Simple Resume Using Html And Css

Simple Resume Using Html And Css – There are many tutorials on how to write a developer resume, but very few resources for creating one. Google “resume template” and you’re left wading through piles of ugly Word documents that break as soon as you make a single change. If the layout isn’t exactly what you wanted, you either need to keep searching or create your own.

Web developers are familiar with HTML for structuring documents and CSS for styling them. Why not use these technologies to create a resume?

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

At-rule is supported by IE 8 (released in 2009)! Styling a CV with CSS is remarkably easy. As an added bonus, you get two outputs: HTML and PDF, and using

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Queries, you can style them differently. This means that if you want to put your resume on your personal website or GitHub pages, you can! You can even add some JavaScript to make it interactive.

I wrote html-resume-template to make this process even easier for developers. It comes with a classic sidebar template and uses a combination of them

To save page changes after page refresh. Here is a sample screenshot of the Google Chrome output:

When we think of CSSZenGarden, there is a lot of variation that can come simply from changing styles alone. I hope to see download requests with new themes and layouts to give job seekers even more choice and flexibility in showcasing themselves and their work. Although a resume alone cannot get you the job you want, a good resume can make a significant difference. Your resume is your first impression. So if you spend some time perfecting your resume, the effort will be well worth it.

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A simple black and white format is still the most professional way to write a good CV. But having a nice looking online version can add a nice touch to your portfolio. You can add it to your personal website and share it with potential recruiters.

Especially if you’re applying for a front-end developer role, this way you can showcase your knowledge of HTML and CSS.

So I recently created a resume template that I plan to use myself. In this article I am sharing this template with you. You can build your own CV from it. You can also customize your CV with small changes.

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

Desktop and mobile view of resume | Screenshot captured by author | Profile photo by Daria Shevtsová from Pexels

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As you can see in the picture, the resume is divided into two parts. Sidebar for profile picture, contact information, skills and references. The second part contains about me, experience, education and awards. So HTML has two parts. Inside we will create two parts and

The two main sections are divided into two grid layouts in CSS. When the desktop is displayed, the continuation takes up 80% of the screen. The biography is divided into seven grids. The side panel has two grids and the main part has five grids.

In the main section, Experience, Education and Awards are divided into two even grids. For example, experience has two sections, one for company name and time period, and another for position and description.

I have not shared the code here because the code is relatively large. Both HTML and CSS contain more than 200 lines of code. Reading the code directly from here can be a daunting experience for you. So I decided to share the code via GitHub.

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You can find the source code in the GitHub repository. You can clone the repository and start editing yourself. You can even simply copy the code, paste it into your own files and start customizing. Here is the GitHub repository:

ResumeLorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Soluta quae aliquid ab tempore deleniti modi animi facere…

You can add this resume to your own website. Having a personal website is a must for developers these days. A well-designed bio section can help your website stand out even more. You can also make your CV available in PDF format using suitable tools. I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​creating an HTML version of my resume that looks just like the paper version of it for a while.

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

As a web eloper, I thought it would be great to send my resume as an HTML file instead of a PDF or Word document. It would be original and help show some of the things I could do.

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Note: While creating an HTML CV can be a great project to complete and add a fun factor to the recruitment process, it may not be that practical. Especially considering that most recruiting sites don’t support HTML uploads.

Mimicking my paper resume in HTML was relatively easy, then I took it a step further and added some interactivity:

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It looked good, but I already had a paper version of that resume. Even with some interactivity it looked a bit off

And he didn’t have everything he needed. I also wasn’t using all the possibilities that HTML and CSS provided.

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Why limit it to looking like a boring paper version? Or be (semi)static HTML? Or even have a single visualization? Why is it only “people friendly” if most resumes are going to be processed by machines?

I came out with a new version of the resume, and this time it had more bells and whistles: an interactive experience that, when printed, looked just like my regular paper resume. Here’s a sample:

The idea is that a resume is equal parts presentation (points 1 and 2) and data (points 3, 4 and 5). If a resume is visually appealing to a human reader, there are more opportunities to grab attention. At the same time, resumes are commonly processed by computers, so their appeal to the machine reader is also a big part.

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

One of the big changes in HTML5 was the inclusion of many semantic tags. elopers don’t have to stick

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(which you should also use). The resume allows the use of other semantic tags that are not so common, such as:

. These are not new HTML5 tags, but they are also important. One common mistake is using groups

…I should consult the listings myself since I made this mistake leaving out my HTML resume 😬

If for a “paper resume” it is important not to make spelling or grammatical errors, for the web version it is also important to structure the content correctly. Don’t forget:

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Properly structuring your content will be incredibly helpful in editing it. But remember: you want your resume to look good in plain HTML (without CSS). That way, if something goes wrong with the styles, you’ll still have something viable.

Now that we have our HTML structured and built, it’s time to add some magic via CSS. I know it may sound like a

Highlight in “your”. This section should be you. I can describe how I made mine, but then it wouldn’t be personal to you. In the end, you are the one who has to come up with the design and apply it.

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

…unless that’s what you want to go with. This is your creative moment again. Do what you think is right (just make sure it’s accessible on the web.)

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Combination Resume Guide [w/ Templates & Examples]

For mine, I chose a relatively simple card style with diagonal cuts where the information scrolls up or down depending on which section is active (keep reading for more info).

We don’t use any JavaScript, so adding interactivity will be a bit of a challenge… but it can be done.

The trick is to use visually hidden form elements—especially radio buttons or checkboxes—to store the state of the document, keeping track of which section should be visible at any given time. You can then enable/disable inputs using labels that target them.

This is something I’ve done before when making CSS games. It may take some time to get used to, but it will be good practice for CSS and will help you learn a lot about selectors and modifiers.

How To Add A Resume Or Employment History Section To Your Website With Css (section 4)

Keep in mind that the more radio groups you have, the more complex the site will be.

We have a nice looking interactive resume, but if the user tries to print it, it doesn’t look great. Solution: Edit the printed version in a different way than the on-screen version.

There we can define anything, different positions, views, colors… anything that CSS allows. But with a print media rule, elopers can specify much more, such as some default printer settings: page size, margins, page breaks, orphan and widow checking, etc.

Simple Resume Using Html And Css

One of the things I struggled with was page size. And that is important. While screens work in pixels, printers don’t, and if we don’t use the correct paper size, we may not get the expected result. In the US, “letter” would be the most common, but you can enter others such as A4 or specific v values

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I wrote an article about the importance of metadata on websites (so they don’t get “tangled”). Contains information about metadata and microdata (see

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