Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume – A 2018 study found that recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds reviewing each resume they receive. When you’re applying for a job, you only have a short period of time to catch the recruiter’s attention – so your resume needs to pack a punch.

How do you create a memorable, impressive resume that will help you land more interviews in 2021? One of the simplest and most effective strategies is to quantify the results achieved using numbers and data. We discuss this concept in more detail below.

Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

According to the aforementioned study, many hiring managers prefer to see resumes with bulleted lists of accomplishments in the work experience section. These bullet points should be short, small and easy to skim for quick reading. The most memorable and effective bullet points include examples of your past accomplishments quantified by specific metrics, as in the resume example below.

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Notice how each bullet refers to specific numbers (eg, “reduced development costs by 25 percent”) in relation to the candidate’s accomplishments. These points are great examples

The more quantifiable accomplishments you can include on your resume, the more you’ll stand out in the eyes of a recruiter.

When writing your resume, you should always choose the numbers that are most appropriate and relevant to your industry, whether it’s the amount of revenue you’ve generated, costs you’ve reduced, or processes you’ve streamlined for greater efficiency. Here are some of the best—and easiest—ways to make your resume count:

Ultimately, every recruiter thinking about hiring you wants to know: can you add to their bottom line? Will you become a profitable addition to their company? Showing past employers how you’ve generated revenue, increased sales, reduced costs, or increased profit can make you a highly desirable job candidate.

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Of course, this metric works best with sales and business positions that directly generate revenue—not all jobs can be quantified this way. But if you can measure your impact in the number of dollars you’ve brought in, don’t be shy about saying so.

You should aim to quantify most of your bullet points with numbers, metrics and data. I recommend trying the tool below to check if your resume makes enough use of numbers, dates, and quantifiable accomplishments. It’s a good litmus test to see if you’ve ticked all the boxes from a hiring manager’s perspective.

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You can use this versatile metric for any job where you’ve made a difference. If you’ve worked in marketing or a similar position, you can discuss how you’ve increased your brand’s readership or audience size. Or in a customer service job, you might talk about how you’ve reduced customer complaints or negative online reviews. If you don’t know the exact percentage of change you’ve achieved, it’s okay to give your best estimate.

Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

You can also give examples where you have improved processes or working conditions. Increasing productivity, employee satisfaction, and other aspects of the workplace can have a big impact for companies, so these are valid metrics to list on your resume.

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You know the saying – time is money. Saving a company valuable time can be just as significant to the bottom line as directly saving money, making it a great thing to quantify on your resume. You can do this on a small scale by detailing the number of hours you’ve saved by streamlining the efficiency of your own projects, or on a larger scale by estimating the total number of man-hours you’ve saved for your company.

Leading a team of two or planning a dinner party for 5 people is very different from overseeing a department of 500 people or organizing an event for 200 attendees. Show the hiring manager the extent of your accomplishments by including quantifiable metrics such as your department size, event, budget, or dataset.

You can also focus on quantifying the work done – for example, the number of projects completed, the number of employees on board, or the number of training delivered. It doesn’t have to be an exact number – it’s a good idea to give a range or an approximate figure.

It’s one thing to say you’re a dedicated employee, but it’s quite another to have the numbers to back it up. If you’ve been promoted ahead of time, routinely go out of your way to help, or have overtime records to make sure important deadlines are met—and you don’t mind doing the same in your next job—go ahead and include those accomplishments.

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Hopefully, you are now starting to see how powerful a tool these quantified bullet points can be. They convey confidence and send a strong message to hiring managers about your ability to excel in the job.

But let’s say you already have a resume that’s riddled with unquantified bullets. Don’t worry – you don’t have to scrap the entire document and start over! Instead, you can rework each point, fill in more detail, and add those specific numbers to illustrate what you’ve accomplished.

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Let’s look at some “before and after” examples to show you how to convert weaker, unquantified bullets into stronger, quantified ones. Weaker examples are vague and non-specific, while stronger examples are much clearer and more detailed.

Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

Examples are always helpful, so here’s a collection of resume bullet points that are properly quantified and handpicked from successful resumes.

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Pay close attention to the metrics and numbers used to quantify individual bullet points. As we discussed above, effective metrics can be dollar amounts (eg sales, revenue), size of user teams (eg employees worked with), or percentages.

Hiring managers don’t just want to hear about your talents and abilities; they want to see proof of what you’ve actually accomplished in the past. They want to know that you have made a positive impact in your previous jobs and that you are capable of doing excellent work.

When you quantify your accomplishments on your resume with specific numbers, you’re not just making empty claims about your skills and experience—you’re backing up your claims with evidence. Quantified accomplishments are much more meaningful and specific than vague statements about what you were “responsible for” in your previous job, and can also help set you apart from your competition.

When you quantify your successes, you don’t always need to know the exact number of dollars you’ve brought in or the percentage of growth you’ve generated. If this is the case, don’t panic – all you have to do is give your best guess.

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For example, if you upgraded some machines and made your company’s operations more efficient, you can estimate how many hours of work these new machines will save per week. To take it a step further, you can multiply this weekly work time by the employee’s average hourly wage to get a rough idea of ​​how much money the machines have saved.

In certain jobs, such as those where you help coach, mentor, and lead other people, it can be challenging to come up with tangible, measurable accomplishments to list on your resume. In these cases, you can focus on metrics like the number of clients you’ve served or new team members you’ve hired.

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If you don’t already have a lot of work experience, focus your resume on all the relevant experience you’ve had—it could be courses you’ve taken in school, internships you’ve done, or extracurricular projects you’ve done. Recruiters know that these activities are valuable learning experiences and often teach you transferable job skills.

Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

List these experiences on your resume as if they were jobs, creating bullet points for each as shown in the example below. List accomplishments that can be quantified, such as the number of donors you’ve generated, networking events you’ve organized, or students who’ve attended your trainings.

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If you’re not sure what skills to add to your CV, use the tool below to find the role you’re applying for. It will let you know which skills are relevant to the job you are applying for and which ones to add to the skills sections.

Some successes are easier to quantify than others. If you’ve worked in sales, finance, or anything else that’s based on numbers, it should be fairly easy to find ways to quantify your successes. But what about people who work in positions that are not so easily quantified?

Instead of adding numbers that don’t relate to your top achievements just for the sake of data, try these strategies:

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Should You Spell Out Numbers In A Resume

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