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Utk Haslam Resume Template – 1 COURSE 100: Pathways to Haslam College of Business 2010 Section: Meeting Time: Meeting Location: Instructor: Office Address: Office Phone: Peer Advisor: Peer Advisor: Curriculum and Format Business Administration 100 is a seminar first year it was built. to help you gain knowledge and experience that will: – enhance your transition to the University of Tennessee; – facilitate your participation in the university and Business communities of Haslam College; – an opportunity to explore educational and career options; and – develop strategies for success in college and in the world beyond college. The course is divided into three sections: Planning for Success, Selling Professionally, and Planning Your Future. Each module will provide you with relevant information and resources as you move forward in your academic and professional career after graduation. The format of the seminar course is highly interactive. You must participate in all training and discussions. You should also participate in activities and group work outside of class events. Being open-minded and respectful of the ideas and opinions of others will be crucial to your learning in the course. The information below describes the learning outcomes of Business Administration 100. The learning outcomes describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities you should acquire based on your educational experiences in the course.

2 Learning Outcomes I. DESCRIPTION Planning for Success As a result of this course, students will demonstrate an understanding of how to – identify individual characteristics and attitudes; – creating long-term and short-term goals; – using effective time management strategies; – the use of appropriate strategies based on individual learning styles; and – using campus resources is beneficial to success in college and beyond. II. UNIT II Professional Behavior As a result of this course, students will demonstrate an understanding of how to – behave responsibly and ethically; – appreciation of the value of cultural differences and different perspectives; – the use of professional ethics in academic and business settings; and – communication is a fundamental principle of professional success. III. MODULE III Mapping Your Future As a result of this course, students will demonstrate an understanding of how to – develop effective leadership skills; – following curricular activities; – making informed decisions; and – the establishment of professional networks that facilitate the achievement of corporate goals.

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Utk Haslam Resume Template

Utk Haslam Resume Template

3 Required Text Study Materials Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success (Second Edition) Lydia E. Anderson, Sandra B. Bolt ISBN Online resources via Blackboard Working account Official policy of the University of Tennessee states that all undergraduate students must have an accredited university. address. This address will be used for official university information, which will be sent to their university-issued account. Students are responsible for information contained in official university mail sent to their university-issued addresses. Academic Requirements and General Policies 1. Show respect for your classmates and teachers by coming to class on time. To receive credit for participation, you must arrive within the first 10 minutes of class. 2. Cell phones must be turned off during class. Laptops may only be used with the permission of the instructor. 3. All assignments must be submitted at the beginning of the appropriate class period. Late entries will not be accepted. 4. School cheating is not allowed. Violations of the University of Tennessee Honor Code will be dealt with seriously. University Honor Statement An important part of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is the commitment to maintaining a spirit of intellectual integrity and academic integrity. As a student of the university, I promise that I will not knowingly give or receive proper help in academic activities, thereby confirming my own commitment to honor and honesty . (Graduate Catalog) CBA Community Values ​​​​We, the members of the Haslam College of Business community – students, faculty, and staff – work together to pursue excellence in all aspects of the activities of our college. We aim to be a role model for members of the academic community to combine their passions and talents to achieve professional excellence. We know that in striving for excellence, our personal integrity and control are our most valuable assets. Therefore, we accept responsibility for our behavior without knowing it

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There are 4 ways that integrity can be damaged. In particular, we will not tolerate deception by any member of our community under any circumstances. We strive to do our jobs and fulfill our responsibilities honestly and professionally. We must respect each other and respect the dignity and worth of each member of our community. We work with each other and fulfill our mutual obligations. Disability Statement A student who thinks he or she needs to be accommodated due to a disability should contact the instructor to discuss special needs. Please contact the Office of Disability Services at (865) in Dunford Hall to make reasonable accommodations if you have registered disabilities. Travel Policy Mandatory. A student who misses a class more than twice, for any reason, will not receive credit for the course. There is no distinction between economic losses and unemployment. No longer allowed. To receive credit for participation, you must arrive within the first 10 minutes of class time. Grading Policy Your grade will be based on the following activities and assignments. All assignments must be submitted at the beginning of the appropriate class period. Each assignment is posted on the Blackboard and discussed during class. 1. Class participation (20 points) activity and discussion in class 2. Quiz (40 points) In-class assessment based on assigned readings 3. Homework (60 points ) 6 assignments worth 10 points each 4. Team Project (40 points) ) 5. Academic Activities at the University (40 points) 2 activities and slides worth 20 points each The course will be graded based on scale A, B, C, No credit, according to the distribution of marks below.

