Security Guard Resume No Experience

Security Guard Resume No Experience – After analyzing hundreds of Security Guard CVs, we’ve put together a sample that you can use to help improve your chances of getting an interview.

It takes a great resume to set you apart from all the other qualified applicants. It’s also what determines whether you have a low-paying, demotivating gig, or a high-paying job with great working conditions.

Security Guard Resume No Experience

Security Guard Resume No Experience

While some people ignore various attributes and persuasive language on their resume, including detailed work experience and qualifications will give you an edge over others.

Security Manager Resume Example + Guide

Being a security guard is a unique job that is not reserved for anyone. This individual plays a wide range of law enforcement roles in various entities such as businesses, communities and industrial estates.

So, as you develop your resume for a security guard position, it should resonate with all security-related activities.

For example, cite how alert you were to intruders in your past assignments. Tap the area of ​​the patrolling property to detect and report any suspicious activity nearby.

As a security guard, one of your primary responsibilities is to monitor those access points and deter breaches, which is what the hiring manager will be looking for. They are also keen to see relevant experiences and skills that show you can handle those alerts and emergencies.

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Your resume should also show an ability to monitor surveillance cameras and check everyone at private property entrances. Do you have experience providing necessary assistance to authorized guests and dealing with unauthorized intruders?

A winning security guard resume should include these examples, including a deep understanding and familiarity with security compliance standards. It should also show how knowledgeable and skilled you are in dealing with all kinds of unwanted and ugly incidents.

That’s why before you submit those application documents, you want to do a thorough research on what the security guard job description entails. The following guide allows you to:

Security Guard Resume No Experience

Your resume is the first thing the hiring manager sees. It’s basically a branding statement that summarizes who you are and why you’re qualified for the position you’re applying for.

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Since this statement will attract attention, the summary should be short and catchy. In as few words as possible, describe in two words your vital attributes and why you are the right person for this position.

Correct: Armed security guard with over five years of property patrol experience, WV certified and registered. My safety compliance experience enabled me to reduce safety incidence by 60% in my previous position at Garden State Community Hospital. Looking to utilize my best crime prevention practices based on excellent knowledge of current security systems.

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As you can see, the correct security guard resume example summarizes your career history and achievements, which are also supported by actual numbers.

On the contrary, the incorrect version is so basic that it shows no achievement. It also lacks facts. If you were a recruiter looking at both of these summaries, they would be more interested in reading the second applicant’s full resume.

Security Guard Cover Letter Sample

Read our guide on how to write the perfect CV summary to learn how to get this part right.

If you have less or no experience, make sure you still explain why you’re right for the role, rather than focusing on your lack of experience. The correct and incorrect resume summary would read like this:

Incorrect: A hardworking and highly dedicated individual looking to provide security services at your premises. An active learner ready to undertake training and enter the workforce. I have resolved various security related emergencies.

Security Guard Resume No Experience

Correct: Unarmed security guard seeking to provide patrol services at your company. Received safety training through a temporary position at Moresby High School. Later, provided security at two very busy public meetings in Jacksonville, helping to defuse tense interactions.

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Although both of these two summaries are for less experienced applicants, they are also different in their respective wording. The second indicates that the applicant has had previous work with relevant responsibility, which means a level of knowledge and experience in the security sector.

As for the first applicant, there is no indication that he engaged in any security-based activities. In most cases, if you want to get a highly sensitive job like security, you need to show some credentials or experience.

Since the resume will be the first thing the recruiter reads, be sure to use strong action verbs and adjectives to describe your work style and accomplishments.

You don’t need to use complete sentences. Therefore formulations like I have, or I am never are not necessary. The employer already knows you are talking.

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Double check your statement and read it out loud so that it reads well and has no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

You will detail your duties and responsibilities in your previous employment in this section. If this is your first job and you have no history to measure your skills, you may be hesitant to apply.

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But here’s the thing, everyone in this field was once in the same position you are now. They got their first security guard job with no previous security guard experience.

Security Guard Resume No Experience

All you need to do is position yourself correctly and sell yourself to the hiring team using the skills and experiences you have under your belt. Let’s say you had a few summer gigs during high school, or participated in volunteer activities—tell the recruiter how these experiences will help you excel in the position and how determined you are to land the job.

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Detail your work experiences in reverse chronological order – your most recent job is first and your first job will come later.

Next, list your employer’s name, location, and dates of your previous work experiences. Then make a bulleted list of various responsibilities and accomplishments. Mention the most critical and important information in the first 3-4 points.

Remember to include all specific action verbs related to security guard positions, such as patrolling, monitoring, and guarding.

As you review our sample for security guards, you may notice that we haven’t gone beyond eight or nine points. In some situations, you may need even fewer points, and there’s a good reason for that.

How To Write A Resume For Security Guard Job

Using the same technique for your work history only limits you to elaborating on the most critical tasks you performed in your previous job. Since you have to keep it shorter, you’re bound to maximize the space you have and it will help you cut your words down to the most critical ones.

That way, you’ll be able to highlight the most important achievements, including awards, and leave out unnecessary details. Overall, this leaves you with a much stronger and more compelling resume.

Let’s go over examples of incorrect and correct ways to list your work experience as 1. senior level security guard and 2. junior level security guard.

Security Guard Resume No Experience

There are notable differences between the two work histories. While the accurate version clearly states the candidate’s responsibilities and accomplishments, the inaccurate version merely provides a list of functions.

Security Guard Resume Example & Writing Tips For 2022

While an entry-level security guard applicant does not have limited experience, there is a right and wrong way to show the hiring manager your employability.

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Although a junior security guard may have limited experience, the correct version explains every job the candidate did during his previous employment. They honestly promote themselves, emphasizing their job description.

The imprecise version, on the other hand, is vague and does not provide clarity in everyday tasks. The employer cannot tell the exact level of experience of this candidate, which means they have no chance.

Tip: Create a strong work experience section – It’s important to include action verbs and quantify results. Use this list of over 350 resume action verbs as a guide to creating the most effective bullet points. Why you should be specific in your job descriptions

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In general, there is a need to touch on specific aspects of your work history description. For example, you can specify whether you have prevented breakages and mention how many times.

So don’t just talk about being responsible for security. Instead, go deeper and note how you’ve identified various security risks and hazards.

Let your hiring manager know if you’ve put in long hours at work and if you’ve exercised professionalism in interacting with members of the public.

Security Guard Resume No Experience

Let’s touch on the sensitive part where you have little or no experience. Don’t see this as an automatic barrier to getting that interview spot.

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Instead, tailor your resume to highlight your education, skills, and relevant job responsibilities. For example, you can mention those summer jobs, any projects or volunteer work that show responsibilities related to the job position.

The best thing about most security guard positions is that they are flexible in education and a high school diploma or equivalent will do. In some circumstances, experience is what matters most.

However, a college degree or professional certification can definitely give you an advantage. Assuming you’re fighting for a more competitive position, these certifications and awards can push you ahead of your tough competitors.

Some of the qualifications sought by private companies and businesses include degrees in criminal justice, communications,

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