areas.

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According to apartment rental platform RentCafe, the average apartment for rent in Santa Monica costs $3,958, with 95% of its apartments occupied.

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