Ut Austin Expanded Resume

Ut Austin Expanded Resume – Dreaming of burnt orange? Do you want to be a Texas Longhorn? Founded in 1883, the University of Texas at Austin ranks among the 40 best universities in the world. A premier national program across 18 colleges and schools, supporting approximately 51,000 diverse students. It is the flagship university not just for the state but for the entire country. One of UT’s many unique features is the requirement for a detailed resume. Although not required, it is highly recommended that you submit a detailed resume in order to get into a prestigious school and, most importantly, get into your first choice major. Expanded resumes are not part of the ApplyTexas application system and may be overlooked. After the application is submitted, the applicant will receive an email and can submit additional documents to her MyStatus portal. This is where the detailed resume is submitted.

PRO TIP: Attach your UT EIN to the top of your expanded resume and upload all supporting material together so reviewers read it all at the same time. Supplements are often misplaced in the shuffle.

Ut Austin Expanded Resume

Ut Austin Expanded Resume

An expanded resume is a catalog of everything you’ve been involved with since the summer before your freshman year, allowing you to add more information than can fit in the space provided on your initial college application.”

Be A Longhorn. — Not Sure What To Put On Your Expanded Résumé?

You may be wondering, “What is an extended resume?” But it’s not actually a resume! An expanded resume is a catalog of everything you’ve been involved with since the summer before your freshman year, and you can add more information than can fit in the space provided on your initial college application. A typical college resume is 3-4 pages or more in length, while a standard resume is usually 1-2 pages. Expanded resumes allow students to elaborate on their high school experience and highlight activities and achievements directly related to their chosen field of study. College admissions offices try to get a better picture of who the applicant is as it relates to their first choice major. An extended resume is a list of all the experiences a student has had, so students can go beyond just listing titles and dates to describe their activities, define roles, and elaborate on specific experiences. need to do it.

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Start early! Start by creating an activity list. A detailed resume should include the role in every activity or event, the time spent in that role, and a brief description. Always quantify, with action verbs along the way.

Expanded resumes should be viewed as catalogs instead of bullet points. When you view your extended resume as a catalog, everything becomes quantifiable. I want to be able to extend and put numbers on everything I did in high school.

Where did you choose to be on the board of the organization? Then how many people did you run against in the elections? Have you raced on the track? I will explain in detail with the best times. Were you on the robotics team? Expand your experience by describing the type of competition and the software you used. Don’t just list your activities, show what you bring to the table.

Exploring Ut Austin’s Honors Programs

Unlike traditional resumes, enhanced resumes do not have to be chronological and are not 1-2 pages. An extended resume should be organized by depth and impact. This is a catalog to appeal the reason why you belong to your first choice major.

The University of Texas has a very comprehensive vetting process. They want to know that college-bound students are ready to succeed in their field of study. “We started with our constitutional mandate to be a ‘first-class university’. I never stopped doing.” The expanded resume provides the context to help prospective Longhorn tell their story, highlight their strengths, purpose and accomplishments, and help them qualify for the majors. provide the opportunity to

If you need help with your extended resume or have any questions, please contact Access College America. You can also find information by attending one of the many ACA-sponsored webinars to delve into detailed resumes or attend guidance on the University of Texas application process. : Additional Coursework in Academic Area [Academic Area], XX Hours Overall GPA: X [List International Universities] [List Study Abroad Programs in City, Country] Semester XXXX

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Ut Austin Expanded Resume

 [Restart bullet = strong action verb + activity or skill description + end result/outcome and/or objective]  [Use a variety of strong action verbs at the beginning of bullet points to avoid repetition (e.g. leading, overseeing, supervising, etc.) – Do not prefix bullet points with weak or missing verbs (e.g. Responsible for… Assisted with… Worked on… Helped. ..). See Action Verbs on page 3]  [Include specific actions and measurable results. State the number of people you managed, the amount you saved, earned, or managed, the percentage of sales you got, or the savings you got by improving your processes]  [Restart bullet points] Pronouns (I, me, my, we , us, our) and articles (a, an, the) and auxiliary verbs (had, have, may, might, forms of “to be”: am, is, are, was, were) when you write These words are what the reader expects]  [Introduce transferable skills/strengths from previous positions that are most relevant to the desired position or industry]  [List experience in reverse chronological order. Use the present tense for the current position and the past tense for previous experiences]

