Rob Cancilla Resume Template

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If you want to send to your dream job, it should be ATS friendly. Here’s what it is, with a template on which to build.

Rob Cancilla Resume Template

Rob Cancilla Resume Template

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We’ve all been there before. You apply for a job that you know you’re perfect for, and you’ve never heard from a group. Maybe because no one saw your business because of ATS.

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software is used by companies to streamline the interview and hiring process. If you applied for a job online, you most likely encountered the ATS.

The program is used by companies to collect, disperse, and often summarize in order while repeating them for keywords, phrases or specific criteria, i.e., number of years of experience. Resumes that are deemed qualified by ATS are evaluated or approved and then reviewed by HR or the hiring manager.

The challenge is that most ATSs are not intuitive enough to read many resume forms, and as a result, many qualified resumes are never reviewed by a human.

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As an executive recruiter and career coach, I review hundreds of resumes a week, and here are my tips to get you an ATS-friendly resume.

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Each ATS has unique characteristics, and each company uses these characteristics differently, but here are some helpful tips for developing and maintaining a user-friendly ATS.

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Rob Cancilla Resume Template

ATS cannot read or scan photos and images, so the information in them is lost. Many ATS will scan and divide sections of your resume and create a separate ATS profile, and photos and images can convert the information parsed by the ATS into a profile.

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Text boxes can be great for formatting and making your resume look sleek and fresh, but they often cannot be read by ATS, and the information in the text box can be lost in the scanning and parsing process. There are also header and footer text boxes. Many of my clients are surprised to hear this one, but some of the ATS may be compromised.

Columns and tables are known issues in parsing and creating your ATS profile. Many applications use columns for the “Skills Section” which may be necessary for the keyword matching section in your resume. It remains that some, if not all, of the contents of the columns may be lost. I understand that some of the newer ATS are better at parsing into columns, but there is too much risk that you don’t often know which companies are using which ATS.

Chronological analysis makes ATS simpler to scan and more accurate. Avoid using a resume function like an ATS, so you don’t have to understand how to parse your experience into a predefined chronological profile. The chronological order of the resume will also help if your resume comes across as human, as most recruiters I speak with know that they don’t like to see any function, as they feel the job seeker is hiding something.

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Use simple section headers like “Work Experience” and “Education” to easily divide the ATS into different sections. Also, be sure to use the MM/YYYY format for each of your roles listed under work experience. This month and year format is the most recognized modern format across the different ATS.

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Be sure and take care of every part of your home. Carefully review the job description and extrapolate keywords from the job description to include in your resume. This exercise will allow you to place your account higher in the ATS ranking and give you a better chance of human review.

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A simple way to see if you are potentially ATS friendly is to open your resume in plain text. It won’t look fancy or heavy, but you’ll see that all the information is presented in a plain text document and in chronological order. If so, here’s a quick and easy test to tell if your microwave is ATS friendly.

Rob Cancilla Resume Template

I highly recommend you use the free ATS-friendly resume templates available at JobScan – 20 ATS-Friendly Resume Templates. They have templates for different experience levels ranging from recent graduates to executives. In my research, I found these models to be the most effective and user-friendly ATS.

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Using tools like JobScan’s Proin Optimization. It provides you with a tool that matches the estimated rate to the job description. These tools can be a great indicator to know if you have the right keywords in your resume.

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Rob Cancilla is an executive recruiter for early stage venture capital-backed companies, an adjunct professor at Loyal University Chicago’s School of Business, and the co-founder of the multimedia platform Vibio.

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