Software Engineer Resume Review

Software Engineer Resume Review – You are good at writing code; You don’t want to waste too much time figuring out how to write a resume.

We’ve analyzed countless developer resumes and come up with nine of the best software engineer resume examples that will help you land interviews in 2022.

Software Engineer Resume Review

Software Engineer Resume Review

This guide will give you some software developer resume templates that you can download and make your own, or you can use our new Word resume templates or Google resume templates. This resume has helped developers land jobs at top tech companies like Google, Uber, and Twilio.

Evolution Of Resumes

When you apply for an engineering job at a company, the first person to look at your resume is not that person. Companies use something called an applicant tracking system (ATS) to filter most applicants for a role based on keyword matches.

If you pass this step, your resume will be reviewed by a non-technical recruiter. Then finally, the technical hiring manager will look at your resume.

How can you write a resume that will get you through all these hoops for the first interview? This guide is designed to help you!

We’ve analyzed countless resumes from software engineers and distilled what works and what doesn’t to get your foot in the door.

Qa Engineer Resume Example

The skills section is an important part of your software engineer resume. This will make or break whether you get past the first stage of resume review, aka the dreaded ATS scan.

Your skills section should not be a laundry list of frameworks and programming languages. Don’t try to include anything you’re not particularly comfortable coding; Just reading about Java is not enough to have it in your skills section.

To help guide you on what you should and shouldn’t include, we’ve put together a list of skills for software engineers to put on your resume.

Software Engineer Resume Review

The worst thing is that you claim knowledge of a programming language and then can’t answer basic questions about that language in an interview. It is much better to have real expertise in one programming language than to claim knowledge of 10 different languages.

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Software Engineer Resume Review

Good hiring companies know that quality engineers can learn new frameworks as needed. If you list every programming language under the sun, that’s a huge red flag to a technical person reviewing your resume.

There are a few options for organizing your skills section on your resume. First, you can organize them according to your skill level. You are “advanced” vs. “familiar” or “expert” vs. Can use classifications like “Working knowledge”.

Next, you can organize them according to the type of skill you are discussing. So you can isolate the programming languages ​​you know, frameworks, tools and databases you use.

Finally, you can list the programming languages ​​you know and include frameworks related to the language you use. You can include your experience by listing your years of experience in that language. This is useful for recruiters, but it can take up a lot of space on your resume, so make sure your resume format allows for a longer skills section.

Php Developer Resume Sample

Threading the needle of making your resume ATS readable, HR readable and technical hiring manager readable is no easy task. In short, try to quantify your success without getting into the weeds (though not too broad).

The most important resume formatting tip you should internalize is that your resume should be one page. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing your resume. They won’t read your novel.

I don’t know what it is about some software engineers, but in my time running a technical recruiting agency, 90 percent of the five-page (?!?!) resumes I came across were from developers. If you do, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Software Engineer Resume Review

It’s hard to fit all your projects and work accomplishments on one page, but remember, you’re more than your resume. Recruiters understand this and know that if a resume looks good at first, they may ask more questions in the interview.

Expert Remote Software Engineer Resume Examples

Your goal with your resume isn’t just to include your best talking points; This is also to make the reviewer’s life as easy as possible. Make sure you don’t include a paragraph of text to make it easier to read. Break up your expected paragraphs into single ideas that are more compelling to the reader.

Your bullet points should be self-contained, so you don’t need periods after each point. In each of your work experiences, keep your stress consistent.

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If you are talking about your past roles in the past, talk about all your past positions in the past.

Also avoid singular pronouns and don’t use “I” or “we”. Including these pronouns can come off as a bit unprofessional, so avoid them altogether.

Mid Level Software Engineer Resume For Review

For example, instead of saying, “I worked on building a back-end for a project,” you should say, “Worked on building a back-end for a project.” There are many clever ways to avoid saying “I”.

Finally, please review all grammar and spelling. Don’t give someone an easy excuse to put you in “No.” I’ve seen this happen to many great software engineers; Don’t be one of them, and instead use our resume checker to catch typos and punctuation errors.

Your name should be featured prominently at the top of the resume. Your contact information should include the following information:

Software Engineer Resume Review

Under your name, you should include a title. This title should always be the job you are applying for. So, if your current title is “Software Engineer” and you are applying for a senior engineering role, your title should be “Senior Software Engineer”.

Data Engineer Resume Sample And Template

And even if you already know to review your resume for typos, triple-check your contact section for typos. We once had a great engineer misspell his email and even though he was perfect for the role he was applying for, the company couldn’t contact him so he didn’t get an interview!

This may seem like a lot of information to cover, but you can condense it. Here is a good example:

What you include in the education section of your resume can vary depending on whether you’re applying for an entry-level software engineering role or a more senior role.

First, always include the school you attended, the year you graduated, and your major. If you have a minor or specific concentration, include it.

Java Software Engineer Resume Sample

If you’re applying for anything other than an entry-level role, that’s all you should include in your education section. why Because real estate is valuable on a resume, and your work experience and projects will tell more about your qualifications than your GPA or the courses you took in college.

Let’s say you’re applying for a software engineering internship or looking for your first full-time role. In that case, your learning curve will be wider because it’s the only signal that you know how to code at this point in your career.

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For entry-level applicants, you may want to mention relevant courses for the role you are applying for. For software engineering roles, this means any classes related to software engineering. Took a database class? Include it. Completed an algorithm design course? Make sure it’s on the resume. You get the idea.

Software Engineer Resume Review

You want to present your strongest assets front and center on the resume. Now, as for GPA, you should only include it if it’s good and you’re applying for an entry-level developer role. My rule of thumb is if your GPA is above 3.2, include it. Otherwise, skip it.

Research Software Engineer Resume Sample

Unless it is done extremely well, we strongly recommend that you do not include a summary or objective section in your software engineer resume. why Because they rarely, if ever, provide meaningful information to the person reviewing your resume. Let’s break down a typical objective statement I see on a resume:

I have 3+ years of experience and am looking to leverage my Django skills to work on challenging problems as a Senior Software Engineer.

The person reviewing this resume has not learned any new information. Their 3+ years of experience should be shown in their work experience. Django expertise should also be highlighted in their work experience and skills, and their desire for a “Senior Software Engineer” role should be reflected in their title.

Include a resume objective only if you take the time to meaningfully customize it for each role. We’ve compiled over 100 resume objective examples to give you some inspiration.

Software Engineer Resume

Remember, recruiters typically only look at your resume for six seconds. Don’t waste their valuable time on anything that doesn’t reveal new information about why you’re a good fit for the role.

Your cover letter should discuss anything unique to your situation (for example, you’re making a career change) in your cover letter or where you can clearly state what you’re looking for in your next role. .

The work experience section is, without a doubt, the most important section on your resume. This is not the place to be humble. Show off the good work you’ve done

Software Engineer Resume Review

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