Software Technical Manager Resume

Software Technical Manager Resume – Use the slider below to see our amazing before and after review of this software engineering manager resume.

DIY tech resumes are often filled with dry technical details that lull the reader to sleep. While technical details are often important for key reasons (to make sure your resume performs in applicant tracking systems, aka ATS), as shown in this software engineer resume, There are ways that software developers can include a very important resume key while still being written. Attractive, achievement-rich resume.

Software Technical Manager Resume

Software Technical Manager Resume

As this resume is for a management-level candidate, the resume body focuses primarily on leadership and management achievements. The same strategy would be used for a software director resume or any director of engineering.

Software Engineer Manager Resume Sample

Technology details are listed in a separate section near the end of the resume. However, technical capabilities were important, so sufficient technical detail was retained in the experiment to convey the depth of the experiment in context. As you can see from the previous version of this software engineer resume, this is a complete change from the DIY approach.

Conservative color, shading, and thoughtful design help us include a great deal of information while still keeping the resume easy to read. The graphic on the front page will be skipped by ATS systems and the text inside it will disappear. While it’s impossible to tell without seeing the source file, we’ve taken the text that’s inside the graphic and placed it below the graphic. Although ATS will skip the graphic, it will “read” the text below it so that important points of application development and management are not missed.

Early military experience, which many employees value, is shown at the end of the resume, although without detail.

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Software Engineering Manager Resume

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Software Technical Manager Resume

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Engineering Manager Resume

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Senior It Manager Resume Example

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Hardware Systems Manager with extensive experience and knowledge of electrical engineering, audio technologies, and system integration. Building and integrating a broad portfolio of technologies. Hands on focus for fast execution from concept to shelf.

Managed team that designed, integrated, and licensed Beats Audio technology. Engagements include partnerships across all major platforms in mobile, automotive, and PC. Cultivate and manage opportunities with partners for new revenue opportunities.

Software Technical Manager Resume

Responsible for the successful development and launch of DTS licensed products, encoders/decoders and post-processing from concept to customer. Worked with major brands locally and internationally.

It Manager Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free Guide)

Led a team of developers and worked with marketing managers to come up with and execute mobile-optimized, device-driven marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands.

I managed the engineering teams responsible for our customer experiences, including our cloud and marketplace UI, as well as our public API and CLI.

I scaled the web team as it became our most popular customer platform. During this, I oversaw the transition of our codebase to a modern component-based architecture to allow better coordination with the design team. I managed the QA team and worked to formalize our agile process and reduce cycle time. I created the first formal internship program and supervised the first cohort.

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I formed a formal UI team and developed front-end coding standards. I’m leading the charge to roll out the new Relic role to effectively measure and monitor application performance. I helped improve the development process by transitioning from legacy source control to git and adding other complementary tools.

Software Engineering Manager Cover Letter Sample

I oversaw MVP development for mobile apps (Android, iOS), desktop site, API, and admin (full PHP). This includes managing full-time and contract resources both on-site and remotely. I worked directly with the CTO to manage timelines and resources. They were later (June 2014) acquired by Groupon.

I was hired as a front-end developer but left full out of necessity. I eventually became an HRIS specialist and was part of our major implementation. I was a core member of the team responsible for the Achievers Tech Talk, which became one of the largest tech conferences in Toronto. Achievements taught me the importance of employee recognition and company culture.

I was responsible for client implementation and analysis with email campaigns, surveys, AdWords, and SEO. I was part of the team responsible for the redesign of the site, including the new CMS.

Software Technical Manager Resume

Leads the Engineering and QA department consisting of 13 people working in three teams on website, online insurance products, and API development.

Technical Program Manager Looking For Resume Feedback! Recruiters/hiring Managers Not Seeing Me As

Worked as a software development manager on Elastic File System (EFS), AWS’s massively scalable elastic network block storage solution. Lead an internal team of software and systems engineers focused on operational excellence within the EFS Group. Developed tools and processes to maintain a highly available, highly durable storage system for a global customer base.

As a manager in the organization’s product engineering division, I worked closely with product and design colleagues to develop features and engineer the next generation of the InVision platform. I supported the rapid growth of the organization by hiring new engineers and managers, and leveling up my team members.

I worked on the digital content side of the NPR Network, focusing on member stations and their content creation tools. In this position I coordinated with station support, product-focused people, and others from NPR Digital to deliver tools and features that brought stations to the NPR network and enabled them to publish their content and Measure audience engagement.

Manage a team of software developers and testers that maintain the reputation of the e-commerce platform and business partner platforms in the industry. The team grew to 12 engineers through recruitment, training opportunities, team building and skill development. Interact with product, agile, and customer care teams to deliver new products, platform redesigns, and new partners.

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Software Engineering Manager Resume Samples

Managed a team of data analysts and developed a business intelligence tool with smart reporting and analytics used to guide product decisions and understand sales trends. Trained members in SQL, scripting, and coordinated with vendors on rollout and product training.

Software engineering on the flagship e-commerce platform as well as partner sites and products in the travel insurance industry, while still supporting the legacy platform. Worked closely as an architect on several new initiatives including the development of a basic MVC framework, and a framework for defining insurance products and rules using a custom DSL and rule-driven engine.

Responsible for the development, deployment, and training of data collection and reporting systems primarily for K-12 environments. Developed charting and data analysis tools for teachers to assess student achievement, intervention level areas, and track scores based on longitudinal standards. Also worked as a consultant to school districts on ETL-related tasks for the annual submission of standards-based student scores to the Department of Education.

Software Technical Manager Resume

Worked as system administrator for two main offices and three satellite offices (schools), maintaining network equipment, servers, and client deployments. Played active role in two construction projects for magnet schools, building and supporting network infrastructure including video distribution, wireless networks, and 500+ client desktop/laptop deployments. Developed internal web-based tools for issue tracking and time tracking for consulting work done in school districts.

Free Software Engineering Manager Resume Sample

I took over as manager in August. I had the privilege of empowering a growing number of engineers in the new office through many technical and cultural changes. I also helped lead the team for major APIs and product migrations in the first year of the acquisition.

I moved from years of experience in a .NET enterprise environment to a Rails startup environment. I was able to apply many of the design principles I learned at NCARB (DDD, distributed system design, etc.) to guide a small team.

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