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Robert Half Submit Resume – Your CV is an important document – ​​one you’ve spent a lot of time getting right. But regardless of what your resume says about you, it’s important that it gets proper attention from a hiring manager, and the timing of sending resumes can have a big impact on whether yours gets noticed.

Here’s a look at the best day and time to send your resume to ensure you catch a hiring manager’s attention.

Robert Half Submit Resume

Robert Half Submit Resume

It’s important to plan when sending resumes, because while you may be tempted to send off a resume, you need to give yourself the best opportunity to get your resume reviewed by a hiring manager.

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Ideally, you want your resume to be one of the first things a hiring manager sees when he or she starts work on a Monday morning.

To achieve this goal, aim to send your CV late on Sunday or very early Monday morning – certainly before office hours. It is understandable that you will worry about competing with other applicants. But when you send your resume at these times, you’re more likely to land at the top of the hiring manager’s email inbox at the start of the work week.

When sending resumes early—preferably before 09.00, you also show that you are up and actively working on your job search.

Also, if you send resumes late on Sunday or first Monday, you have the entire weekend to review your resume and make sure it addresses every point in the job ad including the skills and experience needed to address the role.

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The rules change slightly if you come across a suitable vacancy early in the week, and you want to send your CV straight away without letting time slip away.

If you plan to send your resume between Tuesday and Thursday, time your email so that your resume reaches the hiring manager between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. This way you avoid the morning rush, as the recruitment manager can be in meetings. But you have the advantage of attracting the hiring manager’s attention when they come back refreshed from a lunch break.

The reality is that Fridays can see office teams wind down a bit, or focus on tying up loose ends for the week, while leaving big projects until early next week. For this reason, Fridays and especially Friday afternoons should be avoided when it comes to sending CVs.

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Robert Half Submit Resume

It may also be helpful to avoid sending resumes on a Friday as you may be tired from the previous week. Fatigue can increase the chance that your CV contains errors or does not fully meet the requirements of the role.

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Regardless of when you choose to send your resume, take a few minutes to double-check that every detail is correct. Run a spell check and make sure you’ve tailored your CV and cover letter to the company and role in question.

One final step – double check the email address you are sending your CV to. Something as simple as an incorrect email address can mean your CV never reaches the hiring manager.

With a little careful planning, the timing of when to send resumes can make a big difference in landing the role that’s right for you.

Our staffing specialists will review your CV and contact you if we find a position that matches your qualifications. As you carefully craft a resume that’s tailored to the specific role you’re applying for, know that the way you report your skills for a job can determine how far you get in the hiring process. If you want your resume to show that you have what it takes to warrant an interview, you need to showcase your job skills.

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The skills on your resume can set you apart from the competition so you can land the position you want. And if a hiring panel decides to offer you the job, the skills listing section of your resume can easily influence the salary figure they settle for.

So, where do you start? Click on the links below to jump to the resume writing tips that interest you the most. Or start from the top and read through to the end for a comprehensive review of the job skills for a resume that all professionals should consider.

It’s no secret that many hiring managers only spend a short time looking at a resume before deciding whether to pass on a job candidate or add them to the shortlist. What you may not know is that employers today are looking for both hard and soft skills for a job. For example, read all job postings and you may see the following requests:

Robert Half Submit Resume

These skills and attributes, and others we discuss in this post, are essential for today’s workplace. Hard skills are the technical skills required to perform the tasks and responsibilities associated with the job. They are acquired through practice, education and training. They are measurable and easy to market: Either you have the desired technical skills and experience, or you don’t. Your work history and certifications will speak to them.

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Soft skills, or interpersonal skills, reflect one’s personality and personal characteristics. They can relate to an ability to fit into a company’s work culture, handle stress, communicate clearly or play well with others, for example. They may be “soft,” but they’re important skills for a resume: When job candidates have comparable levels of experience and technical skills, soft skills can tip the balance.

See later sections for tips on how to showcase soft and hard skills on your resume. But first, let’s talk about what job skills employers are looking for.

Many companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS), which acts as an electronic filter, to collect, scan, sort and rank resumes to narrow applicant pools to the most qualified candidates. That’s why you need to tailor your resume and cover letter with keywords and phrases that match the job ad (as long as you possess the skills you list, of course).

If an employer is looking for a graphic designer with mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite, for example, you wouldn’t just claim “experience with software for creative professionals.” List the software by name, indicate your level of expertise, and—if you have it—check your Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification. Likewise, if an employer is looking for an accountant with “experience handling day-to-day invoices and credits,” use similar language in your resume. Simply listing “receipt collection” as a duty is unlikely to get good results with an ATS.

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Repeat common words and phrases from other posts with the same role as well. But remember that every job description is different. Tailor keywords and skills on your resume and cover letter for each position.

Make no mistake, the soft skills on your resume can be of just as much interest to a hiring manager as the technical skills you offer. Smart managers know that an experienced, well-educated new hire who doesn’t fit into the office culture, communicates poorly with clients and colleagues, or freezes under deadline can take a toll on the workplace. Your resume – and, later, how you present yourself at the interview – should reassure the employer that you can not only do the job, but you will help the team flourish.

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Not sure what soft skills can send that message? Remember that every job application should receive a tailored CV. So review the duties of the position you are applying for and determine which of your personal strengths would help you be successful on the job and in the work environment.

Robert Half Submit Resume

When listing hard skills on your resume, include specific skills and certifications. Front-end web developers, for example, would report their level of expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and other technologies the company lists in its job posting. A financial controller, meanwhile, might claim a strong foundation in GAAP or SEC reporting, and an administrative expert’s resume skills might advertise a CAP or MOS certification.

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Keep in mind that your resume should provide examples of how you’ve used the hard skills most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Whenever possible, list specific, quantifiable accomplishments for each position you’ve held. If you’re a digital marketer, enter conversion and click-through rates. If you’re a project manager, showcase projects that came in on time and on budget—and report their impact. As we discuss below, you want to demonstrate that you are a results-driven professional.

You must use the job description to customize your resume skills and work history sections. But don’t stop there. Research the employer to gain insight into the workplace culture and company values. You may discover additional qualities that would be appreciated by the employer.

If you know someone who works at the company, or has in the past, reach out to ask about the workplace culture and what the employer believes is important to its employees. Also check sites like Glassdoor and Fairygodboss for company reviews by employees and former employees. (You can even get an idea there about the employer’s interview process.)

The company website can also tell you a lot. Reading the About Us page is usually a good place to start.

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