Tips For Applying To Ut Austin Computer Science, Cockrell School Of Engineering, And The College Of Natural Sciences — Tex Admissions

City, State Month XXXX – Month XXXX  [Recruiters notice bad formatting, bad grammar, spelling errors, and sloppy bullet points. Please edit carefully]  [Please try to use at least two of her bullet points for each work experience. Do not use a period at the end of each bullet point]  [Do not restart bullet points that contain ‘hanging words’. So one word on one line of her] [plenty of space between different sections, schools and employers. Make sure the spacing is consistent]

 [Write the numbers from 0 to 10 as words, and write the numbers above 10 as numbers. Money notation: $1K, $1M, $1B]

Semester XXXX  [Start with a verb and describe your contribution to the project. Include specific actions and measurable results]

Semester XXXX – Present  [List your leadership involvement in order of importance or in reverse chronological order — if you were student council president)

The Plan Ii Honors Program At The University Of Texas At Austin

 [Indicate transferable skills/strengths from extra-curricular activities that are most relevant to the desired position or industry]  [If you include an activity in your resume, be prepared to discuss it in a meaningful way during your interview. please give me]

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Honors  [Indicate honor or merit by title and display description of merit where appropriate] Semester XXXX  [If possible, note semester awards (e.g. college honors – number of times recognized )] Semester XXXX

Additional Information Computer Skills: Python, SPSS, InDesign, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Canva Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (2019), Bloomberg (ongoing) Languages: [Fluent, Working Knowledge, Conversational, or Basic Knowledge] in [ Languages ​​other than English] Interests: Classic Cars, Ultimate Frisbee, Fantasy Football, Bass Guitar, Data Analytics Job Eligibility: Eligible to work in the US without restrictions ↑

Ut Austin Expanded Resume

Keep your resume to one page. & Font size is 10-12 pt. Use easy-to-read fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Garamond

Brandon Busteed On Linkedin: Some Fun Monday Math… Bloomberg Reported This Past Week That Harvard…

Including the street number is optional, but may be advantageous for adoptions outside of Texas. Talk to your career coach to determine when to include your address.

Study Abroad [Optional] Indicate work experience by month or semester If COVID-19 has impacted your recent work experience, please refer to page 3 and year of the template. Be consistent within each section

Education University of Texas at Austin Bachelor of Business Administration, Supply His Chain Management May 2021 Minor: Financial Certificate: Digital Arts & Media Overall GPA: 3.

Austin, TX June 2020-Present  Six productivity reports updated daily on orders, shipments, revenue and margins  25% reduction in shipping downtime and 30% increase in Southwest orders  Computers We process 50 client payments daily with hardware and processes to ensure sufficient supply to forecast inventory.

The Newfound Value Of High School Resumes

Los Angeles, CA May 2019 to August 2019  Tracked quarterly operating budget for costume department of approximately $50,000  25 detailed financial reports each month in Excel for senior management to assess progress against goals create a calligraphy

Austin, TX July 2018 – December 2018, September 2019 – May 2020  Managed up to 6 tables while maintaining a professional demeanor as part of a dynamic service team  Food & Beverage Demonstrated full knowledge of the menu and upsold 75% of customers dailyBasic

Fall 2019  Analyzed and validated the reverse logistics process with the hands-on team to ensure visibility into returns inventory and costs  Recommended changes to the plant layout to improve the efficiency of the returns process and cross-departmental communication recycling program

Ut Austin Expanded Resume

Fall 2018 – present  Direct outreach to companies

Ut Austin Admissions Demystified

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