Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business – This course represents the road for anyone who has dreamed of starting a resume writing business OR already has a resume job and is struggling to get it off the ground and surpass the $100,000 income mark.

In 1975, seven-year-old me was eating cereal out of the box at 6:00 a.m. and grumbling because I knew without a doubt I wouldn’t be a teacher because it was too early because it was too early to get up. I didn’t know yet how most professional and profitable careers would require similar start times!

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

Fast forward to 1997, when my 29-year-old self was leading a successful business and giving up my expensive office facade and bringing my 6-digit resume and career services job into my home. In the next two years I would be 100% virtual just to work by phone and email!

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The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to how much work can actually be done from home, but few allow you to determine your own income and working hours. Many are temporary accommodation for social distancing or quarantine.

In fact, I can barely count a resume writer using my system to start his own business sent me a picture of them in their furry slippers, feet up, as they closed a 4-digit sale on the phone!

Until 1996, I was bringing in $100,000+ as a resume writer thanks to the processes I created in packaging services and turned sales into an educational process. (Because who likes to sell?). At the time, I had a close ratio of 94-97% for expectations for all ages, incomes, and experience levels.

Shortly thereafter, I began sharing my strategies and expertise with resume writers and career coaches, which led to many happy successes and the founding of Career Director International in 2005. I have helped hundreds of career professionals from around the world. Successfully starting and growing new businesses and others to replenish existing businesses.

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Your script was like some kind of magic. He tried to give me his credit card while I was driving! In the past, they used to tell me they were driving as a way to hang up. However, using your tried-and-true method, driving was not a goal, as if I was giving away gold.

Using your methodology, I’m now closing sales at slightly more than double my previous prices. Your wisdom and guidance also allowed me to take a 2-week vacation while having the biggest income month of the year.

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I have hundreds of stories like this for my business consulting, courses, and CDI, but some of my favorites are told to me with great confidence:

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

“I keep raising my prices and they keep buying. I closed $11,000 last week, this is my highest ever.”

Jump Start Your Career With A Professional Certification — Insider Career Strategies Resume Writing & Career Coaching

“I wanted to let you know that we are aiming to break a million in sales this year as we have already surpassed $800,000.”

“Thanks for liking the photos of my new house by the river. I couldn’t have bought this without your coaching.”

Even during the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen resume writers with a system that has more work than they can do!

This is the perfect industry for an aspiring or talented writer because you make a great living while making a difference! You set your own prices and schedule! You just pick and choose to work with the clients and industries you love! You are your own boss!

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Starting a business on your own can be difficult. Just because you have a skill doesn’t mean you know how to build it profitably and be successful. For every person who succeeds in self-employment, at least four fail.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to start a resume writing business!

A proven system eliminates the unknown and gives you steps for success. You won’t be flying around in the seat of your pants wondering why this isn’t working.

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

When you have a system that shows you what works for each step, you have a HUGE advantage in achieving success.

Resume Writing Tips For 2022

I found CDI and Laura as I struggled to grow my career development business. While the business is stable, I wanted to take it to another level with personal branding. I must say that CDI and Laura’s tips completely changed the rules of the game! All kudos to Laura and CDI for the amazing, helpful and mind-blowing strategies that have helped my business grow 2X faster! Thank you so much Laura for everything you do!”

I’ve spent years putting together a system that I know will provide everything you need to start and grow a resume business with a chance to become a six-figure success story! Whether you’re just getting started or need a system to build your resume writing business, it’s all here!

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A must for your success, this group will allow you to ask questions and get support from other entrepreneurs and me. It also gives you first access to challenges, live events, announcements and more.

Download a PDF with a detailed outline of each lesson, worksheet, best practices, and tool made for you in the course.

Best Sales Resume Services You Should Hire In 2022

Although CDI has members from around the world and I personally coach clients around the world, it is important for me to note that these materials are based on US business systems. Everything is adaptable to different countries and will create a winning system for resume writers. However, some elements such as taxation and licensing may not apply.

Get essential hot seat coaching, support and strategy when you join me for this live group coaching event.

This bonus Kindle edition is only available to residents of the United States. If you see the Kindle book for your country on Amazon, we can try to send it, but we can’t guarantee it will work.

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

“The Resume Business Roadmap looks incredibly complete. For all this information, I would have paid twice as much at the beginning of my resume writing job. ”

What You Need To Start A Resume Writing Service Business

“I was absolutely amazed by the depth and breadth of resources for CV writing professionals (at CDI). Thank you to all of you and your team for doing such a great job and really working hard to ensure the success of resume writers!”

“CDI and Laura DeCarlo are the ‘Underdog Super Energy Pill’ we superheroes take to realize our career-changing achievements. There are tons of resources for concentrated success here, and anyone considering career services would better include CDI in their job planning and skills development regimen. “

I’ve worked hard to remove the guesswork from the process it takes to start a resume business so you can focus on serving all the customers you love while building a successful app. CDI and I don’t do anything halfway. When you start Resume Business Roadmap™, you are on your way to a profitable new career and a life that is entirely your own.

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Whether you’re just getting started or looking to grow your resume writing business exponentially, Resume Business Roadmap™ is your perfect guide.

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“Laura is among the most powerful and talented resources in the resume and career industry! As a coach, he has personally supported me, helping me achieve my business goals and find countless ways to serve my clients.

If you partner with him in his work as a coach or as the head of International Careers Directors, I can guarantee that you will make a GREAT INVESTMENT on your investment and that your job seeker clients will benefit from the new insights he has to offer on the CV. development, interview skills, confidential job market access and more. Note that I say this as a former recruiter; If I can learn something new from him, you can too!

Laura’s longtime experience as a resume writer, interview coach, and job search specialist means she has nothing she doesn’t see personally – and she willingly shares ALL those precious nuggets with other coaches and writers. He took the time to thoroughly analyze my business and offered the most helpful advice I’ve received in all my years of operation. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Starting Your Own Resume Writing Business

This course is designed to teach you the business side of being a profitable resume writer. It doesn’t teach resume writing beyond bonus lectures and Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition (US orders only guaranteed). Purchasing Resume Business Roadmap™ assumes you already know how to write a resume. Additional CV writing training can be obtained through self-study or when becoming a member of the parent organization, Career Director International. Resumes are often a job seeker’s first and last chance to make an impression on a potential employer. The services of qualified resume writers are especially in demand when the economy recovers from a slump and more people start looking for work.

Resume Writing Tips: Make Your Resume Stand Out

If you have resume writing experience or have an interest in becoming a certified resume writer, start a new career or

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