Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience

Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience – The global pandemic has changed business forever. As COVID-19 spread around the world, many established and start-up businesses began working remotely. More employees than sales associates are looking for work-from-home opportunities to compete for marketing positions. Virtual assistant resume writing has also become more popular over the past few years.

A virtual assistant is responsible for many administrative tasks. Because they work remotely, most virtual assistants focus on data entry, corporate communications, and customer service tasks. It’s easier for telecommuters to complete these tasks, but it’s also easier for employers to track their work.

Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience

Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience

Often, a virtual assistant position is posted online – through freelance websites like or through online job search engines. The candidate will fill out a job application, and the employer will sift through the piles of applications to hopefully find that needle in the haystack. A professional resume for virtual assistant positions can push your application to the front of the list.

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So – how do you write an engaging virtual assistant job description? Are there specific sections that need to be included in an entry-level virtual assistant resume? What action verbs describe automated software solutions used by many recruiting firms? These are some of the questions that we will answer in the information below.

A great application should include a virtual assistant cover letter and virtual assistant resume. The cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the employer, with the freelance virtual assistant resume being the supporting document. The content in the application, cover letter, and virtual assistant resume PFD that you will attach should all be consistent, written in a professional yet conversational tone, and encourage the reader to invite you for an interview.

While it all sounds great on paper – the question on many job candidates’ minds is – how do you meet these lofty expectations? Sometimes reviewing virtual assistant resume samples written by a professional resume writer is a good starting point.

The virtual assistant resume example below is for our legendary candidate Kyle Franklin. She is a college student working on her master’s degree and lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It has been a virtual assistant for many companies – from manufacturing to real estate businesses. He has managed excel files, managed social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn, answered corporate phone calls, and served as a project management expert and personal assistant to a former CEO.

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Sample Resume With No Experience

Take some time to review this sample virtual assistant bio. Once you’re done, please continue to the rest of the article, where we’ll explain how to build, format, and edit each section.

The best virtual assistant resume tells a story about the candidate from top to bottom. Like this sample resume for a virtual assistant, your resume should be one page long and include all relevant information to support your job application.

As you can see in Kyle’s resume, he’s listed his contact information, written a powerful virtual assistant resume objective, listed two previous VA jobs, and listed his education. Finally, she lists some of the top skills that make her a great remote office assistant. He also provided credible references that could attest to his experience, work ethic, and personal character.

Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience

The entire sample resume for virtual assistants reads cleanly – start to finish. It has a professional tone, but it’s also conversational. It’s grammatically perfect, exudes confidence, and fits nicely on a single page.

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If you’re ready to learn how our team of professional resume writers created this finished product – we’re ready to teach you. Before we get into the weeds, let’s make something clear. The tools we are going to share with you in the information below are guidelines. Each virtual assistant position will require specific experience, and they may ask for specific information on your resume.

To have the best chance of getting an interview, we strongly recommend reading the entire job posting before writing your resume. Not only will the job posting tell you what the company is looking for in a candidate, but it will also provide you with skills and some action verbs that they hope you will include in the finished resume.

Once you’ve read the job posting and memorized all the required skills, it’s time to begin the actual writing process. The best way to start a writing project is to make an outline. We recommend starting with creating a master resume for experienced or entry-level virtual assistants. This working Word document allows you to insert basic sections, add content to each, edit grammar and spelling, and structure it so that it reads well.

Personal Contact Information: The resume will begin with personal contact information. Keep it simple – by listing your full name, postal address, email, and mobile phone number.

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Professional Summary: Many people call it a resume – and for the purposes of this article, we will. It’s a paragraph-length elevator pitch filled with interpersonal skills and abilities that make you a great virtual assistant.

Skills: It’s a good idea to list five to seven helpful skills that will make you an excellent virtual assistant. Some of the skills required for a virtual assistant include communication, problem solving, telephone etiquette, customer service, and working with cloud-based CRMs.

References: You must select a total of three references – two of which can testify to your work history and one that provides a personal testimonial.

Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience

When you start your main resume, create six basic sections – use the ones we’ve listed above. Once you have six sections listed, write them in bold so you know they are important categories. Scroll down to each section to learn best practices for creating content for each section of your virtual administrative assistant resume.

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Sometimes simplicity is a sign of genius. Likewise with a virtual assistant resume – and contact information section. Many start off on the wrong foot and try to cram a ton of content into something that should be short, sweet, and to the point. Even worse, some candidates will create a single resume — and never update it if contact information changes.

This is a surefire way to lose potential interviews. If the information on your application doesn’t match what’s on your resume, many recruiting agencies will discard any resumes and applicants that don’t add up. Thus, keep your personal information simple by listing your legal name, postal address (including zip code), email, and mobile phone number.

Formatting is easy when using a resume builder or virtual assistant resume template. Contact information should be listed at the top of your resume, so it’s easy for hiring managers to contact you. Here’s a bonus tip – make sure your mobile device has SMS text enabled and linked to your email address. This will make it easier for you to respond to job interview inquiries quickly.

If there’s one part that can make or break your chances of getting an interview – this is it. The objective or resume is your chance to sell a job candidate in the form of an elevator pitch. In this section, which is usually only four to five sentences long, you will mention your intention to join the company as a virtual assistant, introduce your hard and soft skills, and conclude by explaining why you are an ideal candidate.

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As you can see in Kyle’s sample resume for a virtual assistant, he has followed the above advice carefully. He mentions the company he is trying to join in the first sentence. She follows up by explaining her four years of virtual assistant experience in multiple industries. This shows his versatility and ability to switch between different jobs. He further demonstrates his hard and soft skills and closes the chapter by explaining his unique ability to work flawlessly.

Your abstract should be limited to 200 words, written in a clean, professional and conversational tone. You want to be confident – but not arrogant. Be sure to read the finished paragraph out loud several times – and ask some friends to review it too. Place the completed paragraph directly below your contact information and above the work history.

Having the right work experience is a critical attribute that hiring managers look for in virtual assistant candidates. They look for people who are easy to train, have a proven track record of getting jobs done on time, and focus on quality. This is especially important when the virtual assistant is tasked with completing data entry or communicating with customers.

Sample Resume For Virtual Assistant With No Experience

Best practices for writing experienced VA resumes recommend listing two of your most recent but relevant jobs in the experience section. However, a sample resume for a virtual assistant with no experience should include your two most recent jobs. The key here will be adding bullet points that demonstrate the skills needed to be a great virtual assistant.

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When you review Kyle’s resume, you can see that he has listed his two most recent virtual assistant jobs. He heads to a manufacturing firm – where he will get clients

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