Resume Writing And Interview Coaching

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You are looking for a career coach, LinkedIn coach, or executive resume writer and you are looking at the articles “Top 10 Career Coaches,” “Top 10 LinkedIn Coaches,” or “Top 10 Executive Resume Writers.” How do you evaluate these top lists? What is the fact and what is the opinion of online marketing? How do you choose a quality career coach or executive resume writer?

Resume Writing And Interview Coaching

Resume Writing And Interview Coaching

Three things to keep in mind when reading these top lists and choosing a career professional:

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The main factor when reviewing this “Top 10” list is the original author of the article. If the author includes himself in the list, you can immediately discredit the article and the source. There is a big difference between third-party articles from a Fortune 500 company and self-produced articles used for self-promotion.

I have been included in many lists. Some were legit while others were just created by fellow coaches trying to use my social media to expand their online reach.

Also, if you see someone marketing that they are on a list, be sure to double-check the original list they claim to be on. I’ve seen many people claim to be a colleague of the platform’s highest honor “LinkedIn Top Voice” – which I received in 2019 – when they are nowhere to be found on the list. This is false, unethical and misleading. As a potential customer, you should do your due diligence.

In my experience, fake testimonials are common in the coaching and resume writing industry. Ask your potential coach or professional resume writer for verifiable reviews. I request that clients submit all of my testimonials to LinkedIn. This is because potential clients can verify a client’s legitimacy by looking at their profile.

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Looking at LinkedIn testimonials is a great start to re-examining your coach or author, this is just the first step. Look for verifiable testimonials from former clients that reflect your background and career path. Additionally, you should confirm that these testimonials are from real clients, rather than coaches exchanging testimonials with each other to create a false sense of authority and experience. If a career professional only has testimonials from fellow coaches, think twice before partnering with them for your career development and resume writing projects.

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After all, working one-on-one with an instructor is very different from attending a group online course or following someone on social media. Many trainers fraudulently market their success to job seekers whom they have never trained in a one-on-one capacity. Make sure the success stories and testimonials you read are from one-on-one clients, rather than participating in a free email course or online webinar.

Many career coaches and resume writers focus on vanity metrics like content views and social media followers. Showing commitment to digital marketing while sharing valuable thought leadership content with millions of content views and thousands of followers is not the same as being an effective coach. As a job seeker, a coach’s opinions and followers won’t land you a job at Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Google, or any other top tech company.

Resume Writing And Interview Coaching

Go deep with your research. Focus on the metrics that matter. How many clients has the trainer worked with? Where are the jobs for their customers? Do the coach’s past client successes match your desired results? These are the questions you should ask as you do your research.

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Proceed with caution if your potential trainer or resume writer does not have verified success stories backed up by testimonials from previous clients. Be especially careful if they frequently share anonymous emails, messages, and texts that aren’t tied to specific clients you can verify. Although not all clients are willing to disclose that they have worked with a career coach, life coach, or executive resume writer, established professionals will have a strong, verifiable list of testimonials to complement their client’s success stories.

With these things in mind, you can now confidently check out the top career coach, LinkedIn coach and professional resume writer lists and the people who appear on them. You’ve got this! Back in the dark ages of resume writing and career services (1995?) I turned my business into a 6-figure profit center by doing one thing that’s a lot easier than you think:

You see, many resume writers (and coaches too) get caught up in thinking that they have to master the nuances of coaching to prepare their clients for interviews and salary negotiations.

Then you can effectively prepare your clients for that all-important interview, play a major role in their success, increase your revenue per client, and dramatically increase your profits.

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If you’ve been following along with my deep-dive lessons this week, you know I’m talking about the Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC) course (and the current huge bonus) offered by CDI.

Yes, CEIC is comprehensive with the entire program a large ‘as you say’ script that is color-coded and comes with handouts, quizzes, sales strategies and checklists for you to use. Make sure you can get ROI.

In fact, you can start using the program at first glance – it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Resume Writing And Interview Coaching

That’s why I’ve shared the love with a huge bonus benefit when you register for the CEIC course (through Tuesday, 2/22/22) for Valentine’s Day.

Book A Writing Consultation: Resumes, 1:1 Writing Support, Personal Branding, And More — Aleenah Ansari, Writer

There are no plans to re-offer CEIC as a live program and we have never offered other registrants access to the recordings. However, for one week only, all registrants will have access to 11 recordings where we answer questions, find content and coach on topics including how to market and sell services. Here’s 11+ hours of bonus content to listen online or download as MP3. $999 value.

Enrollees for the CEIC program receive only PDF modules for the course. Only live registrants and anyone who registers this week will get access to download MS Word. Why is this great? This gives more flexibility and ease in customizing client take-away content! A $299 value.

Everyone who registers during this special will have access to a 60-minute hot seat coaching/Q&A session on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 12pm Eastern. I’ve pushed it to that date to make sure you have time in your busy schedule to go through the material. That way, the call can give you the biggest ROI through my coaching. I charge $450/hour for 1-1 coaching so depending on attendance, this could be big ticket for you. (It will be recorded). An estimated $175 value.

That’s $1473 in bonuses when you add new credentials and new income stream potential!

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After Tuesday, 2/22/2022, the CEIC program will still be available, but you will no longer have access to:

As the founder of Career Directors International, a global membership-based organization, Laura DeCarlo has earned the reputation of a ‘Career Hero’ for her efforts in the career services industry for both job seekers and career professionals. Book a 1:1 session to prepare for your next interview (or a few!), build your personal brand on LinkedIn and beyond, or get some writing help!

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So you’re ready for a new job, discipline, or challenge, but you haven’t updated your resume or LinkedIn in a while — maybe months or years. I’m here to support you in this process or re-entering the job search or entering a new industry, and I hope I can make something more interesting along the way!

Resume Writing And Interview Coaching

Look no further! My name is Alenaah Ansari, and I support mid-career professionals in tech, media, and business to improve their job search strategies, land their dream roles, and become more confident in telling stories about their job successes, not just the responsibilities.

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I have 7+ years of writing and storytelling experience and have worked with hundreds of clients on everything from resumes and cover letters to graduate school applications. Many of them have landed jobs at companies like Meta, Expedia, Amazon and Splunk, been accepted for national fellowships and felt more confident in their skills.

My Coaching Style: During our session, we will go through a collaborative process to talk through your story and address feedback in a collaborative session. Then, we’ll debrief and talk about how you can tell these stories and identify clear action items. I will focus on supporting you holistically by asking open-ended questions, drawing on storytelling moments, and helping you feel confident in your work.

Disclaimer: If you are considering applying for a role at Microsoft, I cannot work with you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Storytelling is central to my work as a consultant. Here are some things we can focus on:

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I felt heard – like someone was listening to me and really trying to understand my story. I’ve never had this before. Your help in writing opened up new opportunities for me professionally and academically. You, by

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