Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided – Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s leading career experts and advises both students and corporations on recruitment practices. He has given hundreds of interviews on the subject for outlets including The New York Times, BBC News and LinkedIn. Alison founded and has been an expert in the field for over 20 years.

When you’re writing your resume, your font choice is important It’s important to choose a basic font – choose one that both the hiring manager and the applicant management system can easily read. Your resume is no place to use hard-to-read cursive, handwriting style, or calligraphy fonts.

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

Make it easy for managers and potential interviewers to read through your entire resume Choose a font size between 10 and 12. This will ensure that no one has to worry about reading all the information in this important document.

How To Put Self Employed On A Resume: 9+ Examples & Guide

It’s best to use a larger font size for your name in the heading section of your resume at the top of the page.

Managers and recruiters usually spend a second looking at each resume before moving on to the “yes” or “no” pile. Make your resume hard to read, and you could miss out on an opportunity that could have been perfect for you.

There are a few reasons why it’s important to keep the font simple on your resume First of all, many of them are read by applicant tracking systems and not by people Those systems work best for reading plain and simple text rather than fancy formatting

Basic letterpress fonts like Arial, Verdana, Calibri, and Times New Roman work well. However, if you’re applying for a position in graphic design or advertising (where resume layout and design may be part of your assessment), employers may be open to alternative fonts.

A 2 Page Resume Isn’t Just Ok, It May Even Be Better—here’s Why

Do not use more than two different font styles (one for headings and one for content) or it may confuse the reader.

You can make the section headers a little bigger or bold Don’t forget about white space either Keep the side margins a standard width

Prepare your name – which should be placed at the top of your resume It may be in a slightly larger font

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

Do not overuse capitalization, bold, italics, underlining or other important features. Again, basic works best Be consistent in your formatting

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How To Write A Resume

For example, if you bold a section heading, bold them Make sure all your bullet points are indented the same amount, and that alignment and spacing are consistent.

Before you start writing your resume, choose a font from the dropdown list at the top of your document.

The hiring manager may read your resume at the hiring screen, but it’s also likely they’ll print a copy of your resume. So after you have selected a font and font size, it is always wise to print a copy of your resume.

Look at your printed resume to see if it’s easy to scan If you have to squint to read, or the font seems small, choose a different one or choose a larger size.

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If you can read the document yourself, and you’re not using a novelty font (eg, comic sans, a handwritten font, etc.), you’ve probably made a good choice.

Remember: The goal is to impress the reader with your skills and experience, not your resume style preferences.

By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to store cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage and assist with our marketing efforts. Resume length is one of the biggest mysteries of the job application process Because of this, how long do you think a resume should be?

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

If you have a work history that goes back because you’ve been working for 25+ years, is three pages okay?

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Well, it doesn’t help that you can find arguments of any length online if you look hard enough.

Fortunately, we’ve analyzed the resumes of real users employed at competing companies like Spotify,, Verizon Digital Media Services, Amazon, Intercom, and others. Instead of throwing opinions around, all your questions about resume length are answered in this guide

Alternatively, you can skip this entire section and find a PROVEN resume example for your specific job position. From there, building your resume and figuring out what works is simple and easy Best of all, it’s free to use!

“Anytime, I would recommend it as a platform to build a CV It also provides many sample templates Kudos to the whole team and thanks again for landing my dream job! –

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The employment landscape has changed significantly in recent years Not 20 years ago, keeping your resume to one page was both a strategic and cost-effective move (ie, to reduce printing costs).

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Going even further back in time (Kiplinger’s Change Time 55′ issue on job-seeking advice) you’ll read that keeping your resume to one page is your best option.

Today, these concerns are less clear In fact, there is a growing trend of employers preferring two-page resumes to single-page resumes.

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

According to a study conducted by ResumeGo, it was found that hiring managers are 2.3 times more likely to choose a two-page resume format over a one-page resume. Whatever the professional level of the candidate, it does not make a big difference

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Some recruiters and hiring managers will follow the one-page rule to the letter, and others will think the rule is useless To help overcome this problem, it’s best to research the hiring practices of the organization you’re applying to and look for common characteristics associated with page length.

Depending on the job description and your work experience, your resume should be one or two pages long If you have more than 10 years of relevant experience, a multi-page resume works better than a single page.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if your resume is several pages long So, be sure to keep reading!

As mentioned, it depends on where you are in your career and how much work experience you have These factors are different for each candidate and can determine how long your resume should be

Popular Resume Tips That Are Actually Bad Advice

To get a better understanding of how you can match your resume length throughout your career, see below!

Different Resume Lengths and Why They Work Before we dive into the case studies, your resume needs to answer four simple questions:

These four questions will help you determine how long your resume should be and keep the hiring manager’s perspective in mind. By answering who you are, employers have someone to connect with your work experience Not only that, they learn about your personality and potential cultural fit

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

Showing your motivation for your role ensures that HR can see that you’re not just looking for a job, you want it.

How To Choose The Best Resume Paper ·

More importantly, your potential impact will be more appealing to employers because it is directly related to their performance and business goals. To do this, always remember to quantify past experiences

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That being said, let’s dive into a case study of how one-page, two-page, and three-page resumes landed candidates at competitive positions.

From starting her own company to software solutions to speaking three languages, you could say she’s spoiled for choice.

In one page, he successfully told the recruiter who he was, why he was motivated for the job, the experience he brought and how he would make an impact.

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In the fog of gals, you’ll hear different opinions about how long your resume should be For someone with more than 10 years of experience, most professionals and job seekers will expect a two-page resume.

Since Gal’s resume was one page, it was completely different for other applicants In other words, it was a doorway to stand out from the crowd and hear his voice in the chaos

Be like a gal and get hired for competitive job postings at your dream company using our free resume builder. Use the same one-page formula below!

Should I Print My Resume Double Sided

Gal had all the experience in the world, but her goals weren’t listed in her work experience section, skills section, or education section as much as possible.

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Recruiters can view resumes in less than 7.4 seconds Having a long, drawn-out resume can be the difference between a pile of ‘no’s’ and ‘maybes’.

Gall’s one-pager provides a quick, complete record of his work history and talent He knew that once he got an interview, he could get the job Catching the attention of employers with a well thought out resume is very important

(Note: You can include a short bio in a bold color at the top of your resume to quickly grab the recruiter’s attention and save space.)

He went into detail about his most recent work and put other relevant experience down to two bullet points. His industry expertise was also quickly acquired using a word visual.

Investment Banking Resume Template

Business development depends on your ability to communicate and do it as well as possible Gal knew employers would be looking

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