Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

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Why do I need a resume if I have a LinkedIn profile? I can apply through LinkedIn, easily share my profile online, and even generate a resume from LinkedIn with a few clicks.

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

You need both a resume and a LinkedIn profile because they have some significant differences in purpose, design, formatting, style, and tone.

Should My Linkedin Profile Match My Resume?

Your CV and LinkedIn profile should work together and tell the same story, just in different ways. As such, you should add your resume to LinkedIn and include your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume.

Let’s look at some major differences between a resume and a LinkedIn profile so you know why you shouldn’t replace one with the other.

The first thing any job search expert would tell you about resumes is that they are tailored specifically to the jobs you are applying for.

You have to strike a balance of being relevant to a particular industry while at the same time not being too narrow in focus.

How To Answer

If you narrow the target audience of your LinkedIn profile too much by limiting information on your profile, your professional network will not grow.

On the contrary, if you keep the focus on your CV as broad as your LinkedIn, you will not be seen as the perfect fit for a job.

Upon your application, your CV will likely be sent through an applicant tracking system and then (hopefully) to the hiring manager’s inbox.

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

If you have an interview and want to adjust a few things on your LinkedIn profile to better fit the role, edit it.

Different Ways To Job Search On Linkedin

Your LinkedIn profile “About” section can host 2600 characters. That’s Mount Everest compared to what you can use for a summary on your resume.

On LinkedIn, you have much more space to include more details. You can include all of your experience, accomplishments, achievements, skills, certification, honors, awards, volunteer work, hobbies and even personal interests.

Your CV should contain only the most valuable and relevant information. Your achievements, experience and other details should be shown accurately.

These features provide us with a way to back up any professional claims we make in our “About” and Experience sections.

How To Put Linkedin On A Resume (examples & Guide)

For example, if you claim that you tripled the conversion rate of a marketing campaign for your previous employer, a glowing recommendation from them would certainly cement the authenticity of your claim.

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Another major difference between a resume and a LinkedIn profile is the extent of formality in their structure and wording.

On LinkedIn you have much more freedom and flexibility in language use, design, formatting and styling than on a CV.

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

In your LinkedIn “About” section, you can delve much deeper into your professional life than is possible on a resume summary section.

According To Hiring Managers, 1 Part Of Your Linkedin Profile And Resume Should Be Identical

You also have the option of using other rich media formats in your “Featured” section of your LinkedIn profile.

You can add some visual elements to your resume if you choose to use a graphic resume. But then you risk not being recognized by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

It will save you time in the long run. It will also save money if you plan to hire a writer.

This way, they don’t have to consult with you twice about all your professional information, which saves you time and money.

What Not To Include In A Resume: 15 Things To Remove Right Away

You have two options for creating both of these documents. You can perfect your CV and then use that as a guide for your LinkedIn profile. You can easily expand on sections of your profile as you need.

Or you can create your LinkedIn profile first. Treat your profile as a master resume with all the information about your professional life.

Then you can generate a resume directly from LinkedIn. But then you have to edit, rework and reformat it so it reads like a resume, not a LinkedIn profile.

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

For all the reasons above, we suggest having both a resume and a Linkedin profile for your job search.

Do I Need A Cover Letter? Are Cover Letters Necessary In 2022

If you already have a LinkedIn profile and are trying to create one from a resume, well, we’re not going to tell you that’s okay.

We have professional resume writers who can help you with a resume and an updated LinkedIn profile for your job search.

If you’re not currently looking for a job, but need a LinkedIn update to attract business to yourself or the company you work for, we can help with that too! You can also check out the Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services. In this comprehensive article, we answer all your questions about whether your CV and LinkedIn profile should be the same.

We also detail the key differences to consider when creating or summarizing your LinkedIn profile and CV.

How To Create An Infographic Resume Plus Templates And Examples

Your LinkedIn profile should not be the same as your resume. There are many variations in the way LinkedIn profiles and CVs should be structured, written and prepared. The key differences include content, tense and tone. CVs should be more formal and they are usually written in the third person, unlike LinkedIn profiles which should be less formal and written in the first person. However, your LinkedIn profile and CV should convey both your expertise and your value as a professional.

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Since LinkedIn is a form of social media where your goal is to build personal relationships with professionals, you should use a more informal writing style on the platform.

On the other hand, your resume should be more formal because you are not trying to create relationships with the reader. Instead, you simply try to convey your skills, experiences and achievements in the most professional way.

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

CVs and resumes are usually written in the third person. There are a number of benefits to using third parties on resumes and resumes.

What Are Ux Resumes?

One of the main benefits is that it allows recruiters to focus on your skills as a candidate, rather than your personality. Because third person is used without pronouns on CVs, it also makes the writing less repetitive.

If you are trying to build relationships on LinkedIn, third parties would have a very negative impact on your chances of success.

Unlike the third person, the first person is much more personal. It reads as if you are speaking directly to the reader. Third person appears far away on your LinkedIn profile, as if someone else is writing about you.

Both CVs and LinkedIn profiles start with a summary. However, LinkedIn profile summaries and CV summaries should be significantly different in how they are written and structured.

How To Reach Out To A Recruiter On Linkedin

CV and resume summaries are usually referred to as professional profiles or personal statements. These summaries should be short and to the point, approximately 50 – 100 words in length. In just a few sentences, they should convey your unique selling points and why you are the ideal candidate for the role.

LinkedIn profile summaries, on the other hand, should be longer and more detailed. LinkedIn profile summaries have a 2,000 character limit, which equates to approximately 320 words. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to include 2,000 characters, but you should use a lot of the available character space to sell yourself.

Start by introducing yourself. Use the first two or three sentences to explain who you are, what you do, and what industry you operate in.

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Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

Explain how to achieve positive results. Use some bullet points to highlight this key information. Try to focus on your biggest career successes.

Tools To Show You’re A Match For Job On Resume Or Resume Template

Using bullet points or symbols, explain a number of key projects or tasks you’ve worked on.

Close your resume with a strong call to action. Tell readers to get in touch with you if they want to know more about you.

Use special characters, symbols and symbols in your LinkedIn profile to draw attention to key areas.

Touch only the most relevant information, such as what you do and how you can add value to companies.

What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2018

As you can see, there are several differences in the way LinkedIn profile summaries and CV/resume summaries should be prepared. Be sure to take this into account when writing your respective summaries.

Photographs are not expected on CVs and CVs for applications in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.

However, all LinkedIn profiles should have a professional profile photo – a headshot of you on your best day.

Should Your Linkedin Match Your Resume

Wear appropriate clothing, the type of clothing you would wear when you are at work. Smile at the camera and be confident. Don’t forget to avoid unprofessional backgrounds, like nightclubs and pubs!

Introducing How You Match On Linkedin Jobs

The reason for using keyword optimization techniques on your resume or CV is to ensure that you rank high in ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), a type of recruitment software that HR departments use to filter and rank CVs. Optimizing your resume for ATS includes entering the most important keywords in the appropriate areas of your resume and formatting your resume professionally.

The reason to use keyword optimization techniques on LinkedIn is to generate more traffic to your profile. This includes implementing relevant keywords in the right sections of your profile, as well as using other optimization techniques, which we will detail below.

Unlike CVs, which are crawled by ATS, LinkedIn profiles are crawled

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