Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template – McCombs students, faculty members, and students have demonstrated resilience, creativity, and determination in a strange, new world brought about by the pandemic.

They all pivoted. Faculty members move to online instruction, students find ways to network and take internships, and students find new ways to support their lives. Through it all, the McCombs community learns new skills, new strategies for solving problems, and new facts about themselves.

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

After his semester abroad in Prague ended abruptly in spring 2020, Rodrigo Rivera, BBA ’21, resumed remote classes from his hometown of Tampico, Mexico. “Classes start in the morning in Mexico, which is noon in Prague.”

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Talk about pivot. The epidemic may have left Rodrigo Rivera, BBA ’21, at loose ends. Instead, he has learned a new lesson: change.

In the spring of 2020, Rivera’s semester abroad in Prague abruptly ended. He will have to leave but then he can resume remote classes.

“I left in February and came back in mid-March,” he said, saying that because “many countries in Europe are closed, I had to fly to Istanbul and then to Mexico City” to return to the city his native of Tampico, Tamaulipas. , Mexico.

Tampico is in the same time zone as Austin. So, it was a challenge to take four spring semester classes really far – from Prague.

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He said: “I have to study in European hours. “Classes start in the morning in Mexico, which is afternoon in Prague. It’s a seven-hour difference.”

In the summer of 2020, Rivera had a remote internship with Goldman Sachs in Manhattan. It is also located in Mexico, and everyone in the company works remotely. He said: “The work I do is the most challenging. “It’s different from working online and trying to network.”

Still, he did something. Goldman Sachs offered him a full-time job in New York, to start later this summer. Rivera, who arrived at UT in 2017, completed his final semester at McCombs during the spring, with a double major in the Canfield Business and Finance Honors Program and a minor in management information programs. He also managed to work as a research assistant at the Salem Center for Policy through his graduation in June.

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

Cecilia Laseter, MBA ’15, was trying to figure out her next step when the pandemic left her stranded. As the mother of a 1-year-old son in March 2020, Laseter, who has worked in corporate marketing at Whole Foods Market Inc., wants to launch her own business “in a way that allows me to have a balanced life and keep working with a little.”

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But is launching a new business a good idea during a pandemic when cities and states are shutting down? What will he say? And then you think, with more people staying at home, the demand for home delivery is rising.

Laseter, founder and CEO of Peck Boards, who launched in September 2020: “I want to do something at the intersection of my passions and my talents,” in September 2020 I love good food, and I has always worked in e. -trade. And, among my friends and family, I am famous for charcuterie boards. “

Peck Boards include a variety of meats and cheeses, as well as dried fruits, chocolates, and fig spreads, among other additions. The business had a successful holiday season, says Laseter, who lives in Austin. Now, he’s working on a five-year plan, which includes increased marketing, hiring more help, and expanding into more DIY home cooking experiences for businesses and individuals.

“My business plan is based on one key assumption: that remote work will continue,” he said. “The office environment is evolving, and we’ll be there to help people celebrate their parties the right way – with delicious food.”

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Sanjana Reddy, BBA ’23, never let herself believe she would study abroad until it happened. After all, this is a pandemic, and many countries’ borders are in flux.

“Honestly, there is a lot of uncertainty,” he said. “Until the last moment, I was doubting whether it would happen. Countries may begin implementing new restrictions. It makes me a little nervous. I’m ready to go as long as possible. ” Reddy, a marketing major from Dallas, spent this spring studying at Corvinus University in Budapest as one of a handful of UT students who spent the past semester in Hungary. He was also named one of UT’s Spring 2021 Global Ambassadors, sharing their international experiences blogging and posting photos on Instagram.

“The classes were completely online in the beginning,” Reddy said. “They hoped we would go to a hybrid format, but that never happened.”

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

Even so, he decided to make connections. Reddy meets new friends through in-person events organized by a non-profit student organization. Increased COVID-19 cases in Hungary forced a government shutdown during spring break that curtailed typical travel plans. She ended up exploring the country with friends on day trips and weekend visits at other times during the semester, which made her realize that her big background “is really in planning social interactions me.”

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He said: “I really accept it. “In the past, I would meet people wherever I went. I didn’t know I was a social person until I had that interaction. “

Who knew honey could build class cohesion? Teaching more than 500 students in one semester across various departments last year, David Quintanilla, a lecturer in Business, Government and Social Affairs, found that keeping students’ attention in the classroom alive at hard enough, but running them for an hour or more is “Zoom U? That challenge is in the class itself.

To make sure students stay engaged, instructor David Quintanilla uses the same tricks for online learning as he does in the classroom. If someone is surprised, you say, “Hey! I’ve seen you take it.” He told the students that he cares about them.

Quintanilla uses many techniques to ensure that students are following the course, but to his surprise, the simplest are the most effective. When you teach in a classroom, you have a habit of saying “gesundheit” or “bless you” when people are tired. If someone is surprised, you say, “Hey! I’ve seen yawn,” or “Stay with me. Don’t get too excited,” or “We’re almost there!” When Quintanilla imported these simple confessions into the online world, she was surprised to discover that not only did the students laugh as hard, they knew she really cared.

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“I have heard from many students that this simple thing makes them feel connected, as if we were in the classroom in reality.”

The professor provides a lecture, a thought-provoking lecture, and the students are a) thinking, b) confused, or c) eager to ask a penetrating question or offer an interesting discussion?

It is often difficult to gauge how students are thinking about new subjects and ideas, said Insiya Hussain, assistant professor of administration. Even in a live classroom, the instructor only has time for a few student comments, which gives a limited view of how students are processing new information, he said.

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

The pivot to online instruction inspired Hussain to try a version of Canvas, a web-based learning management system used by UT and thousands of universities worldwide. Little attention had been given to it before the pandemic. Hussain posts weekly focus questions on the Canvas discussion board feature, which allows students the freedom to discuss their answers with each other, and post video and audio files, without the pressure of posting when they late.

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First, they make sure that 100% of the students have the opportunity to share their thoughts, which gives the teacher a better improvement on their enjoyment and understanding of the material. They also allow students to shine in different ways, especially students who are stronger writers than speakers and are hesitant to express their thoughts. Above all, Hussain found that students were more honest and vulnerable when writing.

“I always ask students to relate the current topic to their own experiences and I am amazed at the rich and relevant examples they provide, often talking about the difficult situations of self from their lives,” he said. And the feedback from fellow students to this fact can be very valid.

Joseph Tabuena, BBA ’22, had a lot of balls in the air during the spring semester, juggling two internships with UTNY, a university internship program in New York City.

There from January to May, he alternated work in two companies where he interned. Tabuena said: “The two are far from each other. “I didn’t actually go to one of the offices.”

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You know you come in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you work at Magnet Media Inc., where you help the sales team with customer development. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he works for the Collegiate Sports Administration, mostly working on spreadsheets to support marketing and analytics.

He said: “It’s a bit strange, but that’s what they’re asking me. “They want someone in the same time zone for location and convenience.”

You have experience in change to change. In the spring of 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak triggered lockdowns around the world, Tabuena left the UT campus and

Ut Austin Mccombs Resume Template

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