Resume Writers Charleston Sc

Resume Writers Charleston Sc – “Bill has made great strides as he climbs the ladder. His writer kept the achievements short and to the point. Global design was added to emphasize his global experience as he wanted to move more into a global role again.”

“Brad had held senior (c-level) roles for the same company and was ready to take on more challenges at another company. His writer, Rene, didn’t focus on business as much as skill so he could choose the business he wanted. Sean moved into a CTO role at a healthcare device company.”

Resume Writers Charleston Sc

Resume Writers Charleston Sc

“Margaret wanted to get back into a corporate role after taking on entrepreneurial roles. Her writer, Marie, focused on her skills and helped transition her back into physical fitness.”

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“As Ericka’s career progressed, she discovered that her passions lay in health, nutrition, education and everyday life. She liked her current job but wanted to leave the startup and sink her teeth into a similar, but more challenging role for a larger corporation. Her writer, Christina, highlighted her strengths in a right-hand column and created a short but interesting Executive Profile.”

“Jennifer felt she was at the peak of her sales management roles at her current company and wanted a change. She was interested in moving into a similar role but for a small or medium-sized technology start-up or Internet-based company.” Locally owned and operated in Charleston, SC since 1989. entry level to executive.

High quality resumes – $89 and up – created by an experienced resume writer with over 30 years of experience.

All products are created by me, Charlene Hull, a certified professional resume writer, career coach and former Fortune 10 H/R with over 30 years of experience. I do not hand over the project to underwriting or contract writing.

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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charlene Hull and I launched A Career Résumé & Writing Service in the late 80’s based on my experience as a former Fortune 10 H/R Manager.

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I have been headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina for nearly 30 years and serve all levels of clients throughout the US, including all types of professionals, graduates new, executive, federal resumes, military changes, schedule, social network accounts, (for LinkedIn, etc.) cover letters, and special documents.

Maybe. There are many. But since you can’t be truthful about your own summary, how do you know for sure? If you want to know exactly what’s wrong with your resume and how to fix it, just email me for a free evaluation. After I review it, I will give you feedback and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your summary and make suggestions for improving your presentation.

Resume Writers Charleston Sc

I will also be happy to discuss job search strategies, and answer some basic questions for you. Because I guarantee satisfaction, I will work with you until you are completely satisfied.

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Mostly because of the lack of inequality. You really can’t “see the forest for the trees.” He might be able to write one better resume for someone else than for himself. Basically, you know too much and it’s hard to decide what to leave out, what to emphasize and, of course, what your competitors are doing.

Whether you’re entry-level or a senior executive, a resume created by an experienced resume writer can create the impression you want and get the interviews you need.

If you are currently conducting a job search, you are already aware of the challenges in today’s job market. There are millions of job seekers and far fewer jobs. What’s even scarier is that it could get worse before it gets better.

Having written and edited hundreds of thousands of résumés, I am the Résumé Expert who can give you a competitive edge in today’s tight job market.

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To apply for and be interviewed in a technology-driven business world, you often have to “try” on a computer that is looking for specific Keywords. Without the right keywords it is unlikely that your abstract will be sent to a real person for their further review… Another abstract bites the dust!

Your summary and any additional information you provide on paper or through consultations will be considered confidential and private. The names, addresses, email addresses of clients and prospective clients are private and are not sold or traded.

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You’ve read many politically correct publications on how to write an effective resume broken down by industry, experience level, geographic culture, style, and presentation. All are correct, but do they meet your needs? We’re going to take a slightly different approach to resume writing, identifying the pitfalls so you can avoid a recipe for disaster.

Resume Writers Charleston Sc

At the end of this piece, you need to ask yourself this question: Is my resume a wimp? We will see.

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1. Avoid the law of diminishing returns. The tendency is to write what you know and for many that is your most recent professional experiences. Many people will add five more bullet points to their most recent job, but as they move down to jobs earlier in their career there are fewer and fewer bullet points. Your resume must be consistent with three or four points for each job.

2. Avoid the theoretical bullet points. How many of you have helped or led a project management initiative or helped improve a process? We want to see the results!!!!! How many people did you manage, what was your annual revenue, cost savings or profits? What was the timeline of your project? What tools did you use to successfully meet the requirements of the role? Your bullet points must include key product factors.

3. Don’t have an “Objective” or “Summary” at the top unless you want to tailor it to the specific company or role. You need to think of your resume like a Broadway audition. When you walk on stage, you have 30 seconds to one minute to shine. If you don’t wow the producers, you don’t get any feedback, even if you were next to Pacino in his last movie. A recruiter will not go beyond the first half of your resume if it is not picked up immediately. Factoring in your contact information and objective, that’s almost half of the first page. You need to make your resume like Fast and Furious and give them a reason to want to keep reading.

4. If you chose to have an interest section, look closely at what you put in that section and how it can be interpreted. For example, if you mention your interests as “Xbox, Television, DVR, iPod Touch”, it may create the impression that you lack focus or that you are more dedicated to games than your career . I recently reviewed a resume that appeared in the interest section “Biking, Running, CNBC, and Dexter” I can see that this candidate is interested in health and finance but was bring back some interest in a show about a serial killer. Think carefully if you choose to apply interests because many companies today, with limited opportunities, are looking for strong cultural resources.

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5. Avoid the cut and paste technique. It never works! As you progress in your career, your responsibilities become more focused and repetitive. Do not copy and paste bullet points from one task to another.

6. Show, show, show. A strong resume is consistent, focused, concise, and results-driven. Don’t overdo the content. Many applicants will use multiple fonts, colors, boxes and other tricks to make their resume look great. Some employers see that as a smokescreen to keep the content from being strong. Many candidates use that approach for the same reason.

7. Avoid support words or at least minimize their use. Words like “help”, “assisted”, “support” indicate that you are a team player but also show a lack of initiative. There must be some level of leadership in your background whether that was in your professional, academic background, or volunteer efforts.

Resume Writers Charleston Sc

8. Eliminate academic achievement dates after five years. The standard rule is that after five years, you don’t need to put graduation dates on academic studies. It can create an unconscious sense of age discrimination. Also, many take time off between stages while others go straight through. Simply showing the degree and assessment score meets the academic requirement.

Step By Step Guide To The Federal Resume Format (examples)

9. If you have a skill/technology section be clear on software and versions. Today, technology is part of our very framework. Saying you’re fluent in Microsoft Office products isn’t going to get your foot in the door anymore. Are you proficient in Access, Excel, Powerpoint, or Word? Do you use XP, Office Suite, or Professional? Can you develop macros, run queries, or embed data? These are the deeper skills that will set you apart.

10. If you are ready and feel you have the talent, create a resume URL as well as a LinkedIn profile. if you

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