Should I Put Links In My Resume

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Should I Put Links In My Resume

Should I Put Links In My Resume

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How Do I Share My Resume And Cover Letter?

A resume header can overwhelm the recruiting software that most people use, collect contact information, and cost you golden opportunities.

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The career search takes enough work, do you really need to worry about your resume title? you don’t. Good headlines should come easily. Choose the perfect resume title with our tips, and get the rails rolling to allow you to land the interview.

Want to save time and prepare your resume in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It is fast and easy to use. In addition, you will get content ready to add with one click. Check out 20+ resume templates and create your own here.

Should I Put Links In My Resume

Here is an example of a great title for your resume. Now let’s see why it works and how to do it properly.

Free Google Docs Resume Templates [download To Drive]

For your resume, put the right contact information in the right order. Professional resume headers should contain at least your name, phone number, and clickable email address. Add extras and style them right to make it easy for the editor to pick you up.

. Many people do this, but many people also put corn on pizza. The hiring manager will know it’s looking for a resume.

Format your resume title at the top of the page. Center it or move it to the right. Your name should be the most important item, followed by your phone number and email address. Then add additional value additions such as clickable social media and website links. Resume orders vary, but contact information always comes first.

Make your name the biggest thing on the page. Your name is the only way to tell your resume apart from hundreds of others. Got a different name (like William, Bill, or son-in-law)? Use the version that is most searchable online.

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Use the same name on all online profiles that you want the hiring manager to find. So, if you use “Steve” on your resume, don’t use “Steve” on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, and portfolio website.

It’s surprising how many job seekers leave out their job title. Add your title to your name in small font. It could be “CPA,” “Bookkeeper,” “Restaurant Manager,” “Nurse Practitioner,” and so on.

If you’ve earned a key license or certification, use it in the title of your professional resume. For example, “Mary Mayer, Certified Pharmacy Technician,” or “Seth Arbuthnot, Caregiver, CNA.”

Should I Put Links In My Resume

You can add your address to your resume, although it’s okay (and often better) to leave it off. A hiring manager may count a long commute as a point against you. You can only list the same city as the job, without the street address.

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How To Include Your Contact Information On Your Resume

If you really want to make a point, add “Open for placement” to your resume headers. If you list your address, P.O. Boxes are fine, but a permanent address is better because it seems more stable.

The phone number is the #1 way hiring managers arrange interviews. List the number you use the most. Do not use your work phone, as this can cause problems with your current boss. It also sends a message of “questionable ethics” to the hiring manager.

Email is the #2 way that editors reach applicants. After your phone number, include a professional address. That means no [email protected] Your first and last name and “” work fine. If it is taken, add a middle initial.

Want to learn more about resume formats? Need good resume examples for any job? Check out our blog: Free Resume Examples for 500+ Jobs

How To Correctly List Certifications On A Resume In 2022 (with Examples)

When creating a resume in our resume builder, fill in bullet points, skills, and auto-complete items. Spell checking?

Follow the resume header template at the top and stop there. In fact, the best resume examples do just that. But ask yourself: what should be on the resume for additional contact information?

Consider these added tips for good resume title design. They will help you score more interviews and spend less time wondering what went wrong.

Should I Put Links In My Resume

Web address in the headers of your resume. That said, if you have a job-related website or online portfolio, include it. This is a great way to let the hiring manager see more of your accomplishments.

How To List Research Experience On Your Resume

Adding a portfolio works especially well for projects that look good online. This means that software engineers, architects, interior designers, and artists can all include portfolios.

More than 85% of all hiring managers now use LinkedIn to recruit applicants. Adding a good LinkedIn profile to your resume header can help an employer learn more about you.

Make sure to personalize your affiliate link. Also, organize your profile with the right image, background image, summary, and resume keywords. Want to get at least 20 times more profile views? Check out our guide on LinkedIn profile fixes here.

Most job seekers should not include a Facebook profile in the resume header. why not? Facebook can share information that can shoot you in the foot at best, and cost you your interview.

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Applying For A Job? This Is Exactly How To Write A Winning Resume

A recruiter will disqualify a candidate for showing alcohol in a Facebook post. And yes, they are watching. Need help cleaning up your profile? Check out our guide to online availability fixes here.

To create a two-page resume header, repeat the header on the second page. This is mainly for consistency, but also helps the editor remember vital information.

For example, say you list a key piece of work history on page two. With a second page resume title, you’ll remind the manager, “Oh yeah, she has an online portfolio,” or, “That’s right, she’s got her PMP certification.”

Should I Put Links In My Resume

When creating a heading for a resume in Word, do not use Word document headings. Most applicants cannot read tracking software. Instead, center your title or put it on the left side.

How To List Certifications On A Resume (with Examples)

Use a large (22-point font) for your name. Type your contact information in 11-point font below. The best resume header fonts are clear and simple, like Arial and Cumbria.

One final resume tip on good headlines: Proof. You probably won’t make a mistake with your phone number, but it happens. A very common mistake is adding a portfolio or certification that isn’t appropriate

Pro tip: There’s no need to create a creative resume headline that stands out. Extraneous fonts, colors and designs distract from vital communication information. Show personality on your LinkedIn profile or portfolio site instead.

Here’s an example of a resume header created with our quick online resume builder. (Outlined in yellow in the image.) Want to write your resume in 15 minutes? Use our templates and create your resume here.

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Additionally, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here is what it looks like:

Want to learn more about how to create a resume title? Maybe you have some great headlines for resume ideas? Give us a shout in the comments! We love to help!

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Should I Put Links In My Resume

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