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5 Total = 200 points possible Grade Marks Required percentage of Marks A % – 100% A % – 92% B % – 89% B % – 86% B % – 82% C % – 79% C % – 76% NC Below 146 Below 73% University Relations Activities Your experience at UT depends on the degree to which you participate in the community and use the resources available to you. To help you understand and connect with campus culture, you should participate in two campus participation activities, as detailed below. 1. Participate in a small group activity with your Peer Helpers You must sign up for a campus activity to attend with your Peer Helpers. Delivery dates/times vary. 2. Choose an activity from the following options: Guest lecture by Tracy Kidder, author of Mountains Beyond Mountains – Thursday, September 2-7:00 p.m., Alumni Memorial Building Auditorium Guest lecture by Donald Asher on Admission to Most Competitive Graduate Schools – Tuesday, September 14-4:00-5:30 p.m., University Center Auditorium For each of these assignments, you must submit a typed, one-page summary of the event that describes your response. to him. Papers are due on Thursday, September 30th.

6 Course Schedule TOPIC DAY Unit I: Planning for Success Thursday, August 19 Tuesday, August 24 Thursday, August 26 Tuesday, August 31 Thursday, September 2 Introduction Attitudes and Personality (Chapter 1) Study Methods (Chapter 1) Goal Setting (Chapter 2) Time and Day (Chapter 4) Module II: Becoming a Professional Tuesday, September 7 Thursday, September 9 Tuesday, September 14 Ethics (Chapter 5) Diversity Presentation by Programs Abroad (Chapter 5) Etiquette and Communication (Chapter 6 and 9) Module III: Mapping Your Future Thursday, September 16 Tuesday, September 21 Thursday, September 23 Tuesday, September 28 Thursday, September 30 Tuesday, October 5 Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership (Chapter 11) Resumes and Interviews Presenting by Career Services (Chapters 14 and 15) General Overview and Career (Chapter 13) Business Plan Presentation Business Plan Presentation Introduction and Evaluation.

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Spring 2015 AEC 3073 – Section 2D38 General Education Categories: Social & Behavioral Sciences (S) and International (N) or S and Diversity (D) Three (3) Credit Hours Tuesday (5 th and 6 th period) 11:45 -1:40 p.m

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Management of Nonprofit Organizations ROCKHURST UNIVERSITY Graduate and Professional Studies Kansas City, Missouri Management of Forprofit Organizations NP 4010, CRN 11924 Meeting Time:

KIN 282: Bachelor of Business Administration – 3 credits Sunday 4:00-6:45am, SPX 151 Instructor: Dr. Cole Armstrong Office: 113 SPX Office Hours: By appointment Email: [email protected] DIRECTOR INFORMATION

P. 1 COURSE M AREA 363: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM AND TEACHING Class Meetings: Monday and Wednesday 2:00PM 3:50PM, Room 225 Instructor: Sunny Spillane, Ph.D. (or Sunny)

Utk Haslam Resume Template

University of Tennessee College of Social Work Ph.D. Program Fall 2015. Social Work 675 Teaching Methods in Social Work (2 credits)

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SWK 675 Fall 2015 University of Tennessee College of Social Work Ph.D. Fall 2015 Program Social Work 675 Teaching Methods in Social Work (2 credits) Instructor: Matthew T. Theriot, Ph.D. Time: M

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