Should I Include Links In My Resume

Should I Include Links In My Resume – LinkedIn is one of the most powerful career tools for your job search other than your resume. Many employers check a candidate’s social networks and LinkedIn profile before scheduling an interview or offering a job. Given the importance of a LinkedIn profile, many job seekers ask “Should I include my LinkedIn URL on my profile”?

The answer is that it depends on your LinkedIn profile and resume. We’ll go over when, where and how to include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your profile.

Should I Include Links In My Resume

Should I Include Links In My Resume

Yes, you should include your LinkedIn information within the contact section of your profile. Most hiring managers and recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile anyway so including it on your resume makes their life easier. (Hint: that’s always good for you!)

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Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your modern job search toolkit. It has more space than your resume, with opportunities to add social proof like endorsements and recommendations to your job applications. Most employers also want to know who you know and what interests you.

However, there are some precautions you need to take. Including a link to a bad LinkedIn profile will do more harm than good.

Your LinkedIn is an opportunity to tell a richer career story. If you don’t take advantage of that opportunity, though, your LinkedIn will look more like neglected grass. Be sure to clean your property before trying to use it as a selling point.

Here are some conditions you’ll need to take care of before adding a LinkedIn URL to your resume or job application.

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You need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated with your latest professional information. It wouldn’t be a good idea to have a hiring manager or recruiter wondering why the employment information from your resume doesn’t match your LinkedIn.

When you create your LinkedIn account, you are automatically assigned a URL. This URL is usually a combination of your name plus some numbers and letters. Like

This is too long and looking to include in a resume. You have the option to customize your LinkedIn URL. This will allow you to include a direct link to your profile while maintaining a neat and professional look.

Should I Include Links In My Resume

Change the end of your LinkedIn profile URL to a combination of your first/last name. If your name is taken, you can add your first number or try a number.

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Your LinkedIn profile needs to impress a hiring manager or recruiter. The first thing you should add is a high-quality profile picture. You need to make sure you have a well-written resume header summary to lead with.

You also need to make sure you have a good number of connections to other professionals. A bare bones profile with no photos and 10 connections will look suspicious to a hiring manager. Write a solid summary and start working on your LinkedIn. Add new connections from the “people you may know” page and endorse others who will endorse you.

Check out our expert’s top 5 tips on how to apply for jobs online using your LinkedIn profile and resume.

You should not add your LinkedIn profile URL to your profile if it is a duplicate of everything on your profile. A resume is a document focused on a specific position while a LinkedIn profile is a more detailed summary of your career and work history.

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Your LinkedIn should contain a broad overview of your professional work and interests. Your work experience should also be a conversational summary of what you’ve done rather than the same bullet points from your resume.

A common option is to copy and paste the URL as is. This is where a custom URL comes in handy: it looks a lot neater without the string of letters and numbers after your name. Don’t forget to shorten the link before you include it. You don’t need to add “https://www.”—you can just lead with LinkedIn.

Note that you also don’t need to tag your link with a “LinkedIn URL” or anything along those lines. It is clear to the reader that it is a link to your profile.

Should I Include Links In My Resume

Your other option is to include the link as a link. This option only works if you submit your resume as a .doc file–which is actually the type of resume file we recommend using for ATS (applicant tracking system) compatibility. Either a link or a short, customized link to your LinkedIn profile is perfectly fine and will allow a hiring manager or recruiter to navigate directly to your LinkedIn profile.

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After 48 hours, you will know how your resume compares. We’ll show you what’s working–and what you should fix.

Adding your LinkedIn URL to your profile is a great way to get the hiring manager’s attention. It answers the question before they ask, which is sure to score! Make sure your profile is up to date and not just repeating your profile.

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If you are sending your email to the hiring manager directly, you will also need to add the LinkedIn URL in your email signature. This allows them to easily click a link and view your profile without opening your profile document again.

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Should I Include Links In My Resume

Something you may have asked yourself is, “Should I use icons for my profile?”. And it’s a big question.

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Will they help your resume make an impression? Will it be the right opinion? Does it make me look like I’m trying too hard?

And, if you feel overwhelmed and want to create a suitable profile without any stress, try creating a profile! You’ll have access to tons of templates, designs, content suggestions, and — of course — recovery icons.

That being said, let’s talk about why resume icons work and why they don’t, starting with the positives.

Earlier, I talked about the importance of making your resume stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of employers from the start so they want to read on.

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Choosing the right design and layout is important in this case. You want to make an impression. You want to be a showman.

Icons, when used correctly, can contribute to the appeal of an obscure document (let’s be honest, it’s rare to read a bio that’s exciting).

They can save you space, too, leaving room for more important things. For example, replacing the words “email” or “phone” with their respective icons will still convey information while saving space and making the field look boring.

Should I Include Links In My Resume

Let’s say you want to get a job as a graphic designer, illustrator, or a position in another highly creative field. In that case, resume icons can help you show off your design skills and creative nature, along with graphics, styles, and other fonts.

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Additionally, people are more responsive to visual data, meaning they are more likely to respond to icons rather than text. Although not always the best course of action, there are situations where it can work like a charm.

Sounds good so far. But, as I said, icons can’t always help you. In fact, they can do more harm than good in some cases.

React positively to visual data, some employers say resume icons are an unnecessary addition; they just take the focus away from what’s really important – the content.

And they have a point. A hiring manager will only look at your profile for about 6 seconds on average. You’d want them to spend that time reading about your skills and accomplishments, not looking at icons that go “Ooh,

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If you are applying for a job as a doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc., and want to stand out, you should probably avoid icons and other decorative graphics. Stick to the text-based, traditional resume format and put content in the spotlight instead.

And even if your desired position calls for a more fun and creative profile style, using too many icons and graphics (or using them incorrectly) can create a negative impression.

If you are applying for a position in a creative field – art and design, writing, technology, etc. – then, by all means, go for it! As long as you know how and where to use icons, you’ll give your resume that extra kick that can get you hired.

Should I Include Links In My Resume

However, if the job you want requires strict, professional, traditional methods – law, medicine, engineering, etc. – then it is better to avoid interesting pictures and focus on the content.

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So, if you have

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