Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

Resume Writing Services Houston Tx – Combining advanced resume writing skills as a Certified P Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) through the Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches/PARWCC with over 20 years of resume writing, career and professional life. , and HR Management, I am committed to personally crafting a resume and cover letter that truly reflects your accomplishments, while guiding you to the top of the applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Second, I do extensive research on 60-70 job openings in your desired career fields around the world to get a comprehensive list of keywords that employers apply to the ATS. Why did I research so much? To get results! We must have the key keywords of the current systems.

Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

Third, WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!! I will rewrite your experience so that each job presents you as a candidate for the desired career. At the top of every resume, I write a strong executive summary that answers the employer’s “why should they hire you” questions. I implement core competencies, add a title and of course rewrite your career history. In every post I write for you, there are not only bullets of responsibility, but statements of values. These “statements of value” show the employer that you have not only performed the essential duties, but succeeded in doing so. Employers see you as a proven performer before they even meet or talk to you! This formula also allows you to easily expand on each bullet during the interview, share stories, roadblocks you’ve overcome, and engage the employer in the conversation.

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Fourth, I will send you a rough draft of the resume in PDF format. This allows you to view the document and share additions, changes and deletions. At this point, you’ll likely remember even more of what you’ve accomplished when you see everything you’ve accomplished and succeeded in throughout your career. You can notify me of changes by calling me, emailing me, or even chatting with me on video chat! This is actually my favorite part of the resume writing process, as a few of my clients have started crying “happy tears” when they look at the rough draft of their resume and truly understand all that they have accomplished and how it positively impacted their employers.

Fifth, I apply the changes and read the resume. My creativity and wordsmithing skills come to a screeching halt when I spend a long time checking every line of your resume for grammar, accuracy, consistency, and formatting. I prove it, I prove it again, I rest my eyes and I prove it again.

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Sixth, I create your cover letter. I create cover letters at the end of the resume writing process because I create each cover letter based on your unique skill set and career goals. I do not create generic cover letters. Every cover letter I create is created especially for you. In your cover letter, I present your top achievements and skills in a warm but professional manner and invite the reader to action. We ask for an opportunity for a phone conversation or an in-person interview after giving them several concrete reasons why they should do so.

Writing the entire resume takes about 7-8 hours. I take the necessary time to create your documents that maximize the return on investment in writing your resume. A well-written resume should land you interviews and maximize your salary negotiation power by (again) demonstrating your value.

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Employers will hire and make solid salary offers to those applicants who demonstrate their value – that they are worth their salary and maximum salaries. I have had numerous clients double their salary with my resume and cover letters because we create VALUE. You are worth it! Now we have to tell employers that you’re worth it!

2. Replace this objective with a summary – communicate to the employer your skills and why you are the right person for the job!

3. Add Core Competencies – Easily communicate that you have the skills for the job and add keywords to those pesky applicant tracking systems.

Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

4. State your worth on each list throughout your career. Showcase your accomplishments, not just your responsibilities.

A Free, Modern, Beautiful Way To Write Your Resume Well

5. Nix text boxes, tables and images. Resume databases don’t like them and can be omitted or “messed up” when you upload your resume. Save the graphic on your cleaning sheet”.

6. Proof it and proof it again for consistency, grammar, punctuation and formatting. Love the use of the Oxford comma, use it throughout your CV. Hate it? Embrace it throughout your resume.

8. Use numbers. Have sales increased? Pull out these sales reports to find out how much you’ve increased sales. Numbers add value.

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10. The general rule is to return to the details for 10 years. But there are cases where this general rule does not apply, i.e. you had the same position for 30 years, etc.

Secrets Of A Resume Writer

11. The maximum length of a resume is two pages and only about 50% of hiring managers even read the second page. Prioritize your content and include your most important information on the first page.

14. Customize your resume to fit individual career paths. You may not need to change your career history, but you do need to change your summary. Make a resume for each dedicated career path. no longer supports older versions of your browser to keep user data safe. Update to the latest version.

Professional Resume Writing Service | Writing a CV | Designing and Writing a Custom Resume | Digital download around 24–48 hours

Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

Looking for the perfect job? I can help you! I’m a talent recruiter and expert in writing ATS-optimized resumes that drive results for entry-level and professional positions.

Resume Examples That’ll Get You Hired In 2022

ATS Compliant Writing – I create professional resumes that will pass the applicant tracking system and get you noticed by recruiters.

Accomplishment-Based, Keyword Writing – The resume I write includes plenty of accomplishments based on your industry to help you land the interview you deserve.

Flexibility – All of the resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes I make can be tailored to the different jobs you want to do in the future.

✷PDF and Word file included in final delivery (remember to confirm your email address)

Professional Resume Writing Services Mumbai; Best Professional Resume Writing Services Online In Surat, India

All sales are final, but we will provide multiple drafts and revisions until you are satisfied with your purchase.

Estimated Arrival Date Estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, recipient location (actual or inferred), seller handling time and location, and carrier. Other factors, such as shipping delays or placing an order on a weekend/holiday, may delay the arrival of your product beyond this date. Read more

Purchase protection: Shop with confidence, knowing if something goes wrong with your order. We’ve got you covered for all eligible purchases – see the terms and conditions of the program

Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

Tiffany did a wonderful job. My resume looks great!!!! he even took time out of his day to call me and help me understand the layout of my resume and explain how to use it to help me get through the ATS systems. He answered all my questions that I had asked him and did so very quickly. Thank you so much Tiffany, I can’t wait to apply for a job 😊

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Tiffany was amazing to work with! I am a stay at home mom who has been out of the workforce for almost 5 years and have been struggling with my resume. Tiffany did such a great job making it look professional!

Professional Resume Writing Service | Writing a CV | Designing and Writing a Custom Resume | 24-72 hour cycle

Tiffany is a very skilled resume builder. She made me look gorgeous and unadorned. I just expertly polished what I gave him and used keywords and it was very fast. I have received numerous callbacks since using this new resume. This great resume got me a call back and an interview for a dream job that I have applied to multiple times without a response. Today I accepted the job! I couldn’t be more grateful to Tiffany. Worth every penny, plus more. Thank you!

I can’t say enough good things about Tiffany! He sent me my resume/cover letter/thank you letter in one day and made it look really professional and neat! I applied for one of my dream jobs and got an interview the next day! 😊💕 10/10 I recommend!

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Resume Writing Services Houston Tx

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