The Miracle Worker Resume

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The Miracle Worker Resume

The Miracle Worker Resume

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In Alabama in the 1880s, the wealthy Keller family has just given birth to a little girl, Helen Keller. Captain Arthur Keller and his second wife, Kate Keller, call a doctor to treat Helen for a fever. Soon after, they learn that Helen has lost her ability to see or hear.

Five years have passed, and Eilidh is now a little girl. She can’t communicate with anyone, so she spends her days fishing around, misbehaving, and sometimes attacking other children. Her family does little to change her behavior – in fact, Kate sometimes rewards Helen with candy even when she’s been bad. Helen’s half-brother James Keller (from Arthur’s first marriage) is worried about Helen’s chances of learning to read or write, and suggests that Arthur send Helen to an asylum.

Even though the Kellers have called in dozens of doctors to teach Helen, Kate remains cautiously optimistic. She reaches out to a young woman named Annie Sullivan. Annie Sullivan, the audience learns, grew up in Massachusetts. She and her beloved brother, James Sullivan, had a rough early life and spent years in an almshouse. When Anna was still young, James died, and Anna seems to blame herself for the tragedy. She believes that she broke her promise to her brother – to always take care of him – and promises that she will not break another promise to her child.

Annie was nearly blind as a child, and later attended the Perkins Institute for the Blind. Then she underwent surgery to regain her sight. Her teacher at Perkins, Anagnos, taught her a lot, and encouraged her to become a teacher as well. Although Anna has regained her sight, she often wears tinted glasses to protect her sensitive eyes from bright lights.

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Anna arrives at the Keller home, where she meets Helen. To the Kellers’ surprise, Annie takes a more manipulative, aggressive approach than any of her predecessors, getting down on the floor to interact with Helen and sometimes severely punishing Helen for misbehavior More importantly, Anna begins by teaching Helen sign language for things like “dog,” “doll,” and “cake.” It is important for Helen to remember these signs, Anna explains to a skeptical James, so that in the future she will understand that these signs symbolize real things. Eilidh is initially reluctant to cooperate with Anna. She beats Anna and, at one point, locks Anna in her room and hides the key. Anne is frustrated, but refuses to leave.

As the days go on, Anna succeeds in getting Helen to cooperate with her, but she realizes that she will never get Helen to learn sign language unless she can fully control her keep his pupil, independent of Arthur and Kate. Arthur is skeptical of Anna’s teaching methods, and at one point he considers sending her back to Massachusetts. With Kate’s encouragement, however, he agrees to let Anne stay. Anne will have two weeks, alone in the garden house outside the Keller home, to teach Helen. Meanwhile, James continues to struggle with his father. At one point, he accuses Arthur of “forgetting everything” after marrying Kate.

Alone in the garden house, Anna makes gradual progress in teaching Helen how to be polite and orderly. She is still teaching Eilidh sign language, but she recognizes that Eilidh still does not understand what signs are. Meanwhile, Kate encourages James to “stand up to the world” rather than live in constant frustration with his father. Kate and James agree to be friends.

The Miracle Worker Resume

Two weeks pass, and Arthur and Kate are preparing to move Helen back into their house. Back in the house, Eilidh immediately starts going back, misbehaving when she realizes that no one is going to punish her anymore. At supper, Helen spills a bag of water, and Anne angrily drags Helen out of the room. Arthur is about to stop Annie from doing so, but James stands up to his father, asking him, “Didn’t it ever occur to you that you could be completely wrong for once?”

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Outside, Anna guides Helen’s hand over water from a water pump, then makes a sign for water on Helen’s hand. To Annie’s surprise, Helen understands what Annie is doing, and even says, “wah wah.” Overjoyed, Anna cries, “She knows!” and shows Helen the signs for several other things, including “mother” and “teacher.” When Helen communicates with Kate for the first time, Helen utters the word “teacher,” and Kate is both delighted and saddened. The play ends with Anna embracing Helen and telling her, in sign language, “I love Helen forever.”

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The Miracle Worker Resume

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The Miracle Worker Resume

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