Usmc Professional Resume Template

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Usmc Professional Resume Template

Usmc Professional Resume Template

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Expert Aircraft Mechanic Resume Examples For 2022

You are not alone. 5.3 million Americans have served as active duty military personnel since the Gulf War era, and thousands are now facing the difficult transition to civilian life and employment.

Want to be the lucky one who gets those conversations? Learn how to write a military resume for a post-military career to translate your military experience into skills and accomplishments that civilian employers can understand.

Do you want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It is easy and fast to use. Plus, you’ll get content ready to add with just one click. View over 20 resume templates and create your own resume here.

Usmc Professional Resume Template

What does the above work experience have to do with management? It’s hard to tell without talking to the applicant.

Military Resume Samples

The applicant will not have a chance to explain his side of the story unless his army impresses the recruiter.

Need to brush up on your general resume writing skills? Not sure what to include or what the best military resume format is? Read our guide: How to create an effective resume

But what if your role includes combat and field experience that doesn’t translate to most civilian jobs? I will answer these questions and more in this guide.

When building your resume in our resume builder, drag and drop bullets, skills, and fill in the boring stuff automatically. Spell check?

Navy And Marine Corps Achievement Medal With Valor Citations

It’s hard to figure out what military skills to put on your resume for a civilian job if you don’t have a career path in mind. Strategy first before you start writing your military resume.

Research occupations that are closest to the jobs you’ve held. Find other industries that employ people with your skills and training.

And if you can’t decide on a career path, that’s okay. Start by creating a military resume template that you can use as a foundation for different versions of your resume.

Usmc Professional Resume Template

Make a master list of your professional merits. What skills, training, military awards and education are useful for your intended job?

Free Microsoft Word Standard Operating Procedure Sop Templates

If you are applying to become an accountant, the award you won in the target will be of no use to you. The same goes for information about the basics you’ve worked on.

It’s hard to accept that the skills you’ve acquired for years won’t help you land your next job.

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But you have to realize that everyone who moves to a new industry has this experience. A graphic designer who decides it’s time to become an Air Traffic Controller doesn’t need to put their Photoshop skills on their civilian resume. Is not it?

It will be necessary to remove some of your military experience and skills to get the resume. Focus on what is transferable to your new role.

Marine Corps Transition Readiness Program

Not sure which skills are most valued in your new industry? He used LinkedIn to meet and connect with civilian professionals. Don’t know how? Read our guide:

Here’s the thing. You can use language on your military veteran resume that civilian employers don’t understand. It’s normal after years in the military.

Recruiters and interviewers with no military background cannot understand body language.

Usmc Professional Resume Template

That’s why you’ll need to translate military to civilian terms, so whoever reviews your veteran resume will see your potential.

Military To Civilian Resume: Examples & Templates (2022)

Not sure about the civilian equivalent of your military job? There are many conversion sites available for you.

Enter the military branch you serve in and your MOS code or job title. After that, you will see a list of civilian jobs and in some cases, actual open positions.

Whatever you do, don’t copy anything from these sites verbatim, aside from job titles. Paraphrase and use the power of the thesaurus to help you.

Michael Richards retired after 15 years of military service, specializing in workforce management and deployment. He is now holding a senior position in HR and Talent Development.

How To Write A Military To Civilian Resume (with Template And Example)

Michael has two options when it comes to writing the career summary for his military transition resume. It can focus on who he was in the military or who he wants to be as a civilian.

Since your ex-military resume is the first thing hiring managers see, what Michael chooses will affect his chances of getting the job.

Director of People Management Exceptional leader with analytical skills and talent development experience. Fifteen years in United States Army personnel management and personnel deployment. Assisted various Army personnel agencies and commands in optimizing their workforce based on available talent resources and their mission priorities.

Usmc Professional Resume Template

Director of Personnel Management Personnel and talent development expert with 15 years of experience acquiring, organizing, and deploying diverse talent to build top-performing teams for the United States military. Helped reduce production backlog to 7% by using different workforce scheduling techniques. Created talent development programs encouraging team members to take on more responsibility.

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Hazardous Resume Samples

But the hiring manager may have no idea that personnel planning in the military is the same in corporate offices.

Is there a longer chain of command in deciding staff deployment? Is there a redder date? What tools are used?

Try to anticipate what questions a hiring manager might have after reading your military to civilian resume. Then find a way to answer these questions in your post-military resume or cover letter. Answering these questions is key to writing military resumes.

The second example mentions that Michael’s military experience is limited to the United States Army, but elaborates on his transferable skills and responsibilities.

Aircraft Engineer Resume Sample

Pro Tip: You should add keywords from the job description. Hiring managers look for them when they first review your veteran resume.

Not sure how to tailor a military resume to a job description? Want to know which keywords are the most valuable? Read our guide: 6 Proven Tips to Match Your Resume to the Job Description

Don’t limit your military experience to the core functions of your role. Think about other experiences and skills you’ve gained as part of the job.

Usmc Professional Resume Template

Attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure are also part of the package. You just need to emphasize them.

Us Marine Corps Ranks Explained

” was not mentioned, this military resume example could be confused with the resume of a civilian PR professional.

In addition to specific accomplishments (highlighted in yellow), the sample military resume also outlines Stergiou-Allen’s transferable skills as a PR officer and COO (highlighted in red).

Adding peer development and training coordination suggests that he knows how to mentor others and conduct training sessions. Publishing stories through digital media and social media channels means he knows the tools used for digital marketing.

Transferable skills such as mentoring, documentation and security management are good candidates for finance and management jobs. That’s because integrity and accurate reporting are mandatory.

David N. Kragseth

The candidate also did not specify what equipment he protected

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