Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

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Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

Q: I’ve been told that I’m really pretty, and I know I get points for that. Since I need to positively impact the hiring process in any way I can, I want to include my photo on my resume. can i

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There are many types of bias in the workplace, and you’re right that good-looking people get an advantage. Studies have shown what we knew to be anecdotally true.

According to international resume standards, photos are fine. These international resumes (we usually call them CVs) may include other personal information such as marital status, number of children, age, nationality and citizenship status. However, in the United States, we are not included

Why not? In the United States, we have many rules and regulations to prevent bias. Employers should not use gender, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, or similar factors in hiring decisions. Doing so could expose them to claims of favoritism and discrimination, which is bad and expensive publicity.

Of course, many of these factors can be inferred from the information on the resume itself—for example, your gender and ethnicity may be inferred from your name, while your age may be inferred from the date you graduated from college or law school. Your companion can be deduced. In addition, your ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation may be inferred from membership in affiliated organizations or volunteering at mission-driven nonprofit organizations.

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There is a real difference between including information on your resume that allows an employer to infer these things (such as being elected president of the Women’s Law Student Association at your law school) and including a photo.

It can certainly seem like a fine line. But here’s the key: ask yourself if the information you’re about to enter is a legitimate part of your nomination. Of course, this is a question you should always ask yourself when considering whether or not to include information on your resume!

So let’s do that analysis here. What does it mean to include your hypothetical role in the Women’s Law Students Association? Yes, including this role on your resume allows employers to assume you’re a woman (although men can and are members of such organizations), but the information is also a legitimate part of your candidacy. Most law employers are looking for law students who are assertive, good multitaskers, active members of their community, and possess other leadership qualities. Your presidency shows these qualities. You might also include some of your accomplishments in that post, such as organizing panels of local judges and attorneys to discuss topics of current interest.

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Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

What is the use of inserting a photo? In some industries, photos are a necessity. For example, if you are in the field of acting or modeling (where your appearance affects the offers you may receive) or even in public speaking (where you are and your appearance may be important to your message) it may be very important.

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Other industries may be open to the idea of ​​photography. A photo can personalize a resume and make it more memorable, although it’s a risky decision. For example, you run the risk of choosing a photo that actually undermines your engagement – ​​it may be of poor quality or make you look in a bad light.

The legal industry is more traditionalist than others. We are behind in terms of technology, wardrobe formality and more. The legal industry is also more risky than other industries. We often think about risk and liability before we act—it’s part of our training—and take actions that are least likely to result in a lawsuit.

So let’s consider the idea of ​​a photo on a resume sent to employers in the legal industry. By your own admission, the photo does not add any legal information to your nomination. In your case, the whole purpose of the photo is to impress the employer inappropriately. So putting your photo on your resume shows a skeptical employer that you either don’t know the rules of legal industry etiquette or don’t think they apply to you. If this is not convincing enough, know that some employers

But do you really want to be invited to an interview because of your appearance? Or because of your skills and potential as a lawyer?

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Until the norms change in the legal industry, leave the photos to LinkedIn. As a professional networking site, it is standard to include a quality photo as part of your profile. If an employer is interested in your resume, they’ll probably do a social media check, sometimes even before they call you for an interview. And then they

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A version of this article was originally published by Bloomberg Finance L.P. The opinions expressed are those of the author. So what better way than to let them know how talented and successful you are?

It sounds great, but it’s important to know that there’s a fine line between bragging about your accomplishments and listing them to inform others.

Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

In this article, we will show you what can be considered an achievement, what awards are appropriate, and in general, how to present yourself in the best possible light.

Things Not To Put On A Resume

And if you’re eager to see our techniques in action, check out these resume examples and see how professionals like you have implemented their awards and accomplishments without too much bragging!

To make a lasting impression and stand out from the rest of the candidates. Many of them forget to list personal and professional achievements.

So if you take the time to show off the accomplishments you’re proud of, you’re already one step ahead. Listing your jobs shows what kind of work you’ve done, but showing your awards shows how good you were at it.

For example, Derek here puts his key accomplishments at the very beginning of his engineering resume, knowing that his recruiters will be impressed by the numbers and examples.

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Most jobs have the same requirements and responsibilities, so across a pool of candidates, resume information will be fairly uniform.

This works especially well with candidates who have just graduated and don’t yet have a lot of field work experience. Therefore, scholarships and awards are great for showing your dedication and exceptional talents.

That said, be careful not to make the awards section the focal point of your resume. You don’t want to sound like you’re bragging.

Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

Doing your job is not an achievement. Being on time, being friendly, not smoking too much, graduating from high school or college is not an achievement.

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In short, anything that is not measured by an organization and results in an award, honor, certificate, or scholarship.

Yes, these are all great traits and habits, but nothing extraordinary or directly related to the job position you’re applying for.

Listing things like these on your resume as accomplishments shows recruiters that you expect to be rewarded for your day-to-day responsibilities.

We’ve listed a lot of things that aren’t appropriate, and by now you’re probably asking yourself, “What can I put on my resume for awards?”

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What Should I Put On My Resume For Current Activities?

Go back in time and think about all the personal, educational and professional milestones in your life. These can include high GPAs, scholarships, volunteer awards, successful projects at university or your previous jobs, promotions, relevant internships, and more.

You can include any kind of certification, especially if it is related to the industry. If you go from an ordinary sales intern to a manager, that’s definitely an achievement. If you graduated college with honors while working full-time, that’s something you want to brag about.

By meaningful, we mean awards that are truly meaningful. Obviously, middle school and kindergarten achievements will not mean much in a professional environment. Contribution awards that are given to everyone will not add value to your resume and history.

Should I Put My Picture On My Resume

As we mentioned earlier, the most important rule is to include rewards related to your dream career. This means that sports awards are only required if you are applying for a sports position.

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However, showing commitment can also be helpful. For example, if you were a full-time student athlete. Juggling these big responsibilities and getting good grades is an outstanding achievement that you shouldn’t miss.

Military experience is transferable to many fields, so it’s always a good idea to include it. Demonstrates skills such as discipline, leadership, ability to work well in a team, resourcefulness, reliability, and more.

Listing previous responsibilities and positions tells recruiters about your experience, but awards prove it. However, it’s important not to get carried away and only go with 2 or 3 related items so it doesn’t look like a brag or take up too much space.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, yes, you should include them, but only if it makes sense. If you’re applying for an internship or your first job, it’s your high school

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