Security Guard Resume Template For Free

Security Guard Resume Template For Free – After analyzing hundreds of security guard resumes, we’ve put together an example you can use to improve your chances of getting an interview.

It takes a great resume to set you apart from all other qualified candidates. It is also what determines whether you get a low paying and demotivating job or a high paying job with great working conditions.

Security Guard Resume Template For Free

Security Guard Resume Template For Free

While some people ignore various attributes and compelling language on their resume, including detailed work experience and qualifications will give you an edge over others.

Best Security Officer Resume Example

Being a security guard is a unique job, not meant for everyone. This individual plays a wide range of law enforcement roles in various organizations such as businesses, communities, and industrial sites.

So, when you are designing your security guard resume, it should resonate with all security-related activities.

For example, tell us how vigilant you were against intruders on past assignments. Click on patrol to detect and report any suspicious activity nearby.

As a security guard, one of your main responsibilities is to inspect these access points and stop intrusions, which is what the hiring manager will look for. They are also eager to see relevant experiences and skills that show you can handle these anxieties and emergencies.

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Your resume should also include the ability to monitor security cameras and screen everyone at the entrance to private property. Do you have experience in providing the necessary assistance to authorized guests and dealing with unauthorized intruders?

A winning security guard resume should include these examples, including a deep understanding and familiarity with security standards. It should also indicate how knowledgeable and able you are to counter all sorts of unwanted and unpleasant incidents.

This is why, before submitting these application documents, you want to do a thorough research on what the security guard job description entails. The following guide will allow you to:

Security Guard Resume Template For Free

Your personal resume is the first thing a hiring manager sees. It is essentially a branding statement that summarizes who you are and why you are a good fit for the position you are applying for.

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Security Guard Resume Example + Useful Tips

Since this statement will grab attention, the summary should be short and catchy. In as few words as possible, describe in two words your qualities in life and why you are suitable for this position.

That’s right: an armed security guard with over five years of experience patrolling property, certified and registered with the WV. My safety record has allowed me to reduce safety by 60% in my previous position at Garden State Hospital. I strive to use my best crime prevention methods based on excellent knowledge of modern security systems.

As you can see, a proper security guard resume example summarizes your career and achievements, which are also supported by real numbers.

On the contrary, the incorrect version is so simple that it does not indicate achievements. There are also not enough facts. If you were a recruiter looking at both of these resumes, they might be more interested in reading the second candidate’s full resume.

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Read our guide on how to write the perfect resume to learn how to style this section the right way.

If you have less or no experience, be sure to explain why you are a good fit for the role rather than focusing on your lack of experience. A correct and incorrect summary summary would look like this:

Incorrect: A hardworking and dedicated person who strives to keep your premises safe. An active learner, ready to be trained and get to work. I have handled various security emergencies.

Security Guard Resume Template For Free

Correct: An unarmed security guard trying to provide patrol services for your company. Completed security training in a temporary position at Moresby High School. Later provided security for two very tense public gatherings in Jacksonville, helping to defuse tensions.

Document Test Security Guard Résumé Certification, Private Appointment, Text, Resume, Academic Certificate Png

Although both of these summaries are intended for less experienced applicants, they also differ greatly from each other in their respective wording. The second indicates that the applicant had previous jobs with related responsibilities, which means some level of knowledge and experience in the field of security.

As regards the first applicant, there is no indication that they were engaged in any security-related activities. In most cases, if you want a very important job like security, you need to show some credentials or experience.

Since the resume will be the first thing the recruiter reads, make sure you use strong action verbs and adjectives to describe your work style and accomplishments.

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You don’t have to use full sentences. Therefore, statements like I have or I am are never needed. The employer already knows what you’re talking about.

Security Guard Resume & Examples Of Job Descriptions

Double check your statement and read it out loud so that it reads well and you don’t have grammatical or spelling errors.

In this section, you will detail your duties and responsibilities at your previous job. If this is your first job and you have no experience measuring your ability, you may be hesitant to apply.

But here’s the thing, everyone in this realm was once where you are now. They got their first job as a security guard with no previous security guard experience.

Security Guard Resume Template For Free

All you need to do is position yourself properly and market yourself to the hiring team using the skill set and experience you have under your belt. Let’s say you had a few summer jobs in high school or volunteered – show the recruiter how this experience will help you succeed in this position and how determined you are to get this job.

Security Guard Resume Example & 3 Writing Tips

Describe in detail your work experience in reverse chronological order, with your most recent job first, and your most recent job later.

Then enter your employer’s name, location, and dates of your previous work experience. Then make a bulleted list of various responsibilities and accomplishments. Mention the most important and relevant information in the first 3-4 paragraphs.

Be sure to include any specific action verbs related to guard positions, such as patrolling, watching, and guarding.

Looking at our selection of security guards, you can see that we didn’t go beyond eight or nine items on the list. In some situations, you may need even fewer list items, and there is a very good reason for this.

Palamerican Security Blog: Security Industry Guides

Using the same method for your work history forces you to specify only the most important duties you performed in your previous job. Since you have to make it shorter, you are forced to make the most of the space you have and will help you hone your words to the most important ones.

This way, you can highlight the most significant achievements, including awards, and omit unnecessary details. Typically, this leaves you with a much stronger and more compelling resume.

Let’s look at examples of wrong and right ways to list your experience as 1. senior security guard and 2. junior security guard.

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Security Guard Resume Template For Free

There are clear differences between the two work histories. While the correct version clearly shows the candidate’s responsibilities and accomplishments, the incorrect version simply provides a list of features.

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While a junior security guard job seeker is inexperienced, there is a right way and a wrong way to show your employability to a hiring manager.

Even though a junior security guard may have limited experience, the correct version clarifies every task the candidate performs in their previous job. They openly advertise themselves by emphasizing the description of their work.

The incorrect version, on the contrary, is vague and does not provide clarity in everyday tasks. The employer cannot tell the exact level of experience of this candidate, that is, he has no chance.

Tip: create a section about good work experience. It is important to include action verbs and quantify the results. Use this list of over 350 resume action verbs as a guide to building the most effective list items. Why you need to be specific in your job descriptions.

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As a rule, it is necessary to touch on certain aspects of the description of your work biography. For example, you can specify if you have prevented hacks and indicate how many times.

Then don’t just talk about the responsibility for safety. Instead, go deeper and note how you have identified various security risks and dangers.

Tell your hiring manager if you spent long hours at work and if you were professional in your interactions with members of the public.

Security Guard Resume Template For Free

Let’s touch on the sensitive part where you have little to no experience. Don’t see this as an automatic barrier to getting a job interview.

Security Guard Resume Examples Built For 2022

Instead, tailor your resume to highlight your education, skills, and related job responsibilities. For example, you can list those summer jobs, any projects or volunteer work that show the responsibilities associated with the position.

The great thing about most security guard jobs is that they are flexible in terms of education and a high school diploma or equivalent might suit them. In some cases, experience matters the most.

However, a college degree or professional certification can definitely give you an edge. Assuming you’re aiming for a more competitive position, these certifications and awards can help you stay ahead of your fierce competitors.

Some of the in-demand qualifications from private companies and businesses include degrees in criminal justice, communications,

Security Officer Resume Examples For 2022

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