Technical Program Manager Resume

Technical Program Manager Resume – The acceptance rate for technical program manager (TPM) jobs at top technology companies tends to be less than 1%. As you can imagine, most candidates do not pass the resume screening.

So if you want to get an interview for a TPM role at a place like Google, Facebook, or Amazon, you’ll need to make sure your technical program manager resume is in top condition. Regardless of your experience level, we’re here to help you write the best resume possible.

Technical Program Manager Resume

Technical Program Manager Resume

2. Sample resume from Google TPM 3. How to write a TPM resume (section by section) 3. Your TPM resume checklist

Program Manager Resume Sample

The job of a technical program manager is quite varied and broad, but we’ve identified seven key skills that you’ll want to demonstrate in your resume to show recruiters that you’ve got what it takes.

Depending on the type of technical program manager you want your resume to portray you as, certain skill areas will be more important to include than others. So before you start writing, you might first need to sit back and think about what kind of TPM you are, or want to be.

1. Program management skills required to execute complex, multi-disciplinary projects from start to finish. This is obviously not a specific skill, more a broad skill. Some of the most important elements to cover in your resume are: the use of methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, etc.; identify, assess and manage risk; priority; manage schedules and deadlines; resource allocation; track and report progress.

2. Facilitate skills to help your engineers and other team members progress. You will need to eliminate all obstacles in order to focus on shipping. It’s not always easy to go into this kind of detail on a resume, but try to include an example of how you unblocked a project, took preventative action to avoid a bottleneck, or improved a process.

Software Engineering Manager Resume Example

3. Engineering skills at some level in order to maintain technical discussions with the engineering team. You don’t always need to be very technical to be a TPM, but you will want to show that you can understand the types of problems that engineers face and can consider technical trade-offs with them. Some companies will require basic coding skills. If you have some, be sure to mention them on your resume.

4. System design skills needed to discuss engineering architectures and make decisions related to efficiency, scalability, and performance. So if you have any experience in system design, or related experience, make sure it’s prominent on your resume.

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5. Data analysis skills define success metrics and make sure goals are met. This means that you are comfortable using data to make important decisions in line with business goals. You can demonstrate this in your resume by quantifying the success of past projects in terms of key metrics.

Technical Program Manager Resume

6. Leadership skills to drive projects forward and influence people over whom you have no authority in order to build a common consensus. If you don’t have many strong examples from your work experience, provide evidence of leadership in the extracurricular section of your resume.

Resume Samples: Program & Finance Manager, Fp&a, Devops Sample

7. Communication skills to interface with different stakeholders, align them and update them on project status. You will need to be comfortable communicating with executives as well as engineers. So include experience working with cross-functional teams and partnering across a company.

Demonstrating these skills on your resume should signal to recruiters and interviewers that you have the right skills they are looking for. For more reading on what it takes to be a technical program manager, we recommend this post by GitHub’s Ben Balter.

Before we start guiding you on how to write your resume step by step, take a look at two real examples from TPM who recently cleared the interview process at Google.

You’ll notice they’re both quite different, and neither fully follow the guidelines we’ve laid out below. In fact, the second one breaks Google’s own length guidelines! We think this shows two things:

Roast My Resume

The candidate communicates his work achievements in a way that is very clear to understand. It does this through:

Quantifying achievements: although the candidate does not include many measures, here he gives the budget he worked with in order to demonstrate the scale of his achievements.

Key skills for the role: These skills were important in the job description for the candidate to make sure they are listed near the top.

Technical Program Manager Resume

Now you’ve seen two real Google TPM summaries, it’s time to start on making sure your own is up to scratch.

Project Manager Resume Example 2022

To illustrate our tips at each step, and help you visualize our recommended layout, we’ve created a summary example for you to use as a reference.

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Unlike those in the previous section, this is not a real summary. Instead, it is an amalgamation of many high-quality resumes that candidates have shared with us before going to work at Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

The example above should serve as a useful guide when writing your resume, and you can even edit on it if you like. Just enter your email in the form below and we will send it to your inbox.

Find the job specification, read it carefully, and use it to shape your resume in the following ways:

Project Manager Resume Template For Microsoft Word

Does all this mean you’ll need a different iteration of your resume for every TPM job you target? Ideally yes, but there will be a lot of overlap, so usually you will only need to make some strategic corrections.

Your resume design should have one goal: convey as much information as possible in a clear, digestible, and professional manner. Use our sample resume as your template, and you’ve already achieved it!

Some people add a second goal: demonstrate strong design skills in order to stand out from the crowd and impress the recruiter.

Technical Program Manager Resume

However, we recommend to be very careful with this. Recruiters for large companies are unlikely to be impressed by the design of a resume; they are interested in the content. Some can even put in a “creative” or unique design. To avoid this risk, aim to stand out in the content of your resume, not its design.

Project Manager Resume Examples Of 2022

The answer is no, not necessarily. If you’re an experienced TPM, it’s fine to go for two pages, as long as all the content you’re including is strong and relevant to the role. We can confirm this because many of the candidates who use our coaching service got their FAANG interviews using two-page resumes.

However, if you have only worked for a few years, or have just graduated, we recommend sticking to one page.

We recommend using this section for a TPM summary. The exact titles and order of the sections are open to debate, but we know that this approach works for companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, for both junior and experienced candidates.

Whether or not you follow exactly the categories we suggest, we highly recommend keeping these general layout/design tips in mind:

Senior Technical Program Manager Resume Sample

This section is not the place to try and impress. Just make sure you get your details in as few words as possible and avoid mistakes.

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Notice how the example above is very clean and easy to read. Follow these tips to achieve the same:

This is probably the most important part of your resume to get right, and the easiest to get wrong. Many candidates think that their work experience speaks for itself, and simply list their roles and some of their main responsibilities.

Technical Program Manager Resume

Instead of listing responsibilities, you need to talk about actions. This means starting each point with an action verb. These verbs should relate to the seven skills from section 1 that companies look for in TPM resumes (program management, facilitation, engineering, systems design, data analysis, leadership, communication). “Execute,” “Unlock,” “Led,” and “Delivery” are good examples of these verbs.

Cloud Project Manager Resume Sample

Choosing actions that relate to one of the seven essential skills of technical program managers will also mean that your resume contains the keywords that recruiters (and sometimes Applicant Tracking Systems) are looking for.

You should also focus on the results of what you did and quantify them as much as possible to highlight the tangible contributions you made. Former Google SVP Lazlo Bock talks about a common method of doing this that you might find useful, called the “X, Y, Z” formula.

Finally, balance is also important. Because a technical program manager role is quite multifaceted, it is important to demonstrate a range of skills in the work experience section.

Note how the candidate applies the above: use action verbs to talk about actions and achievements, quantify them when possible, and cover a range of skills.

Technology Project Manager Resume Samples

This section should be very short and clear. Hopefully your educational achievements can speak for you, as all you can really do here is present the necessary information with the right level of detail.

Note that if you are a recent graduate and only have internship experience, this section should follow the Personal Information section, and you may want to go into a bit more detail. Otherwise, you can put it after work experience.

The role of TPM requires a wide

Technical Program Manager Resume

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