Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

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Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

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Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

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Get more offers easier and learn creative tricks to use on your resume with this easy-to-edit Uber driver resume example. Make a copy of this resume sample for free or modify it in any way using our easy-to-use resume builder.

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This resume is specially written for this profession by our experienced resume writers Create your resume now or edit this resume example

Outgoing and customer-oriented Uber driver with a proven track record of success in getting passengers to their desired destinations, calculating accurate fares and performing various clerical tasks. Possesses excellent communication skills, a highly professional attitude, and a significant ability to work and perform well under pressure.

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Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

Driver Supply Chain Manager Transportation Manager Call Center Operator Client Relationship Manager Sales Associate Post Officer Customer Support Aviation Specialist For many drivers, ridesharing can be a temporary gig while you’re between jobs, or it can be an extra job you do outside of your regular job. 9 to 5 job Either way, should you add rideshare driving to your resume and if so, how? Today, senior RSG contributor Will Preston answers those questions and more, helping you create an accurate representation of your work on your resume.

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Rideshare driving can be as visible or invisible on your resume as you want Some use their readshare business to show off their business skills, while others don’t want to mention it at all.

Let’s take a look at some reasons you might want to put it on your resume, and some reasons you might not. And then, we’ll share some creative ways to put it on your resume if you’d like

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One of the biggest reasons some want to add rideshare driving to their resume is to fill a gap. The idea is that a gap on your resume makes you look less desirable A potential employer may believe that a gap in your resume indicates that you are not trying hard enough to find a new job, which suggests that you are lazy.

Hiring managers can also interpret it to mean that you have worked hard enough, but no one wants to hire you This is the block of houses that have been on the market for a while, or the items on the shelf that have been selling for a long time. Maybe there is something wrong with it, or in this case something wrong with you

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Students may wish to put rideshare driving on their resume to show they can handle the job while going to school. Thus you graduate with a degree and some experience Someone with experience (even a little) is always worth more than someone without experience

But what if you are currently employed and not a student? Is there a reason to put rideshare driving on your resume? Of course there is! Along with other skills, we’ll discuss later, the skills you employ now while running a rideshare business show many aspects of your personality.

The most obvious thing about rideshare driving is your ability to multitask If you are able to successfully manage a job and business on the side, you can multitask. It also shows your willingness to go above and beyond to accomplish a specific goal Harry would probably call it your ability to hustle

Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

You don’t want to add rideshare driving to your resume in case a potential employer sees it as a violation of the moonlighting clause in their employment contract. As strange as it may seem in today’s environment, many companies have clauses in their employment contracts that prevent you from doing any work outside the company.

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Most of the time, the clause is only there to prevent you from doing anything outside of your job that would interfere with your performance on the job. For example, if you are working 8 hours a day at a day job, and driving several more hours at night, you may be too tired to actually do your day job. Companies put this clause in there to prevent you from doing that

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So if you put rideshare driving on your resume that shows you plan to continue doing it (say June 2017 – submit as your date), it immediately begs the question of whether you intend to continue doing it. You will get this job

If you plan to answer yes to that question, you need to be prepared to explain how it won’t affect your performance For example, you might say that you only drive on weekends, and only do so a certain number of hours a week.

Some employers may interpret constant rideshare driving as a lack of commitment to your day job. If they see this as your main focus or your final exit plan, they may not be willing to hire you.

Skills To Put On A Resume

These two possible ideas are easily dealt with by saying that you only took up driving as a way to earn while you were unemployed, or that you had to do it at a previous job because you weren’t making enough money. You might say that if you get this job, you’re done driving rideshare for good. That way you have all the advantages of putting it on your resume without any worries

But don’t be shy about rideshare driving You learn valuable skills as a driver Plus, you can network while you’re driving and you never know when a job opportunity will pop up in your car.

You should be prepared to explain the skills that you need to learn and use while becoming a rideshare driver, as many of them are very valuable in any job. You can define those skills directly on the resume, or be prepared to give a brief summary of them during an interview.

Uber Driver Job Description For Resume

When you’re an Uber driver, you’re the greeter, the operator, the customer

Uber Driver Resume Example

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