Upcoming Internship On Resume

Upcoming Internship On Resume – Let’s say you want to get that dream summer internship. You’re browsing job boards looking for open roles, and what looks like a dream opportunity pops up. You nod your head at every bullet on the post, excited about what responsibilities you’ll be taking on – shadowing a senator! Writing columns for a local newspaper! Work with an engineering team to build a rocket to launch!—and marvel at one heck of a summer you’ll have.

OK, you have an idea of ​​what a resume is – a list of your professional skills and experiences. But from what you can gather, you don’t have much to offer in this world. Maybe a couple of summer jobs working as an administrator or camp counselor? A few relevant courses or class projects? General understanding of Excel?

Upcoming Internship On Resume

Upcoming Internship On Resume

Don’t panic – first of all, it’s completely normal, and common, to find yourself with little to put on your resume as a student or recent graduate. Second, even the piece you have can make for a great resume! Here’s how to craft yours from scratch – from thinking about what to put on it to organizing and editing it in a way that will impress a hiring manager.

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The first thing you should do, once you’ve found a role (or several) you want to apply for, is to dig into the requirements and responsibilities. “Use the job description for the internship as your guide” to figure out what to include on your resume, advises Chelsea C. Williams, Founder and CEO of College Code and career coach on The Muse. What skills do they demonstrate – hard skills, such as Excel or Wordpress, or soft skills, such as time management or written communication? What words do they use to describe the ideal candidate? What experiences, work history, or background or general interests are they looking for?

Start by creating a master list of everything you’ve done that might be relevant to a job – any job. Then, once you have that list, narrow it down to the items that feel most relevant and applicable.

The idea is not to get rid of things that are very different from what you would want to do in a professional setting. Being a waitress, for example, may not seem relevant to a marketing internship at first glance. But if the role calls for someone who can multitask or be a team player, you may find that much of your experience in the service industry is relevant.

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“I once had a student – an English principal – I was working with on a paid remote internship in New York because the hiring manager was under the impression that she was a crew trainer at McDonald’s; they appreciated her leadership ability and hard work ethic,” says Muse career coach Eilis Wasserman.

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The same goes for being an athlete or running the debate team—again, it’s not technically a “job,” but many of the soft skills you’ve developed could easily include an internship.

The key is to make sure whatever you include shows some sense of “involvement, work ethic, and accomplishments,” Wasserman explained. What would not fit into this category? Things like: holidays, non-educational school trips, or social events that were just fun. If they show a bit of your personality or come with a unique story related to your career ambitions, save sharing them for your cover letter instead.

At the top (and ideally in a bigger, bolder font) you’ll need to add your contact information – which should include your name, phone number, email address, and any relevant links, such as your LinkedIn profile or website personal, if applicable.

Upcoming Internship On Resume

“If you’re a student, include your .edu email instead of other emails,” Wasserman recommends. “School emails are often seen more favorably among employers.” Also, it tends to be a more professional address than your personal address ([email protected]? Probably not ideal).

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Wasserman suggests that anyone still in school or a recent graduate should have their education at the top of the page. You will probably organize your resume in this order:

You have the option to delete or add sections yourself, too. If much of your past is filled with volunteer work, you may decide to separate that into its own category called “Volunteer Experience.” Or maybe you’re not involved in clubs and don’t need an entire section on “Activities.” Go ahead and cut or condense if it feels natural or saves you from going on to another page – no one will hold it against you.

By the way, templates will be your best friend when organizing. Check out some of our favorite Google Docs resume templates that you can copy and start personalizing right away.

When you start adding jobs and activities to your resume, you’ll want to put them in reverse chronological order – most recent to least recent. If some happened at the same time, put the most relevant one first.

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Wasserman adds that “if you’re beyond your first year of college, I’d recommend not including any high school information unless [it’s] highly relevant to the internship position” and boost your reputation as a hard worker. Your high school grades? Not so relevant. Your senior summer job as a retail salesperson? Maybe.

Besides the obvious – your school, your major, your degree, your graduation year, and your current GPA (note: if your GPA isn’t great, you might want to leave it off) – there are several other things to which you can add your education, if you decide not to make them their own section.

Like, for example, your Dean’s list awards, or your study abroad program, or any other honors or honorable mentions you received as a student. If you’re scraping the barrel for ideas, you could even add a bullet listing “Related Coursework,” where you provide the titles of classes you’ve taken or are taking and could be relevant to the internship. This is also a great option if you are pursuing a role outside of your main role and want to highlight relevant skills.

Upcoming Internship On Resume

“Having an experience department doesn’t just mean ‘paid experience’ — that’s a common misconception among students,” Wasserman said. She explains that when you don’t have many actual jobs to include, you can fill this section with anything from service opportunities to community or club involvement to independent studies. If you played a vital role in an organization or enterprise – perhaps you had a leadership title or organized a bunch of events – it’s definitely worth including in this section as opposed to your activities section, because it’s more like a job than a hobby

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Don’t worry too much about how relevant your experience is – as I said earlier, salaried jobs outside of your dream field are almost always worth including, especially when applying for an internship. Whether you’re babysitting a teacher, serving drinks at a local bar, or swiping people to the library, doing work for a paycheck shows work ethic, drive, and plenty of understanding of the world work and the soft skills needed to be successful.

Many school clubs and extracurricular activities are great resume material, and just as many don’t. It all depends on what is already on your resume up to this point, what exactly was your role in these activities and what you got from them, and the types of internships or industries you want to break into into them.

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If a club or activity was a big part of your college experience (but you weren’t a leader in it), it’s important to include in this section not only to showcase your personality but to show commitment. The same goes for activities where you made a big impact or won some kind of award or recognition. For example, being a member of a singing group for four years in a row says a lot about you, your values, and how you spend your time. Spending one semester on the intramural frisbee team does not.

Also consider adding activities that might help you connect with the company or team. If you’re involved in the theater scene, and you’re applying for a role where the hiring manager is a graduate of your school and has also done theater, he could keep that fact on your resume spark up a conversation when you go to an interview.

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When you’re still in school, this part of your resume probably won’t be that long. It’s okay! The hiring manager wants to see if you bring any skills to the table that aren’t highlighted or clear in the rest of your resume.

Do you speak a second (or third) language? Did you teach yourself to code? Are you amazingly good at a particular application? It’s important to be honest about what skills you’re really good at and could contribute effectively to an internship – taking one semester of Spanish doesn’t exactly qualify you to talk to clients in Madrid.

I’m also a fan of including a short “Interests” or “Hobbies” section if you have space. This is where you list the things that aren’t job-related experiences (things like crafting, hiking or reading) but tell the hiring manager more about you and your personality.

Upcoming Internship On Resume

What does all this look like? Take this sample resume for internship and use it as

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