Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc – Wanda Kiser is a certified professional career coach and multi-credentialed resume writer with over 12 years of experience and a proven track record of professional coaching and creating great resumes. Wanda is client-oriented, flexible and focused. She is passionate about helping others achieve their career potential. Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and support, Wanda prides itself on being ranked among the best in equipping career seekers with the skills and strategies needed to succeed in today’s tough job market.

Prior to founding Elite Resume Writing Services, Inc., Wanda spent more than 21 years as a top operations and training development professional at a large Fortune 500 corporation. This has given her the knowledge and perspective needed to teach graduating seniors, entry-level employees, career changers, professional managers, and senior executives.

Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

Using exceptional communication, organization, presentation, comprehensive research and client relationship management skills, Wanda helps clients with everything from job search strategies, to creating winning resumes, improving interviewing skills and negotiating fair and equitable compensation packages.

How To Verify Degrees And Protect Your Company From Resume Fraud

A highly articulate and effective communicator, Wanda works well with individuals at all levels. Recognized as a resource person and key contributor to numerous organizations, she has consistently achieved the highest possible ratings for organizing and facilitating highly effective training and development sessions.

In her own words, Wanda said “there is no greater reward than seeing deserving people achieve their hopes and dreams, and knowing that you played a part in that.”

We care about your career success. Elite Resume Writing was founded because of people like you. Many of our family members, friends and business associates are also affected by today’s economic conditions. In fact,  in many cases, we have provided assistance  and they have achieved great results through our career coaching, interview preparation and resume writing services.

In today’s job market, it is essential that job seekers are equipped with the skills and strategies needed to attract the attention of hiring managers, achieving the ultimate goal of landing a job.

How To Customize Your Resume For Each Job Application

Just leave the writing to us and focus your efforts on spending more quality time with your family and friends and on the things you enjoy. Be sure to take advantage of our free phone strategy session. Remember, your resume must be targeted, clear, compelling, concise and engaging. More importantly, a winning resume must meet the needs of potential employers, answering that all-important question: “Why should we hire you?” So, it’s all about strategy, not just documentation. We offer fast processing with our resume service, allowing you to start your job search right away.

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In a nutshell, our belief is that each person should use their natural talents and abilities, doing work they are interested in and passionate about, then we as a community will greatly benefit from their contribution. This is our passion and the driving force behind our existence.

Now it’s your turn to decide… Are you tired of passing up opportunities? When will it finally be your turn to achieve your career goals? I believe your time is now. Call us today to schedule your free phone strategy session and let us equip you with the tools and skills you need to succeed in your career. The Average Resume Interviewer’s MessThree Must-See Resume Writing Tips1. Follow a standard format full of easy-to-read bullet points2. List measurable achievements that begin with action verbs3. Focus on networking if you really want to land a job. It’s not just Reddit users

Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

A few months ago, a friend recommended that I try Reddit. He said there was a lot going on at the location and I would enjoy it.

High School Cover Letter: Samples, Proper Format, & Guide

“Enjoy” wasn’t the first word I thought of when he mentioned it. I think I was more in the “fear” camp at first.

But eventually I got over my worries, joined Reddit, and spent a few months trying to get the hang of how things worked and finding subreddits that interested me.

When I felt calmer, I wanted to give back to the community, so I started looking for places to contribute.

Naturally, I gravitated to personal finance topics. After all, I’ve had decent money success myself (financially independent at 42, retired at 52, and writing on the subject for over 15 years.)

Professional Shipping Resume Examples For 2022

But it didn’t take long to find out that everyone on Reddit is a money management expert. (I hope you can hear the sarcasm in that.)

Anyway, I had little interest in explaining money issues to a 32-year-old “expert” with almost no net worth to his name. I’ve seen others try and the pack comes down on him, so no thanks.

I found a subreddit where people were posting their resumes and asking for help reviewing them. As someone who has reviewed thousands of resumes over the course of my working career, interviewed and hired hundreds of people, and successfully managed my own career, I knew I could help.

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Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

The posts were eerily similar to each other. I know it rarely happens, but the same post comes up over and over again.

Military Service Discrimination: Are You Protected?

I applied to about 900 positions and never got a call back, so I’m sure the problem is with my resume.

I’m not sure where these people got their first tips on how to build a resume, but I’m guessing it was either a first grade class or a trained monkey.

Moreover, I saw another pattern develop. Over and over, every poster had the same problems. They made critical mistakes – ones that rendered their CVs almost worthless.

I saw this so often that it got to the point where I was making the same recommendations to poster after poster. I ended up making the answer easier for myself by writing a detailed answer, saving it as a document on my computer, and literally copying and pasting one question after another. They all needed the same advice!

Finding A Job, Then And Now: #1

So, in the interest of saving future posters the trouble of asking for help, I thought I’d share three common problems that Reddit posters face and my recommendations for solving them.

I will list them as recommendations of what to do instead of what to avoid because I think that is more positive.

According to a study by Ladders, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. The standard thought was that recruiters spent at least a few minutes on each resume. No.

Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

The reality is that recruiters have tons of resumes to sort through, so they need to get rid of them quickly. That’s why each gets six seconds.

Resume Design: Get Noticed — Hue & Tone Creative

That means the resume writer needs to grab their attention and stand out (in a good way) in six seconds. If that happens, maybe the review can be extended to 10 or 15 seconds, giving the candidate enough time to tell their story a bit and hopefully make a pile of “maybes” instead of being sent to the trash can.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you’re applying for a creative position, then ditch the rules and get creative with your resume (as long as you still communicate well, of course). If you have a skill that is required for the job (or gives you a leg up), then you might want to include it at the top. But for 95%+ of the jobs out there, these tips apply.

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The resumes I was seeing on reddit were very messy. People described their work experience in paragraphs that were so difficult to read that I’m sure no one got past them. They listed their experience at the end of the biography and in no particular order. They spent the first half of the page telling us what they thought of themselves (and their abilities) before moving on to the meat of the presentation. These resumes were train wrecks and it was easy to see why they weren’t effective.

Supported a team of nine to achieve 10.4% year-over-year sales growth and earned a company-wide recognition award for performance.

The High Score Resume Format: How To Write A Resume For 2022

Now, which of those two people would you like to interview? (By the way, the purpose of a resume is simply to get you an interview.)

See how the second is so much better than the first? If you don’t let me list a few ways:

The sad thing is that these two different lines may actually be the same person! Only if he has no idea how to write a resume it might be more like option 1, but if he had some direction he would write it like option 2.

Resume Writing Services Greenville Sc

The questions I get about this advice often boil down to “I don’t have any accomplishments” and “I’m not sure how to quantify what I’ve done.”

Recruiters Share The 1 Thing They Wish Applicants Knew About Resume Writing

If you have literally zero achievements, you have to try to make the bullets sound as impressive as you can. That said, if you honestly haven’t contributed anything meaningful to your current employer, why would a new one want to hire you?

If you have accomplishments but aren’t sure they’re quantifiable, that’s better than nothing. But think carefully and use numbers if possible as long as they are available

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