Resume Writing Services Tampa

Resume Writing Services Tampa – At Vitae Express, we are committed to working with each and every one of our customers. Our clients come from a variety of industries and experience levels from recent graduates to c-suite executives. No matter your experience, we work with you to realize your strengths and create a resume that highlights the qualities that will give you a competitive edge among your peers.

It is important that the information you present in your job search accurately reflects you. Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are your primary career marketing tools and must be crafted to attract positive attention from talent acquisition, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Resume Writing Services Tampa

Resume Writing Services Tampa

Vitae Express now has two locations, Tampa and Tarpon Springs, to better serve the entire Tampa Bay area. Serving Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties with a personal touch, we provide the same level of service to our national and international customers. We are proud to have provided award-winning resume writing services to clients in all 50 states, as well as Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Get to know Vitae Express, our mission and the success our clients have had using our CV service.

Ready to take the next step? Accelerate your career today with our resume and LinkedIn optimization services. Need someone to fix your resume? That’s where we come in. Our staff of professional resume writers know the inner workings of what it takes to make a resume truly magical in the eyes of hiring managers. Our staff has helped thousands of job seekers fix their resumes and get them ready for the application process.

Your resume is all that stands in the way between getting a job interview and being turned down. When your future job is on the line, your resume needs to be in the best shape possible. Whether it’s fixing grammar mistakes, rearranging bullet points, adding new job postings, or rewriting your entire resume, our resume editing service is here to help you elevate your resume.

We have assembled a team of carefully vetted resume writers from around the world. Each of them has insider knowledge on how to get around applicant tracking systems and impress hiring managers.

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We don’t just send a flat resume and let you move on. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new CV and any tweaks we’ve made to it. This is why our process gives you unlimited revisions for up to 14 days after you receive your permanent resume.

Is the only resume writing service that actually uses in-house research and field testing to gain insights on how to write the best resume. Our research has been covered by national news media and has given our team additional insight into what it takes to tailor a resume to appeal to employers who review it.

To learn more about how to communicate with your writer and the process behind how we fix your resume, check out our How It Works page.

Resume Writing Services Tampa

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if you really need someone to fix your resume. It may already be well written to begin with.

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If you’re having trouble deciding, have friends, family members, or online resume communities review your resume and see what kind of feedback they give. If you have already tried using your resume and have not been successful, this is also a sign that your resume needs to be fixed and rewritten.

Resume editing services cost $100 and can be ordered at the bottom of this page you are on. If you’re interested in giving your resume a full makeover, check out the Order Now page for more pricing information.

After you complete our online form and send us your original CV for review, we will select a CV writer from our team to contact you via email to schedule a one-on-one interview.

One thing that really sets us apart is our team of writers. We set the highest standards for ourselves and only accept the most qualified and talented CV writers into our team. We also only assign 1-2 clients to each of our writers each week. This allows them to focus on your specific order and make sure nothing is rushed.

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Finally, we conduct our own experiments and research to try to determine the most effective resume writing techniques out there to get more job interviews and offers. Connect with the best online resume writing services in Tampa. We have ranked the top 10 resume writing services based on real customer reviews from most trusted platforms. Choose the best professional resume writers and editors based on real customer feedback, affordability and response time. Choose and hire the best resume writers in Tampa for your career needs.

Vitae Express is committed to working with all of our customers. We have clients at all levels of experience, from recent graduates to senior executives. We work with all experience levels and help you create a resume that highlights your competitive advantage. T more…

A resume can be the first impression potential employers have of you. You only have 6-10 seconds to get it right. It’s not easy to make a good impression. That’s why professional resume writers are available. We have decades of experience working in Hu more…

Resume Writing Services Tampa

My name is Michelle Cook-Kaufmann. I am a certified professional resume writer. MCK Resume Service was founded by me. I know that a professionally written resume is essential to any job search. It is often the first impression prospective employers have of more…

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A unique face-to-face resume process. You sit with your Darin resume at the computer while she interviews you and prepares your cover letter and resume. If you are comfortable reading the screen and collaborating on writing the resume more…

Since 1996, our team of certified resume writers has been working. The recent addition of one Certified Career Coach (CCC) and one Social Media and Technology Specialist has made us very happy! Now we can take care of all your career concerns, including one more…

Resumes are a powerful sales tool. Your market insurance. Establishing your brand and message is important. Hiring managers, recruiters and other professionals know a look in seven seconds. Your next move is determined after 7 seconds. This will save you more…

My clients all score above average. ResumeWriter(at)com was founded in 1996. I have helped thousands of clients achieve their career goals, in many industries and at all levels of employment. I have unique strengths in helping candidates transition to more…

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The resumes we create are written by certified professional resume writers (CPRW). Professional resume writers use client information to help clients create unique resumes. The expertise of our resume writers allows us to create more…The process timeline below is based on a 5 day work week. ‘T’ is the day before the step.

Resume Writing Services Tampa

“Ultimately, there is one investment that trumps all others: Invest in yourself” – Warren Buffet (American business magnate, investor, speaker and philanthropist who serves as Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway)

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My services are an investment you make in yourself – whether it’s resume writing and LinkedIn optimization, or career coaching or interview coaching! I expect my clients to make or save more money than it costs to join me. It is wonderful for me to believe. It doesn’t matter if my clients don’t believe it. I want my clients to see a distinct value: a return on their investment.

Consider the resume writer who produces “CUT RATE” OR “CHEAP” resumes at very low cost. He/she can charge less because his/her work is less. But his/her brand will be defined for him/her — by his/her clients (whose “CHEAP/CHEAP” resumes keep them from the best jobs) and by employers (who recognize OVERUSED AND UNORIGINAL writing when they see it) . His/her brand is cheap.

It just gets worse. Others in the industry would never refer clients to him/her. Because he/she has no new ideas, he/she never contributes to the literature, you never see him/her at professional conferences. If his work didn’t reflect so poorly on our industry, he/she would be irrelevant. That’s why greatness in what you do is never negotiable. While “cheap” is also not something we want to be associated with, it does remind us of the level of investment we make and the value we deliver. Here is an example –

Let’s say I write a package for an executive who is currently on an annual salary of INR 18 LAC and expects

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