Security Guard Resume Word Format

Security Guard Resume Word Format – Welcome to our “How to” guide. When looking for your next (or first!) security guard job, we fully understand that it can be super frustrating trying to fit in all the information you think you need, or maybe you don’t even know where to start.

However, we stand by you as our guide has everything you need (information, security resume examples and tips) to ensure you have a polished and awesome resume to make your security application shine.

Security Guard Resume Word Format

Security Guard Resume Word Format

Security guards make sure to keep the company’s assets, environments and property free from any crime. While this is the gist of it all, in order to grab the attention of recruiters, you will also need to showcase a lot of skills and technical aspects on your resume.

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1. Describe the type of environment in which you worked. You may have worked at a secure property, a corporate company, or maybe you are one of the big ones working at a federal agency/government agency that protects VIPs. Don’t make the recruiter guess, be concise.

2. Highlight everything you’ve done/are doing in your role. For example, you could take a more passive role watching CCTV cameras or a more active role walking around and monitoring/scanning the environment, ensuring everyone in the area is safe.

3. Explain your duties and the procedures you followed if a problem occurs. For example, what steps did you take when the alarm went off? Should you just notify someone, or should you get involved and investigate? Some security guards must report to third parties such as the police. In other cases, you may be responsible for making statements, documenting what happened, and reporting to your superior.

4. You should definitely include the KPIs you needed to adhere to. Things like checking windows, doors, gates, etc., after everyone has left the job site. You should also keep records during your shift and prepare minor/major incident reports.

Security Guard Cv Template (with Example Information)

5. Highlight your communication and interpersonal skills when you must administer warnings after confronting intruders or vagrants. Even employees, when they break a rule, explain why they shouldn’t take that particular action. Conflict management is a critical skill in this profession.

6. Indicate the length of shifts you have taken in the past and the type of shift, such as night/day shifts. Also, include if you are willing to work holidays/weekends.

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7. If you are in a more managerial position, supervising other security guards, you should specify this and insofar as your duties differ from those of a standard security guard.

Security Guard Resume Word Format

Your career summary/goal is literally the deciding factor for your resume. Recruiters won’t read further if this section isn’t bright enough, so let’s talk about how we can get their attention instantly.

Security Guard Resume Sample [free]

The hiring manager in this business is basically always busy. You need to make sure he takes a little extra time to read your resume. This is done with the career summary/goal. It highlights your entire resume in 4-6 sentences, and this is how the recruiter decides if you end up in the “yes” pile.

The summary summarizes your experience and skills. The objective focused on your career goals and how you plan to add value to the team. Follow the four steps below for the correct format:

Examples of Security Guard Career Briefs: Security Guard Brief 1 “Attentive, security-aware security guard with eight years of experience protecting and guarding VIP individuals in the military and defense industries. Proficient in observing immediate environments and environments for potential threats of a non-human and human nature. Currently finishing a BA in criminal justice and qualified as a CPO (Certified Protection Guard).” Security Guard 2 Summary “Alert and responsive security guard with over 6 years of experience protecting assets, including machinery and equipment, in isolated mining locations. Professional in the recognition of suspicious activities and prevention of illegal actions, criminal behavior and physical breach of electric fences around the land. Physically fit and agile with a prestigious ASIS accreditation recently completed.” Security Guard Summary 3 “Unarmed security guard looking to apply patrol and customer service skills at ABC. He provided security service during five open-air concerts. Defuse several tense interactions between audience members. Received safety training during a temporary position at a 24-hour pharmacy.” Security Guard Brief 4 “Qualified and WV Registered Armed Security Guard with over 7 years experience in property patrol service and security compliance during public events. During my previous role with MSA Security at the Grand State Offices, I reduced security incidents by 54% and did not confirm any material losses. I try to apply my problem-solving skills to offer crime prevention practices due to my brilliant knowledge of security systems.”

For this section, formatting is important. The best format is usually the reverse chronological format. You should put your last job first and work backwards from there. It’s easy to read, relevant, and compatible with applicant tracking software (ATS) (which means the scanning system your resume will go through before someone sees it with human eyes won’t throw you into the “no” pile). .

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Security Guard Resume Examples Built For 2022

If you’re creating a resume with little or no security experience, just do the best you’ve done so far, highlighting your transferable skills.

* Pro Tip: If this is your first job, you must be over 18 and have a criminal background check ready as well. Examples of Security Guard at ADT

Responsible for completing reports recording information, observations, occurrences and surveillance activities, including interviewing witnesses and obtaining signatures.

Security Guard Resume Word Format

The main objective is to scan the land area for objects/items that appear out of place and to notify the Center administration about bags or packages that have not been fulfilled.

Security Guard Resume Examples

If you need help with this section, we’ve broken down job descriptions in their industries to help you create your own list.

Ladies and gentlemen. DO NOT copy and paste your work assignments into this section, thinking you’ve just tricked the system here. The only person you will fool is yourself. If you do this, recruiters won’t be able to read about the value you placed on your previous job.

Achievement statements are those valuable outcomes you’ve instigated by performing your responsibilities well. Think about your proudest moments, wow factors, results and positive impacts that have benefited your company, your co-workers and your customers.

This section is still important even if you don’t have a post-secondary education. Licensing, accreditations, certifications and training and development programs must be included in this section. If you are in a specialized role, you may need to provide hours worked and diplomas/degrees to even be considered.

Bank Security Officer Resume

For example, specialized security professionals working in government/federal protection or state information need a bachelor’s degree and seven years of work experience.

ASIS International offers security professionals numerous opportunities to keep up to date with changes in the industry in the form of regional workshops, annual national conferences and online courses.

2014 – Security Guard Certificate Program (SOCP), ASIS International, North Naples, FL. Course Curriculum: Ethics in Law Enforcement, Fundamentals of Criminal Law, Report Writing, Criminal Profiling, Interview Techniques, Crisis Intervention.

Security Guard Resume Word Format

Yes, this industry has certain technical skills and physical skills, but future employers will also look to your soft skills when selecting candidates. These skills are your personality traits and interpersonal skills. As you will be working with people on a daily basis, these skills are essential.

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Quotes On A Resume Examples. Quotesgram

Bullet points are prohibited in this section. It sucks to look at, and you just don’t have the space you need. Write them in the format shown below. It’s called a skill matrix, it looks good, and it’s super easy to read. Make one for each skill type (technical, physical, and soft).

The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that demand for security guards is expected to increase by 6% through 2029. As demand grows, however, so does the competition.

That’s why a little extra spice on your resume is essential. Additional curriculum sections will help with this.

Things like this will help the recruiter get to know you as a human being, which can only tip the balance in your favor when compared to another candidate with similar experience to yours.

Resume Examples That’ll Get You Hired In 2022

Organizations: Hospitals, Correctional Institutions, Health Clubs, Schools, Commercial Parks, Shopping Malls, Federal and Government Institutions, Hotels and Resorts, Industrial Facilities, Factories, Research Laboratories Free safety resume template for your next job opportunity. This free resume template is available in Microsoft Word file format. You can easily print this template on standard size A4 paper.

You can change colors, fonts, shapes with your own choice, anything can be deleted, duplicated, replaced, moved. It will be an ideal choice for security guard and other security related job opportunities. Many thanks to ResumeGenius for providing us with this awesome free resume template.

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Security Guard Resume Word Format

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