Self Taught Web Developer Resume

Self Taught Web Developer Resume – Even in a field like web development, where you have many opportunities (see Why Web Development is a Great Career), competition for permanent positions is still fierce. Companies filter through tons of resumes for every opening. Most applicants are filtered out before they get a single interview. All you want from your resume is to get through that initial filter so you can start interviewing. Keep reading and I’ll teach you how to write a resume that will pass the filter and get you one step closer to a paying job.

After I decided to leave my last full-time gig, I thought I wanted to go straight to another one. Well, I thought for at least one day. 😜 That day I sent out one CV and ended up doing four rounds of interviews with the company. I didn’t get the job, but the resume certainly did its job of getting me into the building. Here is my submitted resume:

Self Taught Web Developer Resume

Self Taught Web Developer Resume

I’m showing this not as an example of a perfect CV – it certainly isn’t – but as an example of what worked. Let’s review and examine the aspects of this particular resume that worked and those that could be improved.

Self Taught Web Developer. Critique My Resume Please! No Experience.

My resume example is one page and eye-catching. You can quickly see what techniques I know, where I’ve worked and what projects I’ve worked on. If you think from the perspective of a company trying to filter through 100-200 of them, that’s exactly what you want to see.

I could have written several paragraphs of flowery prose about my career goals, but it wouldn’t have made it any better. My goal is to communicate why I would be valuable without wasting people’s time.

I have been working since I was about 15 years old. I could have tried to catalog everything I’ve ever done under “Experiences”. Instead, I only included what was relevant to the position I was applying for. They don’t care that I worked as a cashier at Walmart or that I was paid to make IDs for high school students.

One thing I might have done better is to highlight the individual projects I’ve done through RadWorks. As written, my freelance practice is kind of a black box where I did “front-end development”, whatever that means. I wish I had used bullet points to point to specific projects that would have been of interest to them.

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Web Developer Resume For 2022

Let’s unpack this a bit. Do you want to say that you have no experience related to the job you are applying for, or that you have no work experience (meaning you have not been paid for such work)?

If your problem is that you don’t have professional experience, that’s fine. Instead of listing irrelevant work experience, list relevant projects you’ve completed. If practical, include links to project code and working implementations.

If your problem is actually that you don’t have the experience for the job, you probably need to fix that instead of applying. You can apply for this job anyway, but you probably won’t get it. Instead, create a project or two that gives you experience in an area of ​​interest and list them in your next application for a similar opening. (You might be interested in reading about the best learning projects and even getting inspired by my list of 10 Sometimes Weird Project Ideas.)

Self Taught Web Developer Resume

It’s easy to get cynical and make fun of the fact that entry-level positions require 5 years of experience, but that won’t get you hired. Think about it from a business perspective. They have a problem they need to solve or they wouldn’t be hiring. You’re asking them to hire you even though you have no experience solving the problem they need solved. At the same time, they have a whole host of resumes, many of which demonstrate the necessary skills. Why should they give you a second look?

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You can mitigate this by starting your career as a freelancer. The barriers to entry are lower and you can learn a bit on the job. It’s not a silver bullet; you’re not going to quit your job driving a forklift today and set up a freelance shop tomorrow hoping you’ll learn everything. (Here’s a resource to get you started 👇)

If you’ve never done freelancing before, it’s hard to get started because it comes with so much uncertainty. Share your name and email address and I’ll send you the top three pieces of advice you need to hear to make your transition less scary. You will also receive other useful resources to help you on your journey.

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This gives you more leeway to develop your web development fundamentals (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) into more esoteric stacks with the motivation of a paycheck to get you going. If you don’t want to live in the freelance world forever, showing successful freelance projects on your resume will make you a lot more attractive.

Most developers focus on technology. CV is a competition to see who can name the most languages ​​and frameworks. It’s not doing you any favors.

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Your resume should let people know that you know the technologies they need (if you actually do), but it shouldn’t include any technology you’ve ever touched, unless the list is short and relevant. My resume helps keep it good.

Instead, you should focus on what results you have created for your previous employers and clients. This is the weakest part of my resume. It’s not really about results at all. A huge list of frameworks is pointless. Does that mean you’re the master of them all? Does that mean you’ve at least completed the tutorial for each one? Maybe it just means you’ve heard of them all.

The results speak for themselves. If you built a new backend that allowed you to cut your infrastructure costs in half, or if you built a UI that cut churn (customers canceling service) by a quarter, they’re powerful. They are powerful because they give more money to the companies you work with. Having them on your resume is powerful because it shows that you understand the value of the work you do.

Self Taught Web Developer Resume

You have to be subtle with this. When you start talking about your weekly basketball game or listing the names of your pets, most people start to get upset. Talking about interests or projects that aren’t strictly related to the stated job requirements, but offer a special benefit to your potential employer, can help you stand out.

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In this CV, I have done this with my side projects. I mentioned Rad Devon because I want them to know that I love mentoring new developers. I talked about my writing experience because I want them to know that I am good at communication. I also leave aside the fact that I think a lot about writing readable and maintainable code, which is very important when working in a team.

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Most resumes are written for the writer. We make a huge list of all the jobs we’ve ever held, and another of all the skills we’ve come across. We look at the 6-page document with pride. See all we’ve achieved and created.

It makes the writer feel good, but it doesn’t serve the purpose of getting a job. These are resumes that go straight into the trash. A resume written for the reader is the resume that gets you the interview. Some quick tips:

Writing for a reader is the advice that underlies all other advice. If you can focus on the goal of finding your value to the company instead of getting a job, the job will follow.

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Get my free e-book that guides you through five projects that will qualify you as a professional web developer. You will also get other useful resources to help you.Proven job specific example + writing guide for your next job in 2022. You can edit this web developer example to get started quickly and just create a perfect few minutes. Just enter your details, download your new one and start your job application today!

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So, you need a web developer. Some people will tell you that the job market has never been better. Others say that finding a job in today’s technological world is becoming more and more difficult. Both statements are true. It’s a confusing paradox.

Self Taught Web Developer Resume

But here is a certain fact: you should not be a blunt instrument to secure the main position. This should be your secret weapon in landing your dream job. can help you achieve

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