Unaccredited Degree On Resume

Unaccredited Degree On Resume – When I finally decided to pursue my PhD, I immediately faced a dilemma: Should I spend the extra $75 to graduate with a nearly perfect GPA?

By the way, that’s the progress rate for top grades at USC, which got me a PhD in just 15 days with “no admissions. no attendance. no hassles.”

Unaccredited Degree On Resume

Unaccredited Degree On Resume

For $1,199 with free shipping, the University of Southern California—which has no campus in Southern California or anywhere else—was willing to send me a diploma with a gold seal announcing my Ph.D., another diploma that It shows that I have graduated. With distinction, four letters of recommendation that I can give to employers looking to review my degree and several copies of official transcripts showing the courses I did not take and the grades I did not earn.

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However, for that basic price, those imaginary grades average a 3.0 average – the equivalent of a B. But, fortunately, it’s an advanced degree a la carte.

Part of the online order form reads: “Please select your preferred GPA/School status.” “A 3.00 GPA/Grade Status has already been selected for your PhD. If you would like to select a different GPA/Grade Status, please select below.”

Twenty-five bucks would get me a B+ average. Double that and I’m looking at an A- and a magna cum cum laude. And for $75 do it all and Southern California gives me straight A’s in almost every course I haven’t taken. Very tempting

GPA for sale Some schools offer immediate better grades for a fee. University of Southern California degrees are offered with a B average. But for an additional $75, students can order an A almost directly.

Best Online Degrees In Psychology

Online universities have become an important part of the academic landscape, expanding educational opportunities for non-traditional students around the world. But the Internet revolution has also fueled so-called diploma mills — unaccredited or poorly accredited virtual schools that award high school and college degrees based on “life experience” or less.

Sometimes, a questionable degree backfires, as it did for Terence P. Carter, a former New London school superintendent candidate who called himself “Dr.” years based on Ph.D. Not valid from “Lexington University”. Lexington sold degrees by mail until it shut down around 2004, although Carter has said he received his doctorate from another school, which later became Lexington University. The New London school board had announced Carter as its choice to run the school system — then reversed course after news reports revealed the nature of his doctorate.

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Decades ago, the FBI targeted diploma mills, eventually shutting down 40 of them and obtaining criminal fraud convictions against 19 operators. But “Operation DipScam” ended in 1991 with the FBI agent’s retirement, and since then, federal agencies have turned their attention elsewhere and prosecutions have dwindled.

Unaccredited Degree On Resume

As a result, schools that issue degrees with little or no academic requirements have flourished. And for hundreds of thousands of budding scientists around the world, that golden degree stamped on the wall, from an institution no one has heard of and no one has checked, can mean a pay rise or a promotion or just the unconscious admiration of colleagues. be affected Workers and customers

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So I’m checking out Southern California, one of the hippest post-secondary outfits, with a website full of pictures of smiling students and links to a “Student Center” and “Alumni Center,” neither of which physically exist.

There is a picture of a large university building with “CSU” emblazoned on top. But a simple internet search reveals that this is actually a picture of a building at the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina – with the initials “CSU” superimposed on the building.

Southern California even created a Facebook page that includes an exciting group photo of “calsuni students in the community” — though the page misspells “California.”

Visible on a building in the background, students are wearing T-shirts with the UCLA Alumni Association logo and one is holding a banner that reads “Go Bruins” with a picture of the UCLA Bear.

Don’t Lie On Your Cv; Untrue Credentials Can Land You In A Soup

A school in California, with a building 6,000 miles away, this magnificent building has been added to the facade on the University of Southern California website with the letters “CSU”. But this structure is actually at the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Do these students actually attend USC? A Facebook page was set up for the University of Southern California, but it misspells California, and one of the featured photos hints that it’s actually a picture of UCLA students.

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I accepted Southern California’s offer to send me a prospectus, and I received a happy email from a “student councilor” named Annie Denny, who was eager to help me “graduate from the prestigious USC.” .

Unaccredited Degree On Resume

This credibility is a big issue for virtual universities, which are often derided by critics as offering degrees that are not authentic and therefore, they say, largely worthless. However, Southern California assures that it is “fully accredited by the American Education Accreditation Council” and provides a purported photo of the Council’s offices.

Information Concerning Unaccredited Universities

But the council’s website, at eacoa.org, is registered to the same person and to the same email address and phone number as one of the University of Southern California websites. And the contact phone number of that mobile phone is the man behind Southern California, who is a Ph.D. A candidate like me raises questions about his independence.

And that Southern California brochure was sent? This document begins with a memo from the “Director of Administration” – dated May 11, 1995. And halfway through, in a statement I have yet to decipher, the handbook announces: “Our faculty members are available to provide guidance and assistance 24/15.”

Monday through Sunday, and then some USC brochure includes this unusual claim about faculty availability.

Finding those faculty members is a challenge. California Southern’s website lists four purported professors, including “Ben Hooker – noted philanthropist and economic analyst,” though if this is a real person, his reputation has yet to reach any record of that name on the Internet or in major publications. Or academic journal databases (except for the guy who was a blacksmith in Indiana over 100 years ago and probably isn’t teaching economics classes right now).

Thread By @msmariat:

Company filings, website registrations and copyright records show that Southern California is run by a 60-year-old businessman with more than 20 investments in the United States and Pakistan. He did not respond to repeated attempts to reach him via email addresses and phone numbers in both countries.

Although virtual schools charge a fraction of the price of a more prestigious degree, $1,199 ($1,274 with straight A’s) is still a substantial chunk of change. But there are alternatives.

For $180, instantdegrees.com offers doctorates in everything from mystical theology to tourism and hotel management. But they don’t identify in advance the institution whose name appears on the document — and contractually obligate their clients to keep that process quiet as well. According to their terms of service, the graduate will owe them $100,000, for reasons enforceable under the laws of the British territory of Gibraltar, if he writes a story linking the institution to instantdegrees.com.

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Unaccredited Degree On Resume

College-degree-fast.com — which offers diploma-seekers and ships documents in half the time of 15-day programs — costs $419 for a doctorate, but that company also has unusual terms of service. . College-degree-fast.com sells journalism PhDs – but not to journalists.

Gap Year Programs

The company’s small print reads: “You also agree not to engage with ‘any form of media organization’ including journalists, bloggers, content writers, ghostwriters, reporters, videographers, newspapers, public media or TV media is not relevant. So I guess that school is over.

But I kept hunting, and Denton University, which sometimes calls itself Denton University, looked promising, at $449 for a Ph.D. I’ll admit I’m a little wary of Denton based on the grammar of this line from their website: “It’s absolutely amazing how fast the online degree trend is growing. People now want to expand their careers with online degrees. programs despite relearning what they have learned in the past.”

And the website includes alumni profiles and a column for “Success Stories,” where a smiling man named Ben Crawford raves about the medical science degree program. “The quality of teaching is excellent, with a mix of lectures and problem-based learning,” Ben declares – although there is no indication anywhere else on the website that Denton offers lectures, and a representative later confirmed via an online chat that the school does not It does not provide any kind of academic training.

But even more worryingly, this isn’t the only place you’ll see Ben’s eager smile. On an Australian site called Distance Colleges, a happy Ben Crawford – who Denton claims has a degree

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