Shark Iq Recharge And Resume

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Being a “gadget guy” means I always use that fine line between cost and practical benefits to justify my purchases to my wife. So when she asked me to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner for our recently refurbished floors, I immediately started researching the best options and made a purchase before she changed her mind! Did I choose wisely? Let’s find out.

Shark Iq Recharge And Resume

Shark Iq Recharge And Resume

Market innovators tend to profit by introducing the latest features and becoming a household name. However, there is also money to be made by imitating the original at a lower cost. The folks at SharkNinja did exactly that.

Shark Iq Robot Vacuum R1001ae Owners Thread

Enter the Shark IQ Robotic Vacuum with a Self-Emptying Base. SharkNinja is clearly targeting the market-leading iRobot Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+ with similar features at a more competitive price. Key features introduced by the Shark IQ RV1001AE are:

On paper, the Shark IQ looks like a strong competitor to the self-draining iRobot Roombas. The question is, does Shark support its claims in the real world?

After attaching the side brushes and removing the protective film, the quick start guide reports that the unit needs six hours of charging time at the base before use. Before we do that, we must choose a location for the base.

The guide recommends placing the base in a position with three feet of open space on the sides of the base and five feet of open space in front of the base. We crammed it into a slightly smaller space in the laundry room.

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Buy Shark Iq Robot® Vacuum With Xl Self Empty Base, Home Mapping, Self Cleaning Brushroll, Wi Fi (rv1000ae) Online In Turkey. 939470502

While waiting for the first charge to complete, I followed the guidelines for optimizing the house for cleaning. This includes removing small objects, wires, clothing or curtains that can get stuck in the vacuum. I also have a set of stairs going down from the living room. I considered using BotBoundary strips to keep the robot off the stairs but instead chose to lure fate and rely on the cliff sensors.

Once the unit was fully charged, the next step was to launch the SharkClean app and connect it to the robot. I followed the steps in the quick start guide and had no issues connecting to the home wifi. The linking process allows you to name the robot and then create an initial cleaning schedule. At this point, the unit was ready for action.

On first run, I pressed the “Clear” button on the Shark to activate it immediately. Using several semi-temporary video cameras in place to keep an eye on our puppy in the lab, it was easy for me to monitor the Shark’s progress from my office. I watched the shark do a good job of getting into every nook and cranny while also covering open ground areas.

Shark Iq Recharge And Resume

The lab sheds quite a bit of medium-length straight hair. We also have a labradoodle that sheds very little with a more medium length wavy coat. After the first cleaning cycle was complete, I emptied the base dust bin onto a paper plate. The shark probably collected 70% silver lab dog hair, 20% blonde labradoodle, and 10% dirt and random lice. But the volume of material was a pleasant surprise for the first run, which uses only basic clearing patterns without an existing map.

Shark Iq Robot Self Empty™ Rv1000s, Robot Vacuum, Home Mapping, Self Cleaning Brushroll, Wi Fi

I also noticed that the bot does a good job with elevation changes. The fireplace in our living room has a marble frame that continues all the way to the floor in front of the opening. This marble is raised approximately 3/8″ above the hard surface floor. The shark can handle this elevation change and clear the marble just below the fireplace.

The gamble on the cliff sensors also worked. I watched the robot sense the stair descent and retreat. It bounced along the side of the ladder until it was out of the danger zone. I’ll make sure to keep these cliff sensors clean during regular maintenance, in hopes of preventing disaster.

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After a quick start manual run just to get an idea of ​​the machine, I started using the SharkClean app for a more comprehensive management experience.

The highlight here is that the SharkClean app usually succeeds in its task of helping the user manage the vacuum effectively. While very functional, it can be improved.

Shark Iq Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Home Mapping, Self Empty Xl Base, And Wi Fi Connected Rv1001ae

Opening the application after initial installation presents the current status screen. If the bot is enabled, you can change the operating mode from “Normal” to “Eco” or “Max”. As you can imagine, “Eco” will save power at the expense of suction. Max mode consumes more power but also provides additional suction. You can also tap the “Find Robot” button, which causes the bot to make a sound. This works even when the bot is stalled due to low power.

The timing capabilities are pretty basic. You have the option to enable or disable the entire program. You can also specify which days the robot will work and the specific start time for each day. The most important robot settings are the “Recharge and Resume” option as well as the “Evacuate & Resume” option. Both of these options affect how often the bot returns to the base station.

If your bot is having trouble finding the base station, it’s best to disable both of these features. This causes the bot to do as much as possible during the cleaning cycle before finding the boot and placing it back on its base to charge. However, enabling these features is definitely beneficial if you have a larger floor area or have animals that shed a lot.

Shark Iq Recharge And Resume

With “Recharge and Resume” disabled, the robot will run for about an hour. During this time, you get what you can get from the bot for the day, and that’s the end of it. When “Recharge and Resume” is enabled, the unit will return to the base station first after an hour or when its battery is low, no matter what. After four hours of charging time, it will go out to finish the job and resume the cleaning session.

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Shark Iq Robot Intelligent Multi Room Cleaning Works W/alexa👌🆕️openbox‼️ 683193212445

With “Evacuate & Resume” enabled, the bot will return to the base station after 30 minutes so it can empty the onboard dust bin. Then it continues to run until it reaches the hour mark. From this point on, the “Refill & Resume” setting kicks in to determine whether the bot is done for the day or resumes its cleaning cycle after four hours. This feature is useful if your bot is “backing up” or otherwise overfilling during runs.

Both of these features can lead to confusion as to why the robot returns to the base station. A few days later, I finally understood what the robot was up to. But it would be nice if the app provided a bit more detail on the main status screen, or at least in the cleaning history. It just says the boat is back to base. Not

Returned to base or if we can expect the robot to resume cleaning later that day.

Program and bot configuration settings work together to determine how well the vacuum cleaner can clean floors on a daily basis. It’s a viable system, but it’s not perfect. Ideally, once the map is ready, the user should be able to use the program to identify which rooms were cleaned on a given day. This allows the user to completely disable “Recharge & Resume” and “Evacuate & Resume” and then clean smaller areas on different days. This also helps prevent wear and tear on the robot by not having to clean low-traffic areas every day.

The Self Emptying Shark Iq Robot Xl Vacuum Is 47% Off Today For Just $318.99

Various users have reported difficulties with mapping. I did not find that this is so. It took about four days for the Shark to determine my floor space. When the map became available, I was able to edit the map and draw rectangles describing the different “rooms” of our house.

With designated rooms, I can manually initiate a clean while selecting specific rooms to clean. Being able to overlap the rectangles a bit helped to provide coverage when I sent the bot to clean a particular room.

Cleaning history for the last 30 days is available. The user can tap any day when the cleaning is started manually or programmatically. Doing so presents the cleaning details screen, which shows the cleaning schedule, runtime, area cleaned, and a really cool map showing the scope of precision cleaning.

Shark Iq Recharge And Resume

Cleaning coverage map

The Shark Iq Robot Vacuum Is At Its Lowest Price On Amazon

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