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I am a highly regarded and dedicated senior level United Nations political and peacekeeping official with extensive experience implementing Security Council mandates in the Middle East and Africa, and at UNHQ. Having worked in UN missions in Syria, city, state, Lebanon, Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, DR Congo and Western Sahara, I have developed a critical understanding of political, security, humanitarian and development issues, and an extensive knowledge of political, military and operational aspects of my trade, including mediation, conflict management and confidence building processes; military deployment and the “use of force” such as budgets and administration, and operational and strategic planning. I have a long track record of diplomacy, liaison and coordination, with the ability to develop and maintain strong and collaborative partnerships with internal and external counterparts and stakeholders. I have managed and developed teams in volatile environments, and I possess well-developed communication skills and strong planning and organizational techniques. I have the ability to identify problems and develop workable solutions for them. With my family settled in Abu Dhabi, I am now looking for a position within the wider UN system in the UAE, which would give me the opportunity to apply my gained experience and expand it into new fields. I am confident in my ability to learn quickly and master new challenges.

Sample Resume For United Nations Jobs

Sample Resume For United Nations Jobs

Delivering strategies in conflict environments Diplomacy, liaison and coordination of stakeholders Operational and strategic planning Strong influencing and negotiation skills Delivery of briefings, reports and presentations Excellent people management skills Intercultural communication skills Good fluency in Arabic

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During my UN career I have either led or participated in multi-national teams that: Facilitated and verified the elimination of Syria’s declared chemical weapons program through multilateral partnerships, achieved in an unprecedented time frame and in uniquely dangerous circumstances. Facilitated dialogue between Lebanese and Israeli senior military officials who have been keeping the peace at the Lebanese-Israeli border for the longest period since the 1960s. A multidisciplinary peace operation in Sudan established, to stabilize the country and help implement the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the government and former rebels. Stabilized the border region between Ethiopia and Eritrea after their 1998-2000 war. Worked with Congolese and Rwandan groups to implement disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programs in eastern Congo. Registered Sahraoui residents of the refugee camps in Algeria to vote in a referendum for self-determination. I have been praised several times by senior UN officials for my integrity and professionalism, my advice and recommendations to senior management, my drafting and presentation skills, and my ability to establish partnerships among my peers, within my teams, and with external counterparts.

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Senior Advisor/Senior Liaison Officer November 2013 to December 2014 OPCW-UN Joint Mission in Syria Damascus, Syria The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – United Nations Joint Mission in Syria is tasked with an ambitious and unprecedented mandate conduct to facilitate and verify the removal and destruction of approximately 1,300 metric tons of chemical weapons material and the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons program following the Russia-US Framework Convention in September 2013 and the adoption of Security Council resolution 2118 (2013). I led the liaison/political unit of the Joint Mission, and supported the mission leadership in the implementation of the mandate of the Joint Mission: Assisted in establishing the Joint Mission, in planning and formulating strategies, identifying strategic issues, proposing policy options and priorities, making recommendations, and drafting planning guidelines. Support the head of mission planning and conducting diplomatic negotiations with the Syrian government and with other member states, developing constructive multilateral cooperation in a time of acute regional and international tensions; and developed strong liaison and coordination with UN Common System colleagues and counterparts in Damascus, at UNHQ in New York, and at the OPCW in The Hague. Directed the production of regular reports and code cables to UN Headquarters, and prepared monthly reports and briefings to the UN Security Council and the OPCW Executive Council. Assisted the head of mission with outreach activities, including conducting presentations and discussions with NGOs, academic think tanks and research institutions. Performed Chief of Staff functions in Damascus in his absence, and acted as OIC of the UN Component of the Joint Mission and as head of the mission’s office in Nicosia planning for transition, transfer and liquidation, Analytical, intuitive, result- driven Government Reform Professional possessing 27 years of progressive experience specializing in promoting advocacy; through the design, implementation and monitoring of democratic government programs

. Motivated by the challenges associated with bringing together the people, organizations and resources needed to promote and sustain progress; encouraged by the results of promoting sound governance and human rights practices within vulnerable populations.

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An agency recognized for providing technical leadership and support in promoting democracy in five regions of the world for more than 50 years.

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Recognized as the Mission Expert on security operations, electoral processes and administration, political competition, consensus building, strategic planning and reform, and institutional development. Instrumental in the technical direction and financial management of the Presidential and Provincial States elections. Serves as the Project Manager, primary liaison, and the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) on behalf of the government for large-scale contacts and cooperative agreements valued in excess of $335 M. Collaborates with all levels of government officials, the Independent Select Committee ; the United Nations Development Programme; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and International Security Assistance Force (NATO/ISAF), national and international stakeholders and civil society; in the design, implementation and monitoring of democracy and governance programmes.

Established Anti-Trafficking Expert, who conducted a comparative analysis of witness protection systems (countries); evaluating legislation, practices, assistance, support, and the protection of victims/victim-witnesses, making policy recommendations aimed at law enforcement, the judiciary, government authorities, service providers, and others to build capacity and the delivery of services to increase, prosecutions, assistance to victims, and the development of jurisprudence with the ultimate goal of developing and implementing an improved, functional Coordination System for Victim Witnesses.

Assisting countries around the world in the implementation of the basic foundations of human rights (freedom and democracy); for more than 27 years and in more than 100 countries; in conjunction with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)/ Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)/ Center for Migration Policy Development (CMPD).

Sample Resume For United Nations Jobs

Collaborated with provincial and electoral stakeholders, law enforcement, judicial representatives, political parties; domestic and international non-governmental organizations (NGO), elected/unelected officials, and members of civil society in organizing meetings that support policy development and implementation.

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Regional manager and planner of field activities for nine field offices and 55 human rights personnel charged with promoting human rights governance/reforms, institutional development, elimination of discrimination, fiscal accountability, transparency, and anti-corruption practices relevant to for providing services that support sustainable return, reintegration, social assistance, promotion of inter-ethnic relations, and minority rights throughout the government/political reform process. Acting Regional Center director.

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Oversee, manage and coordinate five remote field offices and teams of ten personnel investigating human rights violations, overseeing property restitution and minority reintegration, coordinating regional and state-level anti-trafficking task forces and providing training for law enforcement, contact with government and other relevant stakeholders, and acts as the Mission Representative for the office.

Facilitated the integration of the election and registration processes through the training of domestic and international staff on election administration procedures. Oversee the planning of election activities with election commissions, political parties, municipal authorities, security stakeholders, and media

Managed up to 102 field supervisors in monitoring the electoral process and polling stations, with missions in the country(s).

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Foreign Affairs Counter Threat Course / Improvised Explosive Detection / Counter Terrorism Driving / Surveillance Detection and Intelligence / Terrorist Operations / Route Analysis / Threat Analysis M4-Carbine / Glock 19Pistol / M-16 Rifle / AK-47 / Rifle – Emer First Responder / CPR Certified



Sample Resume For United Nations Jobs


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