Update Your Resume Month

Update Your Resume Month – Did you know that September is International Resume Update Month? Created in 2000 by Career Directors International, this month is the perfect time to review your resume and see if it meets what today’s recruiters and employers are looking for. If you haven’t updated your resume in a few years, it’s probably a little behind current standards. Even if you’re not currently looking for a new job , having a job-ready resume in your arsenal is useful when that great opportunity arises.

The standard resume format used by most job seekers focuses on skills or responsibilities for each position. This type of resume usually consists of many bullet points with listed skills and tasks. Unfortunately, the “death by bullets” approach does nothing to sell you to a prospective employer.

Update Your Resume Month

Update Your Resume Month

While what you did in each position is still an important part of your resume in 2021, skills aren’t the main components you want to highlight on your resume. Today, it’s best to focus on your accomplishments and how you’ve added value to your positions.

It’s That Time Again…september Is Update Your Resume Month!

In other words, you faced a challenge, what action did you take to overcome that challenge, and then that action led to a result.

If you have an older resume, it probably has an objective at the top. Objectives are common in skills-based resumes and are outdated for differentiating yourself. Therefore, if you have a goal, it is definitely time to update your resume to modern standards!

Instead of target, add a name or title that describes the position you are looking for. Just below that, create a summary that answers the question “Why should I hire you?” Focus on the key skills that only you can bring to the position, not on your personality traits. How have you added value to other companies in the past? What kind of leader are you? What results can you deliver? In general, you want to share how your specific experience directly affects the requirements of this job.

The executive summary is often referred to as a branding statement because it aims to make you stand out as an employer. So you really have to sell yourself here. After all, this is the first thing employers will read!

Why You Need To Fill Out Your Resume Information … Again

A unique and thoughtful powerhouse offering proven success in commercial operations, strategy, global marketing and research. Data-driven to create an innovative perspective to create and deliver new growth opportunities. Extensive experience in leading large, complex projects and bringing together cross-functional teams as an engaging and supportive coach.

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No matter how fantastic your resume content is, if it doesn’t make it through the applicant tracking system (ATS), it won’t show up. A key component of updating your resume is creating content that works with the ATS software most employers use. This means that it should contain:

Don’t fill your resume with keywords in white font. This is bad form and may disqualify you from consideration.

Update Your Resume Month

As a recognized and premier recruitment firm, Blue Signal is pleased to announce the launch of a new component of our company designed to assist job seekers. We will provide users with the education and tools they need to advocate for themselves in today’s job market.

Update Your Resume Month

Be sure to follow our blog and social media pages (LinkedIn , Instagram , Facebook , Twitter ) and contact us to get the inside scoop on our launch date and how to join! September is Update Month – download these instructions as a PDF or follow this blog post!

If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll need an updated resume. Fortunately, the library can help. Our new resource, Gale Presents Peterson’s Career Prep, is a one-stop database for your job search needs. It offers CV templates, a careers and job finder, information on education and training, and job search advice.

Once in the database, click Register to create an account. This will allow you to keep your job. When you return, choose Sign in and enter the username and password you created.

Click the Create link in the Create Resume box, choose a style you like, and you’re on your way to a new, formatted resume. You also have the option to upload a resume that you have already created in Microsoft Word. Once your resume is in the Peterson Career Prep Program, it will be stored in the database. You will be able to open it the next time you log in. You can also download your resume as a Word document or .pdf.

Amazing Production Resume Examples

If you have a resume and just need to make a few updates, you can do it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If your resume is saved as a .pdf, you won’t be able to change it unless you convert it to Word. Please note that it is not always easy to work with a converted .pdf file.

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Save a copy of your resume in Microsoft Word or Google Docs for editing later. If you use Google Docs, you can view and edit your resume from any computer with Internet access. If you create your resume in Microsoft Word, save it to a flash drive or email a copy to yourself. Resumes stored on library computers will be deleted when the computer is restarted. This means resume writers and other career professionals can return from their month-long sabbatical to:

There are many ways and some great scripts and resources. Here are my favorite ideas for using UYRM:

Update Your Resume Month

It could be a free teleclass, webinar or workshop. It can be virtual and done by yourself, or it can be local where you go to a larger entity to use its name, visibility and awareness in the community. It could be a community center, college, school, church or business. Be sure to spread the word with free classified ads, social media, and press releases. Of course, plan to give back your company and services at the end! You could even offer a free drawing to go along with the words on the list!

September Is Update Your Resume Month

The holidays are a great launching pad for expert advice. There are so many articles and blog posts you can write on this topic using UYRM as inspiration.

Not everyone needs to publish blog posts and articles to create awareness or drive new traffic to their sites. Consider creating a “30 Day” tip series with Twitter-sized advice. It’s very easy to scroll up and down through your resume and find shiny nuggets to share. Once you’ve offered valuable information, don’t forget to post every 4-5 advice for your free consultation. “Need help with your resume?…”, “Use our free resume critique…”.

First, you know I must always stress the importance of getting the price right before offering any kind of incentives. Driving new or repeat business to your business isn’t effective if you’re doing it at a rate that causes you more stress. So before you try to take advantage of discounts or special offers, make sure the prices are optimized for higher retail prices! But a 10% discount on resume updates in September at UYRM can be a nice plus for an existing list of existing clients and prospects.

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While it’s temporary, you can simply add a message about UYRM to your signature line with an “Ask Me” message or a link to information, a special offer, tips/blog posts, or an event. Consider right-clicking the UYRM image and adding it to your signature or other visible marketing.

Leave These 5 Things Off Your Resume If You Want The Job

Employment is always a popular topic in the media, so UYRM can be an easy connection to generate interest in an article or interview. If you’re not media savvy, you might want to consider seeing if you have a client with PR experience that you could trade services with. They can act as your agent. I did this once several years ago and it resulted in a TV interview. While you’re tempted to branch out with big news outlets, don’t forget about smaller businesses. A small local newspaper may have a shorter lead time than an online global company. Don’t be afraid to expand your business!

You can also use pre-prepared letters and news releases in the CDI members section. You will find:

Important Note: Sample letters refer to Year 7 of UYRM. They are not updated. The event has been around since 2001.

Update Your Resume Month

In the topic above, you can download various UYRM tools, one of which is a tracking page to help clients log their resume update information as it happens. You may want to consider making this or something similar available to customers even outside of UYRM to make it easier for them to come back to you for updates. You can also tie this freebie to an article or blog post.

How To Spin Your Resume For A Career Change

No matter what you do, UYRM offers unique opportunities throughout the month to increase your exposure and grow your business. Use the strategies that suit you and go!

If you don’t offer resume writing or related services, you can simply share about the holiday. The public page can be found at https:///find-a-career-professional/update-your-resume-month/.

Laura DeCarlo has earned a reputation as a “career hero” for her pioneering efforts in the career services industry for both job seekers and career professionals.

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