Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples

Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples – One of the most common ways to start an interview is for the recruiter or hiring manager to say, “Walk me through your resume.” How did you respond? Keep reading to discover my top tips. I also provide a sample response to serve as inspiration for your next interview.

Before we dive into the interview technique, let’s discuss the difference between “Tell me about yourself” and “Show me your resume.” While these requests may seem similar, they serve different purposes and require slightly different responses.

Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples

Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples

Your response to “Tell me about yourself” can be quite broad and go beyond your career narrative. In contrast, “Walk me through your resume” often focuses more narrowly on your career accomplishments. This article focuses on how to effectively answer the latter.

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To begin with, you don’t have to literally walk the interviewer through your entire resume. Unless specifically requested, you don’t need to list every role you’ve held. Instead, you want to synthesize your most relevant experience in about 90 seconds. You can do this in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Remember, this is your story, and you are the author. You can summarize or skip your early career experience, unrelated roles, and short tasks. If it’s relevant, you can also explain how you got into your particular industry or profession.

As you discuss your story with the interviewer, be sure to call attention to what sets you apart from the other applicants. I define it as recognizing and owning your amazingness.

You will increase your chances of receiving a job offer if you can effectively communicate your unique value proposition (UVP) and differentiate yourself from the competition. Be sure to call attention to your transferable skills and how they will serve the prospective employer.

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While your main focus will be on summarizing your experience and UVP, you can also use your response to explain why you are interested in working for this company.

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Note: You want to be specific here. How do their mission, vision, and values ​​appeal to you? Why were you drawn to this company over their competitors? How will you apply your awesomeness to their organization?

Today I want to share an example of how you can respond when an interviewer says, “Walk me through your resume.” I created this example after a fictional teaching role at The Walt Disney Company.

Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples

, I managed three residence halls and a faculty of 23 at San Francisco State University, one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the country. I also spent several years in nonprofit marketing and fundraising, including time at one of the largest providers of community mental health services in Washington State. I started as a college side hustle. I reviewed resumes and wrote LinkedIn profile summaries on Fiverr. Over time, my side hustle gradually grew, primarily through word of mouth, until I eventually left SF State to fully devote my energies to . I’m now a trusted confidant with some of the biggest names in tech and Silicon Valley.

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2. I am unique from other coaches because some of the most prominent executives in the world trust me to rethink, reimagine, and innovate how they approach work and life. As a result of our time together, they achieved what they never thought possible. I do this by quickly connecting the dots between where they are and where they want to be, then guiding them to get there through deep and poignant questions.

3. I was drawn to The Walt Disney Company because I have a healthy fascination with the customer experience and Disneyland is committed to delivering a magical experience for guests. Additionally, I am a proud Legacy Passholder and Magic Key Holder. My partner J.V. and I even moved. from the San Francisco Bay Area to Santa Barbara, CA to live closer to Disneyland. Finally, as I shared

, “Disneyland is one of the few places where I feel a real sense of ownership and pride.”

Now it’s your turn to practice your response to, “Walk me through your resume.” You got it!

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Have an interview coming up? The following are additional resources to support you in preparing for your big day. When you begin any job interview, your interviewer will likely begin the conversation with some type of introductory question. Because of this, “Tell me about yourself” is one of the most common interview questions in any job search. But your interviewer might also start by saying, “Walk me through your resume.” Here’s why interviewers will ask you to do this and how to respond the right way.

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(And if you’re still looking to apply for jobs so you can get more interviews, you can find open roles right here on The Muse!)

When interviewers ask you to walk them through your resume, they’re looking to quickly learn about your work history as well as your ability to communicate your “story” as it relates to the job you’re interviewing for, says Muse career coach and former recruiter Jennifer Smith, founder of Flourish Careers. “Essentially, this question brings your resume to life,” says Smith, by adding a human element to a list of experiences, skills, and qualifications. This gives you the opportunity to connect all the pieces in your resume together to form a coherent narrative—one that hopefully leads seamlessly to this position.

Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples

Interviewers want to know about the skills and experience you have that qualify you for the job you’re trying to get. And especially if you have a work history that isn’t directly related to the position you’re interviewing for, it can be difficult for the hiring manager or recruiter to connect the dots themselves, Smith says. But an opening like “Walk me through your resume” can give them an overview of your qualifications right away and help them decide what parts of your background they should ask more about. “This question can also provide background information for resume gaps,” Smith says. And it can give your interviewer a sense of your communication skills. “Is the candidate able to highlight their value in a concise way or do they ramble on for 30 minutes?”

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When Smith asks this question as a recruiter, he says he “always wants to hear why candidates decide to go into a particular field or role.” When candidates show that they are passionate about the industry and/or the job, it signals to Smith that they can stay in the position longer and be more fulfilled.

But how does “Walk me through your resume” differ from the classic interview opener “Tell me about yourself”? The truth is, it’s not very far. “Both are both tried-and-true ways to start an interview,” says Muse career coach Tara Goodfellow, owner of Athena Consultants. You can answer the same questions in similar ways and include much of the same information.

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The slight difference lies in the framing: “Tell me about yourself” is more of a career summary that focuses on what qualities make you best suited for the role, Goodfellow says, so it can you choose to lead no matter how old you are. became a manager, what industries you worked in, or a major career achievement. In other words, this is a slightly more open-ended question that allows you to talk about your roles individually but also leaves room for you to highlight themes first and foremost— whichever one you think would make a better case for you as a candidate. Meanwhile, with “Walk me through your resume,” the interviewer usually expects a more structured answer that lays out your qualifications grouped by what job gave you those qualifications.

“I really suggest being prepared to answer both,” Goodfellow said. But you will almost certainly only get one or one in any given interview.

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When you answer this question, your ultimate goal is to be seen as a future colleague and be memorable, says Smith. Here are some pointers for achieving those goals as you prepare to answer this question in your next interview.

“Walk me through your resume” is often the first or one of the first questions in an interview, so you want to make sure your answer is concise, giving your interviewer the foundation they need to continue the conversation. not taking your answer very well. dedicated time. “Avoid spending longer than five minutes answering this question,” says Smith. He once had a candidate spend 25 minutes of a 30-minute phone screen on it. They didn’t make it to the next round.

If you’re wondering how you can cram everything into your resume in minutes, don’t stress. “There’s no reason to share your entire life story,” says Smith, so “avoid a word-for-word explanation of your entire work history.” If you’re decades into your career, Goodfellow says, “Please don’t start your first job out of college. Just stick with the last 10-15 years.” However, as a recent graduate, you may want to consider pressing all of your experiences to date.

Walk Me Through Your Resume Examples

“Press highlights as [they] relate to work or

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