Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf – JANE MITCHELL Digital and Social Copywriting Certified Professional +1-555-0100 [email protected] Atlanta, GA Experience Content Manager and Social Media Manager Wyman Ltd 2015 – Ongoing Atlanta, GA Wyman Ltd is a platform that leverages remittance, e-wallet, and loyalty under a comprehensive payment solution platform. Increased all engagement KPIs in 20K Facebook members ground by 120% in the first 3 months of work via partnerships with local suppliers and improved content guidelines Conducted 3-month user interviews to craft actionable customer personas, contributing to a 55% increase in social media advertising ROI for the marketing department Collaborate with developers and designers to launch a custom quiz platform that increased first trial user registration by 228% Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist Schmeler 2011 – 2015 Atlanta, GA Schmeler is located in Plovdiv and offers a variety of photo services. – Studio, Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Food Photography Coordination of marketers, developers, BA, and data science departments to design and launch a viral social media campaign for millennials that resulted in a 350% increase in trial accounts compared to two years ago combined Restructured the media marketing department social media to reduce turnover by 35%, increase time-to-market by 80% for all social media campaigns, and facilitate a data-driven approach at all levels. Managed a $2M social media budget to run 4 successful viral campaigns, facilitated partnerships with 7 out of the top 10 industry brands, and forge ongoing media relations with niche social media influencers of 200M combined followership. Lessard Social Media Specialist 2007 – 2011 Atlanta, GA Lessard’s mission is to inspire talented young female professionals to become leaders in a challenging labor market. It aims to promote a culture of friendship, solidarity and information sharing. Lessard organizes showcase events to introduce highly accomplished female talent to young professionals; workshop to develop soft skills such as public speaking; and networking events where young professionals can make lasting connections and share ideas. As a team leader, I led 8 members and monitored the social media team’s target performance Recognized as “Most Improved Editor” for Q3, nearly doubled average from 4.37 to 7.84 Generated $30,000 in sales in first 3 months of operation Achievement Managed. $2M social media budget and launched 4 successful viral campaigns that brought in $8M in new business. Forge ongoing media relations with social media influencers of a total of 200M followership. Transformed marketing department to increase the number of social media campaign pilots by 400% without spending additional funds. Education BA Professional Communication RMIT University 2002 – Ongoing training / School AWARD Association AWARD Course, 2011 Power of Web Search Google Inc., 2012 Adobe Photoshop CAE, 2014 Zappier buffer skills Google Ads LinkedIn Ads Facebook Ads www. Powered by

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“Every young person with a Snapchat account considers themselves a social media manager these days.” -Reddit And you know what? They are right.

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

Any other job posting gets 200+ resumes on average, and that’s a lot. But the social media manager job is a whole other beast.

Digital Marketing Resume Examples For 2022

The barrier to entry is so low that sometimes your social media manager continues to compete with thousands of others.

Don’t be afraid. Not all of them read this guide, and even fewer of them take the time to update their resumes.

We selected the following resumes from successful candidates. Browse below what makes them worthy of an interview invitation, and, if you want to use it as language for your resume, just click the button.

How to write a Social Media Manager resume that gets more interviews Put your SMM skills and business results in the same context

Digital Marketing Resume Example [free Template Included!]

Social Media Managers who achieve business results through their work are the 24K gold of marketing. Anyone can post on Pinterest or schedule weekly tweets on Buffer. But share how your Pinterest knowledge landed new signups for local tire business and you are in the top 1% of the bunch.

Good example: Launched a Pinterest “Tires or Tires” campaign that received 320 new inquiries for a local tire business and increased monthly revenue by 170%.

Increase social media engagement. Configure a Facebook ad campaign. Write an onboarding newsletter. A Hiring manager will see something like that in every second SMM resume. How about user behavior studies, psychological evaluation of the audience, real-time engagement data visualization? Prove that you have these skills through context and you’re golden.

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

Good example: Developed a real-time dashboard to track engagement and brand mentions during a viral SMM campaign, helping the outbound sales department increase conversions by 15%.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide ·

Make your resume scannable by combining headers and custom sections. Use white space and color to direct recruiters’ attention. Use bold text to emphasize your results. If you’ve worked as a social media manager for years, a classic reverse chronological resume works. Your work experience should be front and center, as it will show that you have what it takes. On the other hand, if you’re like most applicants and your social media experience comes from a lot of formal and informal work over time, a hybrid resume might work better. This is when you emphasize your skills while also including your work experience.

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Your social media manager resume should demonstrate that you can save time, increase revenue, and increase engagement for your clients or employers.

As a social media manager, you are expected to be meticulous. Those 100 perfect posts mean nothing if the 101st one has an embarrassing mistake.

Simply, you need your name, contact information (phone and professional email), and location (city is enough) as a baseline. But a good boss also has a website that showcases your social media skills and certifications.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Sample

In other words, before the hiring manager even gets past the boss, they can see that you are confident and qualified.

There you have two resume headers from the same person, but each leaves a very different impression.

If your social media management experience is spread across many different jobs, nonwork experiences, etc.

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

Also, you need to show that you can write well and an interesting professional summary or resume objective is the ideal place to do that in a resume.

Project Manager Resume [2022]

5+ years of social media management experience focusing mainly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Adepts learn and understand brands from a marketing and business perspective, resulting in the ability to work with little need for direct management. Successfully growing active customer base by an average of 12.5% ​​per month and translating the growth into an average of 15% increase in revenue for both B2B and B2C clients.

This summary focuses on hitting the pain points most people have when hiring a social media manager. It specifically mentions saving time (by working independently), increasing engagement, and increasing revenue. Throughout, it avoids “I” statements and uses specificity when possible.

I am an experienced social media manager familiar with all platforms and many different types of businesses. I can grow followers up to 10k per month because I have done this for several clients before.

This summary commits some of the cardinal sins of social media management. First, it promises to increase subscribers by a specific amount without mentioning engagement (usually a red flag for a fake account). Next, it is vague about where the applicant’s actual skills lie.

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Restaurant Manager Resume & Writing Guide

In a discussion about how to get hired as a freelance social media manager, an experienced professional had this to say:

Be ready to show how you build big and more importantly, get engaged… they need a reason to choose you over thousands of others… The barrier to entry is very low, so you need to be able to show that you are truly an expert with experience and results.

That’s the purpose of your work experience section: show you’ve gotten results so the hiring manager has a reason to hire you. Figure out what the person’s needs are and the company in general and frame your experience to show that you can meet those needs.

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

Below are two examples describing exactly the same work experience, see what the difference framing makes:

Marketing Manager Resume + Writing Guide

Increased the quality of incoming B2B leads by 40% in 6 months by engaging in LinkedIn, Reddit, and Facebook groups.

Use Buffer, Zapier, and Trello to automate about 60% of your daily social media posts without sacrificing quality.

Learn photoshop to create custom banners and other images for use in campaigns, resulting in a 15% boost in engagement.

In other words, in three short bullets, these candidates have shown that they can check all the main boxes most hiring managers have for social media managers.

Entry Level Project Manager Resume Example For 2022

It falls flat, not sure to prove a single one of the three critical points mentioned above. They “increased the lead” but by how much? They are automatic activities, but what is the end? They use photoshop, but what does that tell us about them?

There is no BA in Social Media Management out there, so a college degree is usually not a prerequisite. A hiring manager is far more concerned about your proven experience than education.

Still, if you have a related degree in something like marketing, communications, or business management, it’s worth mentioning. If you recently graduated, include some details about what you studied or accomplished during your education. Otherwise, simply list

Social Media Manager Resume Pdf

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