Resume Writing Services Vancouver

Resume Writing Services Vancouver – I help my clients put their best foot forward in hopes of advancing their careers by delivering best-in-class LinkedIn Profile Writing Services, in addition to Resume Writing Services & Interview Coaching.

I Write All LinkedIn Profiles! – As with my resume writing services, I write all LinkedIn profiles. This stand-alone LinkedIn Writing service requires a 60-minute consultation.

Resume Writing Services Vancouver

Resume Writing Services Vancouver

While my coaching clients have a 60-minute consultation as part of their service and only require the LinkedIn “add-on” option, all brand new clients seeking LinkedIn Writing Services receive a full consultation so I can gather the information I need. build strong content that positions you right on the LinkedIn platform.

Professional Writing Services In Vancouver

Keep your career branding consistent between your resume and LinkedIn profile and optimize your chances of being found. Add this option to your order by selecting the ‘Silver’ level package. Find out more here.

I’ll review yours and optimize your profile, and make sure the messaging is consistent between your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Purchase the services you require by selecting the appropriate price on the ‘Buy Now’ page. There are 4 levels based on your level of experience.

Email me your availability for a phone consultation along with your current resume/cover letter. Engage in a consultation that generally lasts between 45-60 minutes.

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Receive your documents by email in about 5 working days after the next available consultation date and depending on my workload.

Whether you need a standalone LinkedIn profile writing service or would like to combine it with a resume and interview coaching package, I have what you need! Click on this text to book your resume, LinkedIn profile writing or interview coaching session with Ken here. .

“I was unanimously accepted as an elite master’s resume writer by the certification committee upon submission of my first portfolio.” – Experienced Vancouver Resume Writer.

Resume Writing Services Vancouver

I am the first Certified Master Resume Writer in Canada and one of only 39 worldwide. The CMRW credential is issued by Career Directors International and is the industry’s oldest and most prestigious master’s resume credential, and the only one endorsed by the CDI. I know of no other Victorian resume writer who can offer this level and blend of resume writing skills and recruitment insight.

Title & Tagline Strategies In Executive Resumes

By being awarded this credential, I have shown myself to be the only resume writer in Canada able to meet and maintain the professional standards of excellence, innovation and versatility required to gain acceptance into an elite group of writers based in markets including New York, Chicago. , Sydney, and Melbourne.

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“Career Directors International is proud to officially endorse Ken Docherty as a Certified Master Resume Writer. Mr. Docherty has consistently demonstrated superior talents in the art of strategic resume writing and contemporary career marketing with a portfolio to demonstrate his level of expertise.

The CMRW (Certified Master Resume Writer) designation has only been completed by a small number of professionals worldwide with the confidence and talent to submit a diverse professional portfolio of resumes and cover letters across a range of sectors and situations.

We consider these individuals to be Career Director International’s “elite” writers. CMRWs distinguish themselves as a class above in strategy, branding and representing their clients to the highest professional standards.

Resume Writing Service Vancouver Bc; Top 10 Best Resume Writing Services In Vancouver, Bc

As a professional association, Career Directors International advocates the highest levels of integrity and professional scrutiny in talent evaluation. This philosophy is designed to raise the profile of the entire career industry.

We are proud to endorse Ken Docherty as one of our association’s elite and the first professional resume writer in Canada to achieve this master’s credential.

Look beyond the certification. My hands-on experience in recruitment consulting could provide you with an unparalleled competitive advantage in your Vancouver resume writing project. Are you ready to land your dream job, secure a promotion or raise? Read on to find out more about my professional resume services.

Resume Writing Services Vancouver

I help my clients put their best foot forward in hopes of advancing their careers by delivering best-in-class resume writing and interview coaching services.

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Biography: Ken provides professional resume services in Vancouver, BC and is regarded as one of the world’s leading resume writers. Ken is multi-certified (CMRW, CERM), international award-winning resume writer, experienced executive recruiter, and former staffing agency owner. Ken specializes in writing resumes for some of North America’s most senior executives in a variety of industries and is routinely sought out by clients who have worked everywhere from the White House, Pentagon and NSA to Parliament Hill through every major industry in North America. If you are looking for professional resume writing services in Vancouver, BC, get in touch.

In this article, I will give you some essential tips to prepare a highly effective resume. For the past 23 years I have assisted job seekers of all levels in securing their dream role, initially as a recruitment consultant and executive recruiter, and since 2009 as a world-leading resume writing specialist providing professional resume services to a diverse client base. Throughout my career, I have gained a lot of knowledge about what does and does not make up an effective resume.

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As an executive recruiter, part of my role was to identify and screen suitably qualified candidates for the job my client was recruiting for. A large part of this process revolved around the interview, where I used my interviewing skills to identify and build skills, experiences and achievements that would be directly relevant to the target job. Next, I would prepare a summary document, optimally structured to present the job seeker in the most effective way possible.

I’m sure you can imagine the sheer volume of assignments I’ve worked on, the number of industries I’ve worked in, and of course the countless hiring teams and HR professionals who have been tasked with assessing the suitability of the candidates I’ve presented Based on this insight, I was able to improve my approach to developing relevant, highly effective resumes capable of winning over even the most intransigent of hiring managers. As a Certified Master Resume Writer and Certified Master Resume Master, I have been able to leverage my previous experience in the world of recruiting to deliver best-in-class resume services to job seekers around the world.

Resume Builder: Create A Resume For Free

Okay, let me walk you through a few key areas to get you started and help you slip into the right mindset.

Think about your audience. What do they want to see? Do their work for them. Don’t make them read every single bullet on your resume before they begin to appreciate what you can do. Why? They probably won’t do that!

You have 10-15 seconds to grab the reader’s attention. Fail to communicate your value or suitability for the role, and you’re out.

Resume Writing Services Vancouver

You must choose a design and structure for the document that clearly communicates the fact that you have the skills and experience they need.

Best Resume Writing Services In Vancouver

You need to build in enough white space to bring out high-impact sections and ensure excellent readability. Use wide margins, clean type and clear headings. Don’t use crazy fonts. You can also apply bold or italics strategically to draw the reader’s eye and guide them through the document.

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Choose a format appropriate to your situation. Whether it’s a hybrid/combination style document, reverse chronological or functional style summary, depending on your background and experience, you should choose the format that accentuates the positives, minimizes the negatives (too much work?), and gives you the space , which you need. tone

Yes, we need to see content relevant to the role and this is very important when navigating Candidate Tracking Systems, however you need to identify and position your key achievements in each role for maximum impact.

You will see many people, myself included, advising you to have a few lines to introduce the work, then list achievements. Many of the best resumes I’ve written have followed that pattern. And yes, in the strongest of accomplishments listed on a resume, you will take ownership of the activity performed and be able to take credit for the net benefit to the company or client.

Resume Writing Services In Vancouver| Vancouver Resume Writing

However, for many people putting together their resumes on their own, they struggle with citing many accomplishments, especially if they perform transactional work. That is reality.

Sit down and think about your impact at your current and previous companies. What were you able to accomplish? Did you help improve customer experience? If so, how did you do it? Did you help increase revenue, if so, how much and how did you do it? Helped improve office productivity? If so, what did you do? Try to quantify the impact you made.

You can always link the work you do and the function within the business you serve to the end product or the efficient operation of the business itself. If you weren’t there to perform that function or if you didn’t do it well, what would be the impact on the business?

Resume Writing Services Vancouver

You can use this to say that you “help support” the continued efficient operation of the business/department. Perhaps you “help facilitate” the acquisition of new clients by ensuring that potential clients are redirected to the sales professional.